Clinch Valley News, Jeffersonville, VA

September 3, 1909

The Dangerous Pistol.

The Lebanon News states the following distressing facts:

"The five-year-old son of Major Proce, two miles west and one mile south of Lebanon, shot his three year old sister Monday afternoon with the result that she died the following morning.

The boy got a loaded 38 calibre revolver out of a trunk and snapped at his little sister with the above result. The ball entered the right breast and lodged near the center of the back. Dr. Ford was called and rendered the necessary medical atention." – Lebanon News of 27th.

Such occurrences as the above are all too frequent. If it is necessary to keep a loaded gun in the house why in the world don't parents keep them away from the children? It isn't necessary, or should not be, at least, to keep an arsenal in the house for defence in this Christian country, but should any one feel that it is, for heaven's sake protect the children from these dangerous weapons.