Lebanon News, Lebanon, VA

January 30, 1925

Wm. Buckles, A Former Russell Man

William Buckles, of Muscotah, who recently retired as county commissioner, probably held that office longer than any other Democrat or Republican in the county or state. Mr. Buckles was county commissioner from 1900 to 1908 and then again from 1912 until the time of his retirement last week. he probably had the distinction of being the oldest commissioner at the time of his retirement. He will be 77 years old next birthday.

Mr. Buckles came to Kansas from Hansonville, va., 55 years ago and settled on the farm which he still owns two miles east of Muscotah. About 20 years ago he retired from the farm and has been living in Muscotah. He served one year in the Confederate army.

He had the reputation of being one of the very best county commissioners Atchison county has ever had. Republicans as well as Democrats always admired him for his frankness and fairness in office. - Atchison, Kans., Globe