Obituary Index to the Lebanon News

Below is a sortable table of obituary and death notices in the Lebanon News, currently covering 1883 (one issue), 1886 (one issue), 1891 (two issues), 1893 (one issue) and 1900-1944 (many issues.) I have now finished indexing all of the News available to me (1886-1945.) Roughly half of the issues between 1900 and 1945 are still existing. Unfortunately, no issues exist for 1935, 1936, and 1937. Please get in touch with me if you have papers or obituaries not mentioned in this table.

Note that this table can also be used as the definitive list of existing issues of the Lebanon, as far as I can determine.

Date Last Name First Name Age Notes
1883_03_01 Candler Dicy "wife of G. W. Candler"
1883_03_01 Easterly Nannie 18
1883_03_01 Vaughan "infant child of John and Sally Vaughan"
1883_03_01 Fry Henry Judge, died in WV
1886_02_25 Steele Jimmie
1886_02_25 Williams infant son
1891/1891_08_13 Grant Angie died in San Francisco
1891/1891_08_13 Campbell William 89
1891/1891_08_13 French Will from the "Glade Spring Citizen"
1891/1891_08_13 Dickenson Henry Kile 1
1893/1893_01_05 Branch Rachel colored, "near Barnett", "daughter of Ephram Branch"
1893/1893_01_05 Clark Richard "son of D. O. Clark", murdered by George Cook
1893/1893_01_05 White Henry "of Belfast Mills"
1898_10_14 Briefly excerpted in 4/12/1929 issue of Lebanon News.
1900/1900_01_05 Baker John A. P.
1900/1900_01_05 Gibson Charlie about 40 consumption
1900/1900_01_05 Horseman "widow Horseman's son"
1900/1900_01_05 Dickenson Mrs. Henry "colored"
1900/1900_01_05 Purcell Mrs. John
1900/1900_01_05 Tate Jake 36
1900/1900_01_05 Meade Robert consumption
1900/1900_02_09 Baber Alice Lillian 28 "of Emporia, Greensville county, Virginia."
1900/1900_02_09 Jackson James "son of Cowan Jackson...consumption"
1900/1900_03_02 Briefly excerpted in 4/19/1929 issue of Lebanon News
1900/1900_03_09 Baldwin Mrs. D. O. "wife of Rev. D. O. Baldwin"
1900/1900_03_09 Gent Charles "colored"
1900/1900_03_16 Donald Nannie "of Elway"
1900/1900_03_16 Atkins Aker 15 son of W. A. Atkins
1900/1900_03_16 Gobble Catherine 60 "near Cleveland"
1900/1900_03_16 Cumbow Nancy 78 "four miles west of town"
1900/1900_03_16 Arington Sallie 99 "of Dickenson county"
1900/1900_03_16 Vaught Jim Trigg 3 son of Bro. S. B. Vaught
1900/1900_03_23 Grizzle Mrs. James "wife of "Herican Jim" Grizzle"
1900/1900_04_13 Stergel infant son "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sterling"
1900/1900_04_13 Fink William
1900/1900_04_13 Gray Will "colored"
1900/1900_04_13 Fields Joseph "of Elk Garden"
1900/1900_04_13 Dickenson James Nat
1900/1900_04_13 McFarland Sallie near 90
1900/1900_05_04 Dickenson "Charles Dickenson's wife, colored"
1900/1900_05_04 Thompson Phoebe 93
1900/1900_05_04 Fletcher William "born in November, 1820"
1900/1900_05_04 Hendricks James W. past 80 "former resident of this county, died at his home in Washington county, April 19th"
1900/1900_05_04 Pippin Nancy past 90
1900/1900_05_11 Fletcher Mrs. William "of Lower New Garden"
1900/1900_05_11 Cox William "of Lewis Creek"
1900/1900_05_11 McNew Lizzie 69 "at Fugate's Hill"
1900/1900_05_18 Briefly excerpted in 5/3/1929 issue of Lebanon News
1900/1900_05_11 Kent 3 "child of Joe Kent, colored"
1900/1900_05_11 Adkins David 25 "of Rockdell"
1900/1900_06_01 Jessee David 80 "of lower Copper creek"
1900/1900_06_01 Richards Polly 102 "at Mason's Store"
1900/1900_06_08 Hunt "wife of John Hunt"
1900/1900_06_15 Dickenson Mrs. Henry "colored"
1900/1900_06_29 Fletcher Martin "Garland Cook Kills Martin Fletcher"
1900/1900_06_29 Jessee Mrs. Will "daughter of W. P. Cooper", "at Bluegrass"
1900/1900_06_29 Garrett Julia "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Garrett"
1900/1900_08_10 Smith Albert
1900/1900_08_10 Sutherland Lemon "little son of S. P. Sutherland, of Dexter"
1900/1900_08_10 Selfe William T. "funeral will be preached at Richardson's chapel"
1900/1900_08_10 Miller Henry, Jr. 38 "on Sword's Creek"
1900/1900_08_10 Johnson "wife of Jackson Johnson and daughter of W. P. Fuller", "near Jesse's Mill"
1900/1900_08_24 Bowden 3 months "Rev. and Mrs. R. H. Bowden"
1900/1900_10_05 Combs Arthur "obituary notice will appear next week"
1900/1900_10_05 Bradshaw Henry
1900/1900_11_30 Kendrick Mrs. W. J. 62 "at Moab, Va"
1900/1900_11_30 Kiser Rev. E.
