Lebanon News, Lebanon, VA

April 15, 1927

Weds At Reunion

Tampa, Fla., April 8. Aaron L. Hurt, 82, of Honaker, Va., one of the heroic band that charged at Gettysburg, was inducted into the army of benedicts here Tuesday upon the eve of the 37th reunion of the soldiers of the South.

The bride was Mrs. Fanny Graves, of Chattanooga, Tenn.

The romance dates from the reunion last year in Birmingham, Ala., where the two were introduced.

Original plans called for performance of the ceremony by Rev. J. Smith, also a veteran, from Marshall, Texas. Mr. Smith this morning waited at the appointed place for more than two hours before a telephone message informed him that the wedding was to be postponed for a short while to obtain the consent of the bride's parents.

The blessing obtained, the principals arrive just after Mr. Smith had left. In his absence the ceremony was performed by Rev. D. V. Snipes, Presbyterian minister and superintendent of Tampa schools.

Mr. Smith told newspaper men that he as been "marrying couples for 52 years and has never had a knot come untied yet."

Mr. Hurt served with the 29th Virginia Regiment, Company C.

The bridegroom, erect and active, his gray faultlessly tailored uniform, cut the perfect military figure with his flowing mustache and pointed goatee of the style so popular in the 60's. The bride is a small brown-eyed woman with face unlined and hair its natural hue. They will go to Mr. Hurt's home in Virginia after the reunion.