Tazewell Republican, Tazewell, VA

May 5, 1910

The News of Swords Creek.

Swords Creek, Va., May 3.

M. O. Wells, of Honaker, was a visitor in our town Monday.

Miss Myrtle Wilson returned Monday from a visit to Honaker.

Prof. C. P. Sousley left on Friday last for his home in Kentucky.

A. L. McGlothlin, of Raven, is transacting business here today.

Thomas Hubbard, of Honaker, is transacting business here today.

Miss Mary Albert, of Belfast Mills, is spending the week with friends at this place.

Prof. R. E. Hamlet, of Honaker, was a business visitor to this place on yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Beauchamp, of Castlewood, are visiting Mrs. A. A. Wysor here today.

Quite a number from this place attended the show at Honaker today and reported a grand time.

C. C. Irvin seemed to be the champion rat hunter, but this week the rats seem to be champions.

J. B. Belcher, the lumber inspector, left today on No. 12 for points of business east. Jim's a hustler.

The condition of Mrs. C. M. Cole, whose illness we have mentioned heretofore, is very favorable this week.

The Swords Creek High School closed on last Friday, and many of the girls say that they feel lost since it has ended.

Mrs. L. B. Wyatt left here today on No. 12 for Pulaski, to be at the bedside of her grandchild who is very ill with measles.