1900/1900_11_30 Kiser Mrs. Rev. E. 87 "near Carterton"
1901/1901_01_09 Mitchell Nancy 108 reported in Richmond Times
1901/1901_09_01 Ball Mort shot by Ol Cook, reported in Roanoke News
1901/1901_09_01 Hess Alice accidentally shot by brother, reported in Roanoke News
1902/1902_01_03 Stump Ab murdered
1902/1902_01_03 Johnson Charles
1902/1902_01_03 Smith Polly 83
1902/1902_01_03 Osborne Jack murdered
1902/1902_01_03 Meade Edna 70 "of Dickensonville"
1902/1902_01_03 Smith "mother of J. N. Smith"
1902/1902_01_03 Snodgrass Mrs. L. H. "formerly a citizen of this county"
1902/1902_05_30 Robins Wade murdered by Jim Wilson
1902/1902_06_06 Puckett "funeral of T. J. Puckett's little child", "at the Loop church"
1902/1902_06_13 Gibson T. M. died in Bristol
1902/1902_06_13 Price J. S. died in Bristol
1902/1902_07_18 Boyd James "Gardners"
1902/1902_07_18 Musick David "funeral will be preached at the Weaver's Creek church"
1902/1902_07_18 Hackney John G. 87
1902/1902_07_18 Fields Charlie 51 "near Nunley"
1902/1901_08_01 Litton Callie 18 "near Cleveland"
1902/1901_08_01 Duff John G. 80 "Belfast Mills"
1902/1902_09_05 Hurt Nannie "funeral...was preached", Gardner
1902/1902_09_05 Gardner Charlie
1902/1902_09_05 Barrett Frances "burial...Sunday"
1902/1902_09_05 Litton J. S. "TRIBUTE OF RESPECT"
1902/1902_10_17 Counts Roosevelt aged over 2 years "infant son of Samuel G. Counts"
1902/1902_10_17 Counts Lenora E. 15 months "daughter of Elijah L. and M. Violet Counts"
1903/1903_01_02 Campbell "home of John H. Campbell", "little child"
1903/1903_01_02 Fields Mrs. Campbell 30 "near Nunley"
1903/1903_01_02 Smith Alden murdered
1903/1903_01_02 Hendricks "a colored woman", "at Barnett"
1903/1903_01_16 Honaker H. "of Honaker, Va."
1903/1903_01_16 Wysor Charles Henry 17 hit by train, "son of John and Elizabeth Wysor"
1903/1903_01_23 Carroll Jack
1903/1903_01_23 Tate Henry B. J.
1903/1903_02_13 Honaker Harvey
1903/1903_02_13 Tate James M. 70
1903/1903_02_13 Bausell John T. 34 died in sawmill accident
1903/1903_02_13 Johnson Henry 60 "old confederate soldier"
1903/1903_02_13 Barton Henry "on a drunken spree"
1903/1903_02_13 Alderson W. E. 60
1903/1903_02_13 Dickenson Rebecca "at Bickley Mills"
1903/1903_03_06 Bundy "A woman by the name of Bundy, an inmate of the country poor house, died Sunday night."
