Tazewell Republican, Tazewell, VA

August 1, 1911

Lebanon News

Lebanon, Va., July 29, 1912.

E. S. Finney is in Buchanan county attending circuit court.

John Hearon, of Elk Garden, was a visitor in town Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lynch are with friends at Barnett for a few days.

E. T. Wilson, who has been off on a visit for a few days, is home again.

Mrs. T. A. Mundy and daughter, of Roanoke, are visiting the home of E. S. Finney. J. G. Hyatt of Norton, was attending to legal business here the first of the week.

H. L. Kidd, who has been visiting his sister in Lynchburg for a few days, has returned home.

Mrs Parks of Big Stone Gap, who has been the guest of Mrs. J. J. Payne has returned home.

A traveling evangelist is holding a series of meetings here, and large crowds are attending.

Mrs. L. K. Price and Mrs. Mann, of Birmingham, Ala., are guests of Dr. and Mrs. O. S. Burns.

T. O. Cousins, of Norton, is here, having accepted the contract or remodling the Baptist church.

Judge William E. Burns and C. C. Burns left last week for Grundy, where Judge Burns is holding court.

Mrs. Sam Hambrick and family have returned to their home here after spending some time in the country.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Lee have returned to their home at Bluefiled after a visit to Dr. and Mrs. O. S. Burns. Miss Carl Wilson, accompanied by Miss Jamie Finney, visited her home at Wyndale the latter part of the week.

Mrs. L. W. Hoskins and children, of Knoxville, Tenn., are visiting at the home of W. A. Ayers, Mrs. Hoskins' father.

This section was visited with a fierce storm last week, which blew down the corn and did a good deal of damage to the crops.

Miss Nannie Alderson has returned home after having spent the past few weeks with her brother, Judge Aldersone at Wise.

Dr. T. E. Peery, of Bluefield, accompanied by his wife and little daughter, came to Lebanon Thursday in their car and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. San Aston. On their return to Bluefield they visited Mrs. Florence Watts at her lovely country home in Elk Garden. The board of supervisors were in session here last week. The main buisiness was the controversy that has arisen between the board and the state highway over the retention of Mr. Silas Fletcher as the manager of the roads that are being constructed in the county. The board put down an order dismissing him, and Mr Wilson has threatened to withdraw unless he is retained, but the board has declined emphatically to accede to his position. The matter is still in controversy between them, and it is feared that it will have a deleterious effect on the road construction of the county.