Lebanon News, Lebanon, VA

March 19, 1926

In Good Health At One Hundred

Few people live to be as old as Jessee Browning, of Meadow View, Washington county, Va. On March 10, he celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth.

We. Browning, who is the father of Col. J. S. Browning, of Pocahontas, is probably the oldest citizen of southwest Virginia of whom there is definate birth records. He is in good health for a person of his age and frequently drives to Abingdon and elsewhere through the country in his buggy. He has had a long and interesting career and has personally known every president of Emory and Henry college.

Mr. Browning was born in Washington county March 10, 1826 during the administration of President John Quincy Adams. He has lived during every presidential administration except 5.

Friends and neighbors of his arranged a big party at his home in celebration of his 100th birth anniversary.

This splendid century old citizen is well known to many Russell county people, where many of his relatives reside, and where scores of his kin sleep in different cemeteries of the county.

Last year Mr. Browning rubbed elbows with Russell friends, enjoying a visit of several days and a return visit is expected this year.