1903/1903_03_06 Campbell Mrs. J. R. 52 "of Nunley"
1903/1903_03_13 Purcell Mrs. James died in Texas
1903/1903_03_20 Ray Charlie drowned in Clinch River, "son of Bob Ray"
1903/1903_03_20 Fawbush "infant child of W. F. Fawbush"
1903/1903_03_20 White Press "2 miles north of Bolton"
1903/1903_04_10 Elliott Gladys 1 in Barnett
1903/1903_04_10 Candler Mrs. A. J. died in Texas
1903/1903_05_01 Rogers 8 "grandson of J. W. Rogers"
1903/1903_05_08 Henderson Rob "of Hazel Spring", "consumption"
1903/1903_05_08 Milton Virginia Louise died in Texas
1903/1903_05_08 Wallace Eva Grace 2
1903/1903_05_29 Hurt Mrs. A. L.
1903/1903_05_29 Haggy David hit by train
1903/1903_05_29 Vanhook 3 "child of Henry Vanhook"
1903/1903_05_29 Ferguson Stella 6 "daughter of George Ferguson"
1903/1903_06_05 Alderson Tom Gent 28 "in Wise, Va"
1903/1903_06_12 Griffith Mattie "daughter of John Whitt"
1903/1903_07_17 Fuller Jacob "on Bart's Lick"
1903/1903_07_24 Counts Ezekiel D. 21 "son of S. D. Counts"
1903/1903_07_24 Apperson Peggy 97 "niece of General Nathan Towson"
1903/1903_07_24 Vencill "Buz" 24
1903/1903_07_24 Fleming Valley "son of James Fleming"
1903/1903_07_24 Wright Rosa
1903/1903_07_24 Fields Rachel "at Nunley"
1903/1903_07_31 Hicks hit by train
1903/1903_07_31 Counts Ezekiel "son of Dug Counts, of Aily, Va"
1903/1903_07_31 Apperson Margaret R. 86 "of Hale's Mill, Scott county, Va"
1903/1903_07_31 Buckles Charlie 60 Confederate veteran
1903/1903_07_31 Garrett Rachel 7/24/1903 mention printed wrong name
1903/1903_07_31 Fields "infant child of Ed Fields, near Nunley"
1903/1903_07_31 King 1 "son of John King"
1903/1903_08_07 Fields "Mrs. Fields, wife of Melvin Fields"
1903/1903_08_07 Johnson Albert 27 "son of S. N. Johnson"
1903/1903_08_14 Johnson Sheffey "of the Loop"
1903/1903_08_14 Sutherland Nellie Kate 25 wife of Henry W. Sutherland, "formerly Miss Nellie Kate Shepherd"
1903/1903_08_14 Campbell "little child of W. M. Campbell of Kimbal, W. Va."
1903/1903_08_14 Johnson James Sheffey 89 "at Rockdell"
1903/1903_08_21 Fraley Addie May 23 wife of Samuel A. Fraley
1903/1903_08_21 Banner Leah 87 at Castlewood
1903/1903_08_28 Davis Kate
1903/1903_08_28 Johnson James Sheffey Tribute
1903/1903_08_28 Cowan Thomas s "son of C. H. Cowan"
1903/1903_08_28 Ball Charlie
1903/1903_09_04 Hall Eva Kate 4 months "near St. Paul"
1903/1903_09_11 Davis 1 "girl of Charlie Davis"
1903/1903_09_11 Booth Miles "aged citizen of near Bolton"
1903/1903_09_18 Hale "Nathan Hale's little daughter"
1903/1903_09_18 Cooper Mrs. Thomas "of near Bluegrass"
1903/1903_10_02 Daugherty Mary 74 "three miles north east of Lebanon"
1903/1903_10_02 Hargis Mrs. W. L. "daughter of C. W. Powers", "in the Corner"
1903/1903_10_02 Hendricks Cynthia 78 "colored", "east of Lebanon"
1903/1903_10_16 Cooper Mary D. 56 "married to Thomas A. Cooper"
1903/1903_10_16 Banner S. H.
1903/1903_10_16 Henritze "infant child of postmaster James A. Henritze"
1903/1903_10_23 Banner Samuel Houston 59
1903/1903_10_23 Couch "Henry Couch's baby"
1903/1903_10_23 Jackson J. W. 40
1903/1903_10_23 Powers John Thomas 5 "Knoxville, Tenn."
1903/1903_11_27 Miller Mrs. J. D. "in the Corner settlement"
1903/1903_11_27 Jackson M. P. 70
1903/1903_12_04 Dickenson Henry Hopkins 66
1903/1903_12_04 Kiser Jimmie 94 Dumps Creek
1903/1903_12_04 Grizzle Lazenby 19 months Dumps Creek
1903/1903_12_04 Jessee Mrs. William "near Lebanon", "sister of Robert Stinson"
1903/1903_12_04 Saunders Rachel 72
1903/1903_12_04 McGraw Henry "an aged citizen of Blacks Ford"
1903/1903_12_18 Dickenson H. H.
