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Killing in Doubles After Close Of Bloody Civil War

Sixty-five years ago were memorable days in Russell county. This period marked the return home of the grey clad boys who had faced the hardships of four years of war, or at least the return of those who did not fall on the field of battle. Today only a few of these old warriors remain to tell the story of this conflict.

The editor of this paper has just received a letter from Mrs. L. Askew, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, asking for information as to the fate of two men by the name of Hubbard in Elk Garden, following the close of the war.

According to the story, still familiar to the older generation, El Hubbard and his father, desperate characters, threatened the lives of every Confederate soldier in the county, and attempted to carry out that threat by going to Elk Garden church on a Sunday morning in 1865 and shot Will Fuller, one of the men who distinguished himself on the field of battle, capturing sixteen Yankees single handed. Fuller was badly wounded but survive and lived until about three years ago.

On Monday morning following nine old Confederates of this county who had but a short time before laid down their muskets, shouldered arms again and in the Doubles between Elk Garden and Honaker they met El Hubbard on horseback and nine minnie balls pierced his body, Hubbard leaping about four feet above his horse when hit. This incident happened near the old Bob Howard place on top of the Doubles.

John Hubbard, father of El Hubbard was followed to his home and took refuge under the house, and after he refused to come out he was shot to death while under the floor. This put an end to shooting Confederate soldiers.

No trial ever resulted from the killing of these two men.