Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

January 13, 1888


LEBANON, VA., January 8.-A few days ago a man by the name of Cassell shot once Vance. Cassell went before a justice and gave himself up. I have not heard the cause of the difficulty.

One of the Astons on last Saturday shot a man by the name of Honaker. They both lived in New Garden. The shooting is said to have been an accident. Aston came on to the Courthouse and gave himself up to the officers.

One day last week Mrs. Kelly's dress caught fire and she was burned so badly that she died from it a day or two afterwards.

The Hon. R. L. Smith left the first of the week for Richmond. He had been at home during Christmas, and, judging from his looks, he is rather proud of being the representative of Russell, and well he might be, for he was elected by a large majority—I believe the largest the county ever gave to any Democrat.–[Correspondence of Advance.