1903/1903_12_18 Gilmer Polly 82 "one mile east of Lebanon"
1904/1904_01_08 Campbell "wife of Fode[?] Campbell", "of the Sinkhole Valley"
1904/1904_01_08 Salyers C 20 grandson of Harlen Salyers
1904/1904_01_08 Branson Francis M. reprint of Civil War obituary
1904/1904_01_08 Fogleman Charlie "on Moccasin"
1904/1904_01_08 Miller D. P. 45
1904/1904_01_15 Snodgrass Mary Elizabeth 5 months "at Finney's Siding"
1904/1904_01_29 Hancock W. Stuart "committed suicide at Honolulu Hawaii"
1904/1904_03_18 Perkins Joseph 83
1904/1904_07_01 Hargis Mollie "wife of W. L. Hargis"
1904/1904_07_01 Raniero Frank 4 fell from a wagon
1904/1904_07_01 Williams Henry 68 "at St. Paul", consumption
1904/1904_07_08 Sanders Mrs. Green Cleveland
1904/1904_07_08 Holland Will C. 43 suicide, died in Newport, TN
1904/1904_12_02 Campbell Mrs. J. C. "of near Hansonville"
1904/1904_12_02 Couch "a little baby of H. P. Couch and wife"
1904/1904_12_23 "old colored man died at the county poor house"
1905/1905_03_10 Thornton Howard 12 "at Finney's Siding"
1905/1905_03_10 Finney Morgan 68
1905/1905_03_10 Cook William "of Cooks Mills"
1905/1905_04_28 Huff "husband and father", "Mrs. E. B. Huff & Family"
1905/1905_04_28 Huff J. S.
1905/1905_04_28 Huff John Snider nearly 84
1905/1905_04_28 Short murdered, brother of W. P. Short
1905/1905_04_28 Thomas Mrs. J. D. "near Barnett"
1905/1905_04_28 Jesse Fullen died in Texas
1905/1905_05_19 Dorton Nathan of consumption
1905/1905_05_19 Dingus Ballard "near Dickensonville", "making the third death in that family within the last few weeks"
1905/1905_05_19 Laforce Malvey Verna 21 "at Mew"
1905/1905_05_19 Grizzle William 55 "of Carterton"
1905/1905_05_19 Rasnake Polly "at Artrip", "wife of Elijah Rasnake"
1905/1905_05_19 Hartsock John "near Mason's store", confederate
1905/1905_05_26 Kiser Nimrod 82 Dumps Creek
1905/1905_05_26 Johnson George W. 80 "on lower Moccasin"
1905/1905_05_26 Ashbrook Joseph died in Texas
1905/1905_06_09 Gose Nat sixty odd years "in Castlewood"
1905/1905_06_09 Litton Will 33 "near Russell Old Courthouse"
1905/1905_06_09 Hess "son of George Hess, of River Mountain"
1905/1905_06_16 Litton William Ballard 33 "son of Joseph S. and Mary A. Litton"
1905/1905_07_14 Thompson "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Mannie Thompson"
1905/1905_07_14 Meade Henry Taze "little son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meade"
1905/1905_07_21 Perkins James murdered
1905/1905_07_21 Fugate colored, "son of old uncle Bill Fugate"
1906/1906_02_02 Puckett Thomas 77 "3 miles north of Lebanon", Confederate
1906/1906_02_23 Barrett Charlie
1906/1906_02_23 Self Ira "little Ira Self"
1906/1906_02_23 Alderson Mattie "Miss Mattie Fugate before marriage"
1906/1906_02_23 Davis Jennie Beck Cannady
1906/1906_02_23 Ferguson Henry Bascom "son of Anthony and Catherine Ferguson", born 1858
1906/1906_03_16 Barrett Charlie G. 23 "son of J. C. and Nancy Barrett"
1906/1906_03_16 Baker "little child of John Baker"
1906/1906_03_16 Baker "mother", wife of John Baker
1906/1906_04_06 White John M.
