Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

June 4, 1909


Lebanon, Va., June 2. The Lebanon News stated last week that Prof. Alderman, of Russell College, was re-elected and tendered his resignation, leaving the impression that he would not serve the people of Russell county in the capacity of president of the the institution. Now, the facts are these in a nut shell: Four-fifths of the people wanted some one else, and a petition signed by a large majority of the patrons of the school not to make any selection, and a self constituted body met and elected him and he in turn tendered his resignation to this self constituted body. This is evident and the News knows of the facts and tries to twist out and smother the truth, and I feel it due the patrons to give the facts as they existed.

Miss Bess T. Purnell, one of the best primary teachers the college ever had, through a misrepresentation of Mr. Alderman, accepted a position in Kentucky. As the impression was made to her that she was not wanted in the college any longer, and she left but learned the true facts, but not before she had accepted another position.

J. W. Bausell left Tuesday to attend the reunion of the old soldiers in Abingdon.

Lebanon is preparing for a big day here June 8th, horse and mule sales day. Prizes will be awarded for the best saddle horses, etc.

J. W. B.