Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

July 2, 1909

Lightning's Freaks in Russell.

Lebanon, July 1.-Lightning struck in Dr. Burn's house last Sunday at 3 p. m. The current struck the chimney, knocking the top off, running down and tearing tiling and knocking off the plaster. No one in the house was injured in the least. Lightning also struck the house of Mrs. Kate Williams in the banner addition on Friday previous, doing but little damage.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Routh returned last Sunday from Missouri where they have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Smith.

Rev. J. N. Repass, President of Centenary College, Cleveland, Tenn., was here this week in the interest of that institution.

C. C. Bausell and family, of McLean, Texas, are visiting in Gate city and will reach Lebanon next week. Chas. was editor and proprietor of the McLean News until recently when he sold out. He will embark in the newspaper business elsewhere.

The Government has sent 6000 carp to Cedar Creek and they were put in Monday evening. Look out, boys, as all will be vigorously prosecuted caught fishing in the Creek from now on.

A new grocery store will open up in Lebanon in the Hendricks stand. Stuart Perkins and McFarland are the proprietors.

Miss Surface, a cultured young Lady of Coeburn, was in town last week in the interest of the Roanoke Times.

J. L. Bausell, of Roanoke was on our streets a few days last week.

Mrs. Kate Hix of Roanoke, is visiting relatives here.

Rev. C. W. Kelley, of Tazewell, is here with his attorney, Hon. W. H. Werth, of the same place looking into the legality of the transfer of Russell College to a State Agricultural High School. The College was owned by the Methodist Conference and they claimed it was transferred without consulting the Conference, consequently they will take some steps to get it back or get pay for what improvements they put on. It is a legal question and will doubtless be settled in the Courts.

Miss Josie Albert, of Belfast, is visiting relatives in town this week.

Capt. J. D. Kiser, of Carterton, died Monday night after a lingering illness, age 70 years. He was a gallant Confederate soldier and a good and useful citizen.