1906/1906_04_06 Payne Robert 60 "at Belfast Mills"
1906/1906_04_06 Shoemaker Clyde "little son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Shoemaker"
1906/1906_04_06 Honaker Lilburn
1906/1906_04_06 "little child Near or at Dante"
1906/1906_04_13 Gilbert Sallie 28 "was Miss Sallie White", wife of John C. Gilbert
1906/1906_04_13 Browning B. N. 70
1906/1906_04_13 Minton Clarendia "aged lady", at Castlerun, Va
1906/1906_04_13 Proffit Charles "crushed to death in the mines"
1906/1906_08_03 Kent "little child of Joe Kent, colored"
1906/1906_08_03 Alexander Nannie "daughter of D. P. Alexander", "four miles south east of Lebanon"
1906/1906_08_03 Greening "wife of Rev. J. A. Greening"
1906/1906_08_03 Woolf "little child of W. W. Woolf"
1906/1906_08_10 Browning "infant child of F. B. Browning"
1906/1906_08_10 Powers William "at Nunley", son of Jefferson Power
1906/1906_08_10 Hess James Reverend, "in the Corner"
1907/1907_01_11 Price Mrs. J. H. 54 wife of James H. Price
1907/1907_01_11 Boyd Joseph "near Dickensonville", Confederate
1907/1907_01_25 Kiser Martha 78 "Martha Childers, daughter of Abraham and Franky Childers", married to Nimrod Kiser
1907/1907_01_25 Tyler Nancy C. 24 "wife of Robery J. Tyler and daughter of W. A. and Cathern Osborn"
1907/1907_01_25 Fugate Mollie P. 65 "widow of… Dr. E. S. Fugate"
1907/1907_01_25 Fogleman Nicy Near 75 "wife of Wesley Fogleman"
1907/1907_01_25 Holbrook Dan 69 In Castlewood
1907/1907_01_25 Kiser Daniel 65 near Dexter
1907/1907_01_25 Kent Martha "colored, in Slabtown"
1907/1907_01_25 Fugate Bill "colored...two miles west of town"
1907/1907_02_01 Miller Coy
1907/1907_03_07 Hicks Walter colored, murdered
1907/1907_03_07 Roman Wade "on Swords Creek"
1907/1907_06_21 Pruner George A. 87 "near Dickensonville"
1907/1907_06_21 Alderson Sam colored, murdered
1907/1907_06_21 Taylor Cowan murdered
1907/1907_06_21 Taylor Jimmie 92 "on Weavers Creek"
1907/1907_06_21 Owens Corrie "formerly Mrs. Leonard Shoemaker"
1907/1907_07_05 McCloud Pearlie 8 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCloud, of near Cleveland"
1907/1907_07_05 Muncey Phoebe About 80 "widow of the late Samuel Muncey"
1907/1907_07_05 Ferguson Aleck About 60 "brother of the late Andy Ferguson and Mrs. A. F. Hurt"
1907/1907_07_05 Fogleman Charlie H. Reverend, "west of Lebanon"
1907/1907_07_26 Rasnake Elijah
1907/1907_08_02 Gibson William Felix 2 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gibson, of Dickensonville"
1907/1907_08_02 Blackwell Annie 17
1907/1907_08_02 Ireson Eva 17 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Ireson"
1907/1907_08_23 Owens N. E. 74 died in Texas
1907/1907_08_23 Gibson Henry S. 76
1907/1907_09_06 Laforce Joseph 12 or 14 "child of Grand and Mertie Laforce, of Dumps Creek"
1907/1907_09_06 Meade Will 22 "son of W. W. Meade", "at Bolton"
1907/1907_09_06 Hurt Nannie "wife of Meakin S. Hurt", "east of Lebanon"
1907/1907_09_13 Gilmer T. J.
1907/1907_09_13 Gilmer Frank "son of T. J. Gilmer", died "two years ago"
1907/1907_09_13 Powers Jeff close to 50
1907/1907_09_13 Ball James "of House and Barn Mountain"
1907/1907_09_27 Lemons Lewis "an aged citizen of Belfast"
1907/1907_09_27 Harman Mrs. Sam "east of Lebanon", "daughter of Mrs. George Richardson"
1907/1907_09_27 Rasnake Mattie "mother-in-law of...Creed Barton"
1907/1907_09_27 McCoy White "near Hansonville"
1907/1907_09_27 Kiser Jeannes "daughter of A. J. and Melissa Kiser"
1907/1907_10_11 McColley White 23
1907/1907_10_11 Boyd Tom "near Long Pole"
1907/1907_10_25 Kiser Joseph 58 "on Chany Creek", "son of Henry Kiser"
1907/1907_10_25 Counts E. S. Reverend, "Card of Thanks"
1907/1907_10_25 Fletcher Allen "in Copper Ridge"
1907/1907_10_25 Ferguson "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall Ferguson", "three miles south of Lebanon"
1907/1907_10_25 Williams Callie "daughter of George Williams of near Dickensonville"
1907/1907_11_01 Parks Aral (Arad) Confederate veteran, "near Barnett"
1907/1907_11_01 Holmes Elizabeth 52 "in Elk Garden"
1907/1907_11_22 Gray Rachel Elizabeth 2 "daughter of Walter and Cleo Gray"
1907/1907_11_22 Richardson Mrs. Will "in Copper Ridge", "daughter of Tom McCloud"
1907/1907_11_22 Baugh Jack 84 "north of Lebanon"
1908/1908_01_17 Lovell "little child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lovell", "north west of town"
1908/1908_01_17 Colley Bruce "committed suicide at his home in Jonesboro, Tenn"
1908/1908_01_23 Gilmer Thomas J.
