Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

September 16, 1898


Splendid Cattle Shipped - Rhea Outclasses Walker.

Honaker, Va., Sept. 8.–The first frost in the State formed here last night. Nothing but the presence of heavy clouds prevented a severe frost, as the thermometer fell as low as 42 degrees during the night. Many overcoats were put into requisition last evening and the beds had on their winter clothing.

The first shipment of export cattle from the Southwest leaves this point for Newport News today. These cattle, 400 in the lot, were sold yesterday by the Stuart Land and Cattle Coupany to Nelson Morris, of Chicago, at about five cents a pound. The Chicago firm pays all charges from the farm. The cattle will average about 1,600 pounds per head, making the total value of the shipment some $33,000.


The people of the community were greatly elated at the result of the meeting between Rhea and Walker at Lebanon. Walker was clearly outclassed in the discussion, and Judge Rhea had the crowd clearly with him at the close of the debate.