Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

July 9, 1909


Lebanon, July 7.-Notwithstanding the rain Tuesday, a large crowd attended the horse show, but the continued rain orcedt he manarge to put off the show until the 1st Teusday after the 1st Monday in August.

Granville Rasnake, a lubmer of Cleveland, was sohcked by lightning last week. He was on a lumber pile where the bolt struck, knocking him down, and rendered him unconscious for several hours.

C. C. Bausell and family, of McLean, Texas, arrived in Lebanon Monday. They will return to the Lone Star State, provided they don't locate at Honaker, Va.

John Hughes, east of Town, has a very sick child. One little girl died last week aged 8 years. This is a severe affliction upon Mr. Hughes, as his wife died some time ago.

Walker Rasnake filled up on corn liquor and made an assult on a nergo and he was fined $2.00 and costs for the assault and $2.50 for using language that is not in the Sunday School lesson.

Miss Cynth Bausell of St. Pall visiting her brother, J. W. Bausell of this place.

Hon. J.Thompson Brown, of Bedford county, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture spoke here Tuesday. He made a fine impression on the people and will get a good vote in Russell county in the primary.

A Ice Cream Supper will be given by the Ladies Aid Society. Saturday Evening, July 10th at St. Paul Va., 4:30 o'clock p. m., proceeds for the New M. E. Church. St. Paul, Va., July, 8th.