1908/1908_01_23 Cooper Thomas
1908/1908_01_23 Jessee Mary J. 78
1908/1908_01_23 Finney Nancy 75 "widow of the late Rubin Finney"
1908/1908_01_23 Reynolds Barnett H. 73
1908/1908_02_28 Buckles W. N. "Reverend"
1908/1908_02_28 Ferguson Rebecca 90
1908/1908_02_28 Williams Mary
1908/1908_02_28 Ball Mary 79
1908/1908_03_06 Hackney Mrs. John "grass widow"
1908/1908_03_06 Johnson Orpha A. 23 "daughter of William P. and Tibitha Fields Cooper"
1908/1908_03_06 Canady "sister of L. L. Bays...W. W. Bays...John C. Bays...Hezekiah Bays"
1908/1908_03_06 Gibson Samuel A. 62 died in Missouri
1908/1908_03_06 Garland father of John
1908/1908_03_06 John son of Garland
1908/1908_03_06 Tate "little son of Mr. and Mrs. Cline Tate", died in Tumbez
1908/1908_03_06 unnamed "negro", shot at Dante
1908/1908_03_06 Jessee Jose "old Aunt Jose Jessee, colored", "died in Lebanon"
1908/1908_03_06 Kiser Henry "last will and testament...was produced in court"
1908/1908_03_13 Pearson Thornton killed at Dante by Henry Cosby
1908/1908_03_13 Mutter John killed at Sword's Creek by Fred Dye
1908/1908_03_13 Call George killed at Sword's Creek by Fred Dye
1908/1908_03_13 Vance "little twin", "Mr. and Mrs. Al Vance"
1908/1908_03_13 Sutton Thursa Jane 80 "nee Fugate"
1908/1908_04_03 Elkins Joseph 70 died on train
1908/1908_04_03 Blankenship Alice "wife of J. W. Blankenship"
1908/1908_04_03 Dickenson Charles P.
1908/1908_04_03 Carter 2 "daughter of Andy Carter"
1908/1908_04_03 Davis John G. 58 Confederate veteran, "of Dickenson county"
1908/1908_04_03 Hurt Jane
1908/1908_04_03 Dykes Jake
1908/1908_04_03 Hale Mrs. Ireson
1908/1908_04_10 Dickenson C. P.
1908/1908_04_10 Tignor Nannie 13 "daughter of Johnnie Tignor"
1908/1908_05_01 Gibson Mrs. Harvey "of lower Copper Creek", "daughter of Joseph Bostic"
1908/1908_05_01 Helbert Mrs. Patton "daughter of J. B. Carty", "died in Lee county"
1908/1908_05_29 Purcell Charlie suicide
1908/1908_05_29 Amburgey Cyntha 77 "wife of Wilburn Amburgey"
1908/1908_05_29 Craig Nannie 35 "daughter of B. F. and M. E. Bickley...married to W. C. Craig"
1908/1908_05_29 Kelley James "near Dexter"
1908/1908_05_29 Kiser Henry "better known as Little Henry", "son of Elihue Kiser sr."
1908/1908_06_05 Burke Mrs. M. O.
1908/1908_06_05 Jessee Samuel 84 "two miles south of Lebanon"
1908/1908_06_19 Carter Jack 72
1908/1908_06_19 Harris James "west of Lebanon"
1908/1908_06_19 Vicars Lithia 55 "on Grassy Creek"
1908/1908_07_03 Stillwell George "lived at Barnett"
1908/1908_07_03 Meadows Asa 21 killed in train wreck
1908/1908_10_09 Porter Hugh 63 Confederate veteran
1908/1908_10_23 Gilmer "an infant of Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Gilmer"
1908/1908_10_23 Johnson Mrs. C. William
1908/1908_10_31 Johnson Rebecca 63 born Rebecca Stinson, wife of C. W. Johnson
1908/1908_12_25 Fields Martha 23 "daughter of Cum Fields, and wife of Charles Fields"
1909/1909_01_15 Thompson Sparrell died in Missouri
1909/1909_01_15 Dickenson Charles E.
