Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

December 17, 1915


(The Lebanon News.)

Charlie Pruitt committed suicide at Kiser, a little flag station on Clinch Valley, two miles west of Cleveland Saturday night about 8 o'clock by shooting himself in the back of the head with a .32 calibre revolver. His body was found Sunday morning in Clinch river about 75 feet west of the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio railway bridge.

Magistrate J. N. Smith and deputy sheriff Rufus Smith, of Cleveland, went to Kiser and empanelled a coroner's jury, consisting of J. S. Tate, G. B. Sutherland, John Bausell and Noah Sutherland, who held an inquest over Pruett's body, after Drs. Pruner, and Ford had conducted a postmortem and extracted the bullet from the dead man's skull. The jury rendored the verdict "That Charles L. Pruitt had come to his death from the effects of a pistol shot fired by his own hand."

It is said that Pruett shot himself at 8 o'clock Saturday night, a shot having been heard at that time, but no particular attention was paid to it until after Pruett's body had been found.