Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

April 17, 1908

Says "We" Misrepresented Him.

Sunday afternoon a News man called at the jail to see James Price, sr., who is sentenced to hang on the 10th day of June 1908 for the murder of Sam S. Rhoads. Mr. Price was misrepresented by a Lebanon correspondent in the Clinch Valley News and asked us to make a correction for him through this paper. The correspondent stated that "he was unconcerned about his future state and gave but little encouragement to the ministers who visit him in his cell," and this is where he says the corresponden misrepresented him. We are glad to say that the condemned is reading his bible and seems much сопсегned about the hereafter. Attorney C. C. Burns, of Lebanon, one among the very best lawyers in the Southwest, has taken hold of his case and will carry it up to the supreme court. If a new trial is denied then the Governor will be asked to commute the sentence to life imprisonment, and in case both is denied then Mr. Price will have to died, and we feel sure that he will have made the necessary preparations to meet his God in peace.

Three other prisoners occupy cells in the Lebanon jail namely, Fred Dye and Tom Cross, awaiting trial in the Russell court for the murder of John Mutter and George Call at Swords Creek a few weeks ago. The other prisoner is Nealy Martin, colored, who is serving a twelve months sentence in jail for shooting at Bob Summers several months ago.

Mr L. Gibson has been jailer for four years past and court officers and people in a postion to know give hinn credit for being one of the best keepers in the State. During his four years at the jail many prisoners have been in his keeping and not one has charged him with a single act of unkindness. -Lebanon News.