Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

March 26, 1909


Peter Henritze, Russell Citizen, Active at Advanced Age. Building at Lebanon.

Lebanon, Va., March 25. Dr. Williams, of Richlands, Burns, Gilmer and Smith of this county, performed a dificult operation on Stephen Fletcher near Cleveland last Friday morning for appendicitis. From last accounts Mr. Fletcher is resting easy.

Rev. C. W. Kelly, Presiding Elder of Tazewell District held quarterly meeting last Saturday and Sunday at Bascom's church. Bro. Kelly has a host of friends in Russell county, and they hail his quarterly meeting with delight.

A visit to the law offices of Capt. J. C. Ghent will convince any one that he is a very busy man. He has a large and lucrative practice. After the war he was elected clerk of the courts, and was re-elceted until he served 16 years. He was commissioner in chancrey 20 years, and has been practicing his profession since 1880. He is the oldest member of the Lebanon bar, and is regarded as the most liberal man in the town. No one has ever left his door empty handed as hundreds would testify. Time has dealt gently with the Captain. He is in fine physical condition notwithstanding he is 72 years old.

Uncle Peter Henritze of Lebanon, has passed his 91st mile post. He is active, and walks the streets with the agility of a 16 year old boy. He has been a resident of the town 68 years. He is a devoute member of the Baptist church, and says the Good Lord will let him live to see 100 years. He bids fair to see that timse, as he is in the best physical condition. He has always been an upright citizen, and counts his friends by the score.

This scribe spent a day or so at St. Paul last week, and noted a number of new buildings going up. The wholesale house of Dickenson, Duff and Handy, is doing a thriving business, as the C. C. and O. road furnishes a fine outlet for their trade. McReynolds and Skeen will open up a wholesale harwdare house this spring. Contractor, F. M. Taylor informs me that a number of new residences will go up this spring.

Miss Addie Cleep, a cultured young lady, is assistant postmaster for C. C. Bolton.

The new three story hotel will be completed at an early day. It has 40 rooms, with all modern improvements.

Mr. Hume Payne, of Kentucky, is visiting his brother June Payne, of this place. This is Mr. Payne's first visit to Russell county, and he is delighted with the scenery around Lebanon.

Mrs. Wu. F. Burns and her two little girls returned from a visit to Bristol last Sunday.

Earl Pruner, who has been in business at Appalachia for the past year, is at home and will remain a short time.

Judge W. E. Burns is holding court at Gate City this week.

J. W. B.