Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

January 19, 1894


From Lebanon News.

Mr. C. H. Belew and son, Charlie, of Tazewell, were in the city, guests of the editor, last Sunday.

It is the duty of every one to attend church during the progress of the meeting in town and it is expected for all to behave. Ediots excepted.

The beautiful hog roams over the streets of Lebanon. The fat hogs the lean hogs and the educated hog is here the illiterate hog is here the ring nosed hog, the unringed nose hog, the chisel nosed hog plays a prominent part. And "em" other kind that we see daily.

The corporation of Lebanon is a dead letter and we can't see no other cause than pure down right stinginess upon the part of some of the citizens in refusing to pay the officers a small salary. The sidewalks is a disgrace to the town and it is with difficulty that the ladies can get along without getting in the mud. Hogs roam over the street unmolested.

The oldest person living in Russell county is old Aunt Winnie Dorton (col.) It is said she is 115 years old and was the slave of uncle Moses Dorton's father of lower Copper Creek. After the war she never left her former matter Moses Dorton. She is in the enjoyment of good health and is a sister of old Alford Cowan (col.) deceased. She is a remarkable negro never would permit one of her color to visit her.