Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

March 1, 1918


Lebanon News: John Campbell was brought to the Lebanon jail on Tuesday from Big A Mountain, back of Honaker and together with his daughter, Miss Rebecca Campbell, who was placed in the same stone jail back of the court house a week earlier, await the chiming of the court bell when they are to face a jury of their peers on a charge of causing the death of the eighty-year old mother and grand mother, a report of which was carried in last week's paper.

Just what the new evidence is that connects and caused the arrest of the son of the deceased is not known by this newspaper, but will be brought out by a jury of Russell county men. It is understood that Mr. Campbell denies everything and admits nothing. Speaking of his dead mother, he said: "Why, she was my mother and I would have died for her."

A News man visited the Campbell woman at the jail Tuesday afternoon. She is on the first floor in the female ward and says she finds it very lonesome in jail. She is by no means a bad looking woman is twenty-eight years of age and is the mother of a little boy about two years of age. When she was asked about the charge made against her she said she was perfectly innocent and that she had always been devoted to her grandmother.