Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

April 2, 1909


Complaint Filed Against Corporation by Aggrieved Citizen. Death of Mr. Alderson.

Lebanon, Va., March 31.-Davis C. Alderson, of the Moccasin District, died Saturday night aged 64 years. Mr. Alderson was a member of Co. C. 16th Va. Cavalry, and was a good soldier, an honorable and upright citizen. He had been a sufferer of cancer of the lip for some time, but took his attliction patiently and up to the hour of this death did not cease to perform the duties of a diligent husband and father. He leaves a wife and 6 children to mourn the loss of a loving husband and a kind father. Several from this place attended the burial of Mr. Alderson as he had many friends here.

Samuel Dickenson, near the Russell Old Courthouse, died last Saturday night, aged 74 years.

A complaint was filed against the corporation of Lebanon concerning the children skating on the side walks. It would be better if a mill stone was tied around the necks of those opposed and drowned in the sea than to ottend these little ones by stopping them from their childish amusement. We do not see how any опе with love for children, сап рut a complaint against their amusement, saying nothing of the healthful exercise it affords them, and to the kickers, we say, if they can't and won't get out of their way, stay in their own back yard.

Alderson Ghent, a native of Russell county, died in Missouri a few days ago. Mr. Ghent was the father of Mrs. Fletcher of this place and Miss Ella Ghent.

Jas. A. Henritze is pushing his home to completion in the east end, recently purchased from J. P. Jenks.

Lebanon is on a building boom and ere the summer is gone many new houses will be erected and Lebanon will be like a city in Fairy Land.

Mr. W. L. Lancaster, our new road boss, is a hustling gentleman, and comtemplates on having our road leading from Lebanon to Cleveland finished by Dec. 1st.

J. W. Bausell is on the N. and W. this week in the interest of the C. V. News. We wish him success as we feel that the News is worthy of many supporters.