Abingdon Weekly Virginian, Abingdon, VA

May 14, 1908


List of Soldiers from Washington County in the Service of the Southern Confederacy from 1861 to 1865.

Among the first to come to the front with a proposition to raise a force to meet an invading enemy was Capt. J. F. Terry. A resident of the lower porting on the county, he succeeded in soon gathering about him a company of men, who proved valliant soldiers. The company was named for Col. Samuel Goodson, a famous man of his day in that portion of Washington county. They were known as the "Goodson Rifle Guards." The following is the roster:

John F. Terry, Captain.
John T. Megginson, first lieutenant.
Alexander Lazenby, second lieutenant.
William L. Rice, third lieutenant.
William G. Lindsey, first sergeant.
E. S. Johnston, second sergeant.
Charles W. Taylor, third sergeant.
Henry Guggenheimer, fourth sergeant.
John C. Carner, first corporal.
John M. C. Eakin, second corporal.
John M. Buchanan, third corporal.
George A. Feathers, fourth corporal.

Appling, James. A.
Alvis, Samuel W.
Baily, D. F.
Butler, M. M.
Blancett, Harden L.
Brown, William H.
Bibb, Samuel F.
Burlingame, Miles.
Betterton, Robert F.
Betterton, James T.
Buck, Charles C.
Beasley, Robert.
Barker, John H.
Carson, Thomas J.
Campbell, Andrew J.
Crabtree, James B.
Coleman, Lewis L.
Crumley, Stephenson M.
Cooley, George A.
Foalden, James A.
Foster, Ben.
Ferguson, William R.
Foster, Shadrach.
Grubb, Henry.
Green, Benjamin H.
Girtman, William.
German, John A.
Hughes, John W.
Hamilton, James M.
Johnson, Lucian A.
Jones, Elbert S.
Jamison, John L.
Kerin, Joseph R.
Kelly, Joseph W.
Lancaster, William H.
Luttrell, Bryan.
Lester, Noah L.
McCrosky, John J.
Maxey, Corland P.
Morgan, James W.
Nickels, Isaac A.
Owen, Joseph W.
Pile, George C.
Pepper, George P.
Preston, William S.
Preston, Samuel F.
Paff, John C.
Quails, William R.
Ruff, Benjamin H.
Rhea, Joseph A.
Rhea, Robert.
Rhea, Edwin R.
Rosenheim, Segman.
Short, A. D. L.
Sharrett, John R.
Stokes, John R.
Speiss, Philip G.
Salsburg, Samuel S.
Slade, Charles.
Taylor, Adam.
Thomas, James P.
Thomas, James M.
Thomas, Charles F.
Tyler, William C.
Tranbarger, David.
Wilson, Thomas H.
White, Preston A.
Waldron, William R.
Weddle, Asa L.

Another notable company raised in this county was the "Mountain Boys," known in officialdom as Co. B. 37th Virginia, of the famous old "Stonewall Brigade." Its roster was as follows, though not complete, the muster roll, as in many cases, not having been preserved.

Dr. William White, captain.
F. A. Humes, first lieutenant.
B. P. Morrison, second lieutenant.
J. N. Humes, third lieutenant
David King, color sergeant
C. M. Knott, first orderly sergeant
Ed Hortenstine, second orderly sergeant
B. P. Morrison, captain
E. Hortenstine, first lieutenant.
C. M. Knott, second lieutenant.
J. N. Humes, third lieutenant.
William H. Sult, first sergeant.
J. R. Crawford, second sergeant.
John N. Hilliard, third sergeant.
Joseph E. Earls, fourth sergeant.
Samuel B. Bowers, fifth sergeant.
John G. Duff, first corporal.
Ebenezer Dinsmore, second corporal.
Isom H. Williams, third corporal.
John T. Bott, fourth corporal.
Alfreds, James C.
Barker, William F.
Bowers, John L.
Bowman, Peter.
Bowman, Tyre.
Bridgeman, John.
Bridgeman, Joshua.
Campbell, William H.
Chick, Meriwether L.
Chapman, Geo. W.
Clark, Alpheus.
Church, Dewey C.
Church, Nathaniel.
Clark, George, W.
Clark, James C.
Clark, Samuel.
Coalter, James C.
Chick, William.
Chick, Lewis.
Cox, Alison.
Cox, James.
Cuddy, James G.
Dinsmore, James.
Dinsmore, Samuel.
Dinsmore, William.
Dooly, Frank W.
Drake, Edward.
Duff, John S. B.
Dye, Richard.
Davis, Wm. (Drummer.)
Dinsmore, George, L.
Estep, James F.
Estep, James.
Estep, George.
Ewing, James A.
Fern, John H.
Fern, Nathan B.
Franklin, Miles H. T.
Glenn, William.
Gentry, ----, killed at Mcdowell.
Gilliland, Mike.
Goff, Hugh L.
Goff, William H.
Gilliland, David.
Gobble, Lilburn H.
Goff, Jacob.
Green, Joshua.
Greer, Buck.
Hilliard, James.
Harless, Alfred P.
Harless, William A.
Holley, William.
Holt, Isaac.
Holt, James H.
Hilliard, Samuel L.
Hilliard, Robert A.
Hickock, Charles H.
Johnston, Daniel.
Johnston, William D.
Keller, John.
King, Cyrus.
King, Edward.
King, J. Stanton.
Linticum, Thomas.
Leggins, Alexander.
Leggins, John.
Moore, James.
McVey, Samuel.
McVey, James.
McDaniel, Alfred.
Moorefield, Stephen C.
Mitchell, John.
Mise, Russell.
Mise, Jesse S.
Massey, Gus.
Owens, William.
Oney, Robert (killed)
Perry, William.
Pippin, Robert.
Privitt, Eli.
Privott, Chester.
Pippin, Tom.
Phillips, Jasper.
Roe, Elisha.
Roberts, William E.
Rock, Thomas.
Scott, Joseph.
Scott, Andy J.
Skinner, William (Fifer)
Shelton, Jacob M. (M. D.)
Shelton, Jacob.
Shelton, William L.
Shelton, James.
Shelton, James J.
Stone, Samuel L.
Shepherd, Henry P.
Shortt, Daniel.
Skinner, Daniel T.
Scott, Campbell.
Sullins, Elisha.
Saul, William.
Sullins, Russell.
Sullins, Joseph T.
Sullins, John.
Shaver, David.
Shaver, Joshua.
Tate, Austin B.
Thomas, William R.
Taylor, Joe.
Vaughan, Edward.
Vaughan, Joseph.
Wallace, William L.
Webb, Charles O.
Weaver, William.
Williams, William.
Woodward, George W.
Woodward, Robert S.
Wilson, James.
Williams, Isom.
Wirrum, John.
Worley, Wid.
Williams, John.
Whicker, Ewell.
(To be continued.)