Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

February 15, 1907


Big Real Estate Deal in Russell--School Superintendent Appointed.

Castlerun, Va., Feb. 10, 1907.

This community was shocked last week to hear of the death of Cowan Meade. Deceased was an aged man and for several years had been the victim of paralysis. He was a good man, and a faithful member of the Methodist religion. The burial service was conducted by Rev. W. H. Troy.

The biggest real estate deal made in his county for several years was made last week, when B. H. Jones, of Atlanta, Ga., and T. J. Puckett, of this county, bought the Judge Johnson farm at Rosedale, the price paid being $65,000.

A move is on foot to erect an electric railway from Cleveland to Lebanon. This would be a great advantage to the people of the lower end of this county. Who can oppose such a great and much needed road?

Will H. C. Stuart be a candidate for the nomination for the Governorship in 1900? We hope so.

Some people wonder if the Clinch Valley News is a Democratic paper. Let us say here before we go further, that if you want to insult this paper call it Republican.

We notice that James Minton is building himself a new house on the Creek.

N. T. Jessee has sold a track of land at this place, recently purchased of Claude Howard, known as the old Somers Land, to Fletcher Hall and Samuel G. Jessee.

O. J. Baldwin announced himself as applicant for the appointment of commissioner of the Revenue of this, the Western District of Russell County. Jeffersonian and Bryan and Stuart type, one of the county's best men, and stands nearly seven feet in his socks. He has the ability to discharge the duties of this office. We always say, hurrah for Baldwin.

We learn that R. Sam. Meade, or Lebanon, was appointed School Superintendant of schools of this county last week, Prof. Patton having resigned.

We learn that Daniel Meade, of this place, is very low with pneumonia.

The reporter learns that the people have decided to build a new church at Rings Chapel, near here.

We learn that the Bristol Herald has played the Jonah act, and swallowed the Bristol Courier, the Herald-Courier being the name of Bristol's only morning daily.

Uncle Billy Helbert, a confederate soldier and a life long Democrat, of Moccasin, this county, died a few days ago in Tennessee, while on a visit to his daughter. He was about 75 years old. One by one these old confederates are passing over the river to rest in the shade of the trees.

We met with our good friend, Hampton Jessee, of Dante, last week, who was here for a few days stay with home folk.

The name of the post office at Finney's Siding, this county, has been changed to Coalwood.

Wishing the News and its many readers much success, we close.

Two Democrats.