1909/1909_01_15 Dorton James "known as Big Jim"
1909/1909_01_15 Ball John W. 91 "at Honaker"
1909/1909_02_12 Campbell James "on Moccasin"
1909/1909_02_12 Smith "wife of Will Smith", "on Moccasin, near Tumbez"
1909/1909_02_12 Meade child of "Mr. and Mrs. Will Meade"
1909/1909_02_12 Powers child of "Mr. and Mrs. David Powers"
1909/1909_02_26 LaForce murdered by Lowery Kiser on Dump's Creek "last fall"
1909/1909_02_26 Morgan Katie 8 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Morgan"
1909/1909_02_26 Monk Gilmer 30 "north east of Lebanon"
1909/1909_02_26 Johnson Samuel N. "west of Finney station"
1909/1909_02_26 Combs 6 or 7 "little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Combs"
1909/1909_03_12 Artrip Taze killed by train
1909/1909_03_12 Johnson Samuel N.
1909/1909_03_12 Bickley Aaron
1909/1909_03_26 Wolfe Sheffey "on Moccasin"
1909/1909_03_26 Briggs Mandy "at Hansonville"
1909/1909_04_02 Alderson Davis C.
1909/1909_04_02 Puckett Bernard "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Puckett"
1909/1909_04_02 Gent Alderson died in Missouri
1909/1909_04_02 Dickenson Samuel H. about 75
1909/1909_04_02 Cooley Kate past 25 "formerly Miss. Kate Litton"
1909/1909_04_02 Burton Vicie 76
1909/1909_04_02 Barrett Joe "son of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Barrett"
1909/1909_04_23 Johnson George died in Dickenson county
1909/1909_05_14 Burke Sarah "widow of the late George Burke", nee Gilmer
1909/1909_05_14 Tate James "in the western part of the county"
1909/1909_05_28 Bausell William Thurman 88
1909/1909_06_11 Jones Frank "died at Roanoke"
1909/1909_06_11 Garrett Celia 75 "sister of William Jones and widow of William Garrett"
1909/1909_06_11 Lillie Emma 29
1909/1909_06_25 Sykes J. B. 47
1909/1909_07_16 Kiser James D. between 65 and 70 "married Miss Winnie Artrip"
1909/1909_07_23 Jones Nan "daughter of George H. and Nellie Gose"
1909/1909_07_23 Sawyers Kate "wife of Captain H. Sawyers"
1909/1909_07_23 Davis Hugh
1909/1909_07_23 Dorton Clark 61 "west of Bolton"
1909/1909_07_23 Phillips Powel
1909/1909_07_30 Robinson John about 43 "colored"
1909/1909_08_06 Robinson John
1909/1909_08_06 Garrett Jennie near 30 "daughter of Alexander Garrett"
1909/1909_08_13 Amburgey G. murdered at Dante
1909/1909_08_27 Price 3 "daughter of Major Price"
1909/1909_08_27 "3 Austrians" murdered near Dante by Clint Trent
1909/1909_08_27 Amburgey Christopher C. murdered by James Broadie
1909/1909_09_17 McGlothlin Harvey "near Honaker"
1909/1909_09_17 Burns H. G. 75
1909/1909_09_17 Austin "mother of Mrs. Marion Dorton"
1909/1909_10_01 Gilmer A. P. 62 Confederate veteran
1909/1909_10_01 Aistrop Oliver near 80
1909/1909_10_15 Jessee Beecher 17 "son of Elihue Jessee"
1909/1909_10_29 Stinson John R. "died at Tazewell"
1909/1909_10_29 Addison "son of Henry Addison on the Copper Creek side of the lower end"
1909/1909_10_29 Patrick Mrs. Scott "in the Copper Creek settlement"
1909/1909_11_05 Chapman Jennie 50
1909/1909_11_12 Jones William between 65 and 70 Confederate veteran
1909/1909_11_12 Puckett Mrs. Harve "daughter of the late Samuel Jessee"
1909/1909_11_26 Hamilton Ann "daughter of Wallace Burns"
1909/1909_12_03 Williams 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Williams"
1909/1909_12_10 Turner Wilson "of the Gravel Lick section"
1909/1909_12_10 Davis A. J. murdered in Texas
1909/1909_12_24 Fletcher Patton
1910/1910_01_07 Gent Jacob C. 72 Confederate veteran
