Lebanon News, Lebanon, VA

August 26, 1938

Haskew Ball, 94, Moses Hurt 89, In Joint Celebration

Haskew Hurt and son, Claude Hurt, of Somerset, Kentucky, crossed into Virginia, the old home state, on Tuesday, passing thru Lebanon on their way to Gardner to visit the elder Hurt's father, Moses Hurt.

Sunday next our good friend Moses Hurt will celebrate his 89th birthday with many relatives attending. Another grand old man attending the reunion will be Haskew Ball, one of Russell's three remaining Confederate soldiers. Incidently, Mr. Ball will be 94 years old Monday, and together and with kindred they will celebrate and enjoy the day at the Hurt home, a home that has long been noted for its real old time, old Virginia hospitality and here is a wish that the day will be full to the brim of joy for all attending.