Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

January 20, 1905


Disastrous Fire in Russell County Destroys a Well-known Mercantile Establishment.

Our correspondent at Wardell, Va., sends us the following account of a disastrous fire, which occurred on the night of the 18th:

The store house of Mr. J. E. Monk about one and half miles from this place, was destroyed by fire last night about 7 o'clock. The entire stock was lost. We are informed this morning that Mr. Monk holds a fire policy with a Tazewell Insurance Company to the amount of $1,500, while Mr. A. Ascue holds a policy on the building, to the amount of $500.

The building was the property of Mr Ascue.

The fire broke out while Mr. Monk was at Mr. Ascue's at supper. It is not known how the fire originated.