Lebanon News, Lebanon, VA

January 1, 1915

Our Old People.

[Written by J. W. Bausell.]

As you requested me to give you a short sketch of the men and women of the county who are 80 years of age and over, I will take as our first subject Harvey W. Martin, born 83 years ago in Elk Garden. His father was one of the pioneers of the county, and his mother was a daughter of Thomas Price, who gained considerable notoriety as an Indian fighter. There is a large connection of the Prices scattered from Dan to Basheba.

Harvey Martin was brought up under the old Methodist dispensation and has never departed from his early training.

In 1862 he joined Capt. Ed Smith's company of the 19th Virginia Infantry and was elected Orderly, or Sargeant. He was in every engagement of that regiment and was a brave soldier. After the surrender he married Miss Fogleman, a true and good Christian lady. They have one son, Henry, and by the vigorous application of birch limbs in his boyhood days he has made an honorable citizen, but as a result there is a scarcity of birch on that farm. Harvey Martin has a remarkable memory for one of his age, in fact he has maintained his mental faculty to a wonderful degree. He is loved by all his neighbors. It is a great pleasure to visit this home, especially if you are hungry.

In offering this imperfect sketch I will close with congratulations to cousin Harvey.