Tazewell Republican, Tazewell, VA

September 19, 1912

Lebanon Local News

Lebanon, Va., Sept. 16.

Hon, H. C. Stuart was visiting friends in town last week.

Dr. Cox, of Honaker, was in town last week on business.

C. C. Burnes left last week for a visit to Philadelphia.

Mrs. Chas. Gilmer has retured to her home in Huntington, W, Va.

Miss Emily Gilmer, of Bluff City, is visiting Miss Adah Alderson.

Mrs. J. R. Shoemaker is home from Cincinnati, where she went or business.

Judge W. J. Henson, of Roanoke, Va., was here last week on legal business.

Mrs. S. H. Fletcher is home after spending a few days with her mother, of Swords Creek.

Mrs. Walter Gose and children, after a pleasant visit to relatives, has returned to her home at Castlewoods.

Holiday Sutherland, of Dickenson county, and Judge A. A. Skeen, of Norton, attended court here last week.

Misses Margaret, Lena and Ruth Puckett, of Elk Garden, left for Bristol Thursday, where they will enter school at Virginia Intermont.

The fair Association is rapidly getting the fair grounds in shape for the fair this week, and it is expected that the fair this year will be a great success.

Circuit Court has been in session for the past two weeks. A good many criminal cases have been tried at this term of court and the state road force has been increased by some twelve additions convictions at this term of court. The case of Clint Chafin, for shooting of Joe Sutherland resulted in a hung jury.

A merry party of young folkos of Lebanon spent the week end on Brumley Mountain. Those in the party were: Misses. Dora, Mary and Mattie Gilmer, Georgie and Mattie Ketron, Adah Alderson, Elizabeth Cartright and Emily Gilmer, of Bluff city. Messrs. Robert, Henry, Frank and Will Ketron, Ben Gilmer and Eugene Alderson. chaperone, Mrs. Chas. Gilmer.