Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

April 23, 1909


Lebanon, Va., April 20.-Merchants throughout the country counplain of the mail order houses. There is only one remedy, and that is to fight then with their own ammuniiton-advertise in the local papers and keep everlastingly at it, and that will change the current.

Wm. Hargis, who lives live miles northeast of town, has a female dog that is raising a lamb. C. W. Powers dog, and she gives it nourishment the same as she would one of her pups. After the pups were taken away she adopted a pet lamb in the yard and seems to be as fond of it, as one of her own off-spring.

Daniel Alexander, an old confederate veteran, died last week at his age 78 years. He was a member of the 29th Virginia Regiment, and was a brave soldier and a good citizen. Thus one by one the old veterans are answering the last call.

Some worthless dogs killed twelve or fifteen sheep for Charlie Belcher, and the same night Charlie Davis lost four by the midnight marauders. Too many worthless dogs in the country and a dog found off his meets and bounds should have a load of buck shot.

J. W. Jessee and wife, of Bluefield, visited relatives at Cleveland last week.

Campbell Vicars, of the west end of the county, died last week age 75 years. Deceased was gallant soldier.

An infuriated bull was driven through town last week and ran into the postoffice. The assistant postmistress stood her ground, but her sister, Miss Vaughn Williams, gave the animal her room by jumping out the window. This is the first instance on record of where a bull took charge of Uncle Sam's affairs.

H. A. Routh, R. S. Meade and Cyrus Smithdeal took depositions at St. Paul last week. While there they were the guests of Charlie Bolton.

This scribe spent last Saturday at Daugherty's Cove on Cedar Creek. three miles north of town. "he scenery in this cavern is beyond the description of my feeble, faltering pen to describe. Mr. Daugherty, the owner, uses this cavern as a cold storage, and keeps fresh meats equalt to any refrigerator. Tradition has it that the Indians were after a man six miles west of Lebanon at the old Dale Carter farm and ran into a cave there and came out at Daugherty's cave, the distance being nine miles. This cavern is visited by a large number of people every year, and when a visitor once sees this wonderful cave, he wants to take another look at time provided by the plastic hand of our creator.

A new grocery store has opened up at Lebanon at the Aston stand. Gilbson & Seacatt are the proprietors.

Sam Aston left this week for point in North Carolina and will be absent two weeks.

The clinch Valley News is eagerly sought after, and a copy goes through a number of hands.

Howard Fletcher, of this place, wil return from a trip to Missouri this week. He went to attend the sale of his father-in-law's property.

Prosperity has struck this county Flour is $4.00, and the indications are that it will go higher.

J. W. B.