Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

April 10, 1908


Why Captain Ghent Was Assaulted-New Buildings at Lebanon-Other News.

Lebanon, VA. April 6.

(Special correspondence)

Work will commence at once on three busines houses on Main street. W. W. Gilmer, will build a dwelling on Church street this spring. Our merchants are receiving their spring goods. The first of Jackson, Gilmer, & Co., occupy the Bays building. This firm are all young men with experience. Just west, the Hendricks, Henritze Mercantile Company occupy the Burns building. They have a large stock of goods and are selling, notwithstanding the financial depression.

Some few days ago Isaac Wallace shot and killed Mrs. Levy Sykes, at her home in Dickenson county, and made his escape. They were neighbors and the motive for the murder is a mystery. The husband of the murdered woman was a former citizen of Russell county.

Sam Gray, of Oklahoma, is visiting his parents of this place, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gray. He is well pleased with his western home.

E. S. Finney and wife returned last Saturday from a few days visit at Roanoke.

With but few exceptions all the business men of Lebanon were brought up in the country. This should be encouraging to the country chap, who wants to go to town

D. C. one among our best citizens, is suffering from cancer. He moved to the town to give his children the advantages of Russell college.

G. E. Floyd, a dealer in real estate and timber was in town this week.

Hon. H. C. Stuart of Richmond, Va., spent a few days on his farm at Elk Garden, last week.

Judge ourns, who has been holding court in Scott county, returned home last week.

It is due Capt. Gent, to give a brief statement in the Clinch Valley News of what led up to the difficulty between Henry Gray and himself. Gray took a little boy, 9 years old, with a warrant for abusive language. The boy was tried before a Justice and fined $1.50. Capt. Gent, counsel, for the Loy, appealed to trial the Captain, in making his statement to the jury, said he had no witness but the boy, and his oath was worth more than Grays, as he, Gray, had given in his property too low, notwithstanding he was under oath. The jury took the case and cleared the boy, and this enraged Gray, and he made an assault upon the Captain, as stated in a previous article.

Our jailor, San Gibson, sleeps with one eye open all the time, as he has some desperate criminals in jail. He has been quite lucky, as no one ever made his escape during his term as jailor

D. K. Banner and Son are finishing up their lumber on Stuart's farm. They have cut two million feet.

The house at the poor farm, occupied by the paupers was burned down Sunday morning. The fire wascaused by a defective flue.

Lebanon has no night riders, but the night walkers parade the street until a late hour.