Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

June 25, 1915


A Great Crowd and a Great Speech.

Lebanon, Virginia, Oct. 7. The News man finds himself today, for the first time, at the county seat of Russell. Lebanon is situated in perhaps, the richest section of Virginia. The bluegrass and fat cattle are famous, the world over. There are more men of wealth in and around Lebanon, it is said than any where close in the State within a like radius. The largest blue-grass cattle ranch in the world is in Russell, not far from Lebanon, owned by Hon. H. C. Stuart, consisting of thousands of acres, much of it as fine as a crow ever flow over.

Lebanon is about eighty years old. The first court house was twelve miles west of this place. The present court house, and the entire village, is well situated and growing it is a remarkable fact that Lebanon is the center of a forty mile radius-forty miles to Tazewell, Wise, Buchana and Dickenson court house. One does not for a moment doubt that these distances are over stated who undertakes the journey over the roads in their present condition.

Today is county Court day, and there are hundrededs of people here. The roads have been lined with horses and vehicles since early morning. The occasion of this universal attendance is, that Senator Daniel is here to speak. It had been just twenty one years since he had spoke in Russell. His old friends were anxious to see him again. Young people, many of them not born when he was here before, and hundreds who had never seen or heard him, were anxious to do so. He was given a great reception. The speech was delivered in the large hall of the College-largest room in town. The building was packed and jammed many going away because of the lack of room. A large number of Russells best and fairest women were present. Although Col. Slemp spoke in the court house at the same time, there was a large number of Republicans present to hear the distinguished Democrat.

Mr. Wilson, the rising young Commonwealth's Attorney, and County Chairman, was master of ceremonies. In one of the nicest little speeches - ornate, modest, forceful, short-that I ever heard on a simiar occasion, the the young lawyer introduced the distinguished gentleman, who, for more than fourteen years has been the idol of the Virginia people.

It is useless, of course, to attempt to give anything like an adequate idea of his great speech. To say that it was characteristic will tell the whole story. For two hours the great audience listened in breathless silence, spell-bound. His explanation and defence of the New Constitution, which he took such a prominent part in making and promulgating, was clear and convincing. The audience expressed their approbation and endorsement in the heartiest mannner, and will remember the great address as long as they live.

Senator Daniel reached Cleveland by way of the Clinch Valley Division, on Monday evening. He was entertained handsomely at the Jessee Hotel, at Cleveland, where he was met with a connveyance by Mr. B. T. Wilson, County Chairman of Russell, and driven to Lebanon, a distance of seven miles, the same night. At Lebanon he was entertained in a private residence. The address took place at one o'clock in the large chapel of Russell College.

On the platform were seated, Hon. H. C. Stewart, member of the constitional Convention for Russell, W. E. Burns, H. A. Routh and B. T. Wilson, prominent lawyers; Judge Ayers, of the County Court; Dr. Clapp, of Lee county, Bausell, Editor of the News, and others, besides a large number of ladies.

Senator Daniel left Lebanon on Wednesday morning, and took the train at Cleveland for the east.

The Lebanon News is well housed and flourishing. Bausell is lucky in that he has no opposition in the county, and has a son and daughter-bright. handsome and intelligent young people-who run the Paper, and how well thy do it the paper itself shows.

Tazewell was well represented here today in the persons of Rufus Harman, Fred Steele, Jeff Fillespie, Geo. Lewis and A. B. Scott, all upon business interest. on