Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

July 28, 1909


Lebanon, July 28. C. W. Powers while working on Smithdeals house, a plank fell and struck him on the beast, and laid him up for repairs.

Officers from Honaker lodged John Rye in Jail upon several charges. He undertook to stand all the officers and men of Honaker on Monday morning but he was overpowered. He had been in jail here but a short line when he attempted to break out. He will have to answer for that. He is from Tazewell county, and it that is the kind of Rye that bluegrass country produces, we don't want any more rye of that kind.

Rev. John Robinson, colored, died last Sunday morning with typhoid fever. He was a worthy man, respected by both white and colored.

Crem Fields, near town, met with a serious accident this week. He was cutting brush when a limb struck him in the eye, knocking it out. Mr. Fields is an old confederate veteran and was a good soldier, and he has the sympathy of the whole community.

Miss Vaughn Williams, of this place, fell and sprained her ankle and is forced to use a crutch.

The Russell County press will come out next week under new management. Charley Bausell has purchased the outfit.

Mrs. J. P. Teets spent Saturday and Sunday at St. Paul.

Mrs. Purcell near Cleveland, is building an addition to her dwelling. W. P. Bailey and Thomas Jesse are doing the work.

In mixing and mingling in the crowd in town Tuesday, I never heard the primary election mentioned by any one. From present indications there will be but few turn out to vote.

Compton Bros. have taken several parties with warrants for picking up goods on the Creek washed out by the late freshet. Their store house at Coulwood washed out, and they lost all their goods except shoes. They found about 100 pair in a damaged condition.

E. S. Finney, C. H. Smithdeal and C. C. Burns are attending Buchanan circuit court this week.

Mrs. Martin, and children, of Knoxville, Tenn., are visiting Mrs. E. S. Finney of this place. Mrs. Martin is the wife of Rev. T. P. Martin of the Holston Conference.