Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

May 10, 1889


Calvin Fields' barn was burned inst Thursday night. The cause is unknown. It is supposed to be the work of an incendiary.

The contract to build the depot at Cleveland on the Clinch has been let to Stratton & Stratton, of Johnson City. They are to begin work the 10th of this month. It is said that this same firm will build the depots at Honaker and Sword's Creek.

A resurvey of the Pierson tract of 200,000 acres of land said to be in Buchanan county has been completed. The surveyors to complete the work had to go into three States and five counties. The suit in ejectment that is pending in the United States court at Abingdon is to be decided at the May term.

L. A. Mothena went with a warrant last Friday to arrest Jim Fields for stealing corn from Calvin Fields' mill. Fields drew his pistol on Mothena. The latter knocking the pistol down was shot in the fleshy part of the leg. They, however, succeeded in bringing Fields to town. After a preliminary trial before Justice Fickle he was sent on to answer an indictment for shooting and stealing. Mr. Mothena is doing very well.