1910/1910_01_07 McGoldrick John "a Dante merchant"
1910/1910_01_07 Pennis Sarah Preston 67 "Miss Sarah Preston Carter"
1910/1910_01_07 Powers Ed killed by train
1910/1910_01_07 Statzer Nancy 98 "of Bolton"
1910/1910_01_21 Tignor Nancy 82 nee Gilmer
1910/1910_02_11 Musick Sol murdred by Allen Dotson
1910/1910_02_11 Rasnake Stephen
1910/1910_02_11 Thompson Mrs. Cummings about 70
1910/1910_02_18 Price Mrs. S. W. "of consumption"
1910/1910_02_18 White Arch killed by train
1910/1910_02_18 Ray Charles "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ray"
1910/1910_02_18 Thompson Mrs. Abraham
1910/1910_02_18 Williams "little child of Ed Williams, colored, died in Lebanon"
1910/1910_02_18 Martin "colored child, infant of Will Martin"
1910/1910_02_25 Buttery James "son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Buttery"
1910/1910_02_25 Ramsey Charles killed by train
1910/1910_02_25 Dickenson Charles E. 48
1910/1910_02_25 Roy 5 "son of Walter I. Roy"
1910/1910_03_04 Jessee Bettie "maiden name was Finney and she was first married to William Campbell"
1910/1910_03_04 Fields Rebecca at Mason's Store
1910/1910_03_04 Brummett Mrs. William "died some time ago"
1910/1910_03_18 Jessee Dick "at St. Paul"
1910/1910_03_25 Jessee C. J. killed by train
1910/1910_03_25 Alexander Minnie about 21 "daughter of D. P. Alexander"
1910/1910_03_25 Puckett Isaac Confederate veteran
1910/1910_03_25 Boyd Jane
1910/1910_04_15 Dye Caroline "wife of William Dye, and daughter of Tom Dye"
1910/1910_04_15 Monk Charles Confederate veteran
1910/1910_04_15 Hartsock A. M. 70 "at Honaker"
1910/1910_04_15 Johnson Charles Howard 14 "son of William Johnson"
1910/1910_04_15 Pierce Mrs. Harve 70 "sister of Full and Lill Hurt"
1910/1910_04_15 Fugate Isaac near Mason's Store
1910/1910_04_22 Brummitt 18 "invalid son of Will Brummett"
1910/1910_04_22 Honaker Bettie "widow of the late Minor Honaker"
1910/1910_05_06 Davis "five weeks old infant of Sam Davis"
1910/1910_05_06 Smith Billy 93
1910/1910_05_13 Lockhart William about 67 Confederate veteran
1910/1910_05_13 Fields "wife of Wesley Fields"
1910/1910_05_13 Ferguson Mrs. John "north of Hansonville"
1910/1910_05_13 Hughes Lucinda 66 on Copper Ridge
1910/1910_05_20 Monk Mrs. Lafayette "was a Miss Buckles"
1910/1910_05_27 Smith William 93 "son of James Smith"
1910/1910_05_27 Hargis Rebecca 75 "Rebecca R. Vermillion"
1910/1910_05_27 Loyd Lula sister of Samuel Aston, died in New York
1910/1910_05_27 Muncey Harve 79 or 80 Confederate veteran
1910/1910_05_27 Johnson C. H. died in Texas
1910/1910_06_10 Gilmer Minnie about 33 "wife of J. H. Gilmer"
1910/1910_08_19 Holmes 14 "daughter of George Holmes"
1910/1910_08_19 Hillman "small child of Billy Hillman"
1910/1910_08_19 Duty J. H. "four miles west of Lebanon"
1910/1910_08_19 Ferguson Melissa Ethel May 17 "daughter of Elihue and Mollie Ferguson"
1910/1910_08_19 Ferguson Carl 13 "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. William Ferguson"
1910/1910_08_19 Helton Idell 21 "daughter of J. H. and Mary Helton"
1910/1910_08_19 Helton Nannie "daughter of J. H. and Mary Helton"
1910/1910_08_26 Cumbow Sarah E. 29 died in Tennessee
1910/1910_08_26 Thompson 5 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Thompson"
1910/1910_08_26 Smith Lula "young daughter of Isaac Smith"
1910/1910_09_16 Banner Wade "at St. Paul"
1910/1910_09_16 Mooney Will colored, killed by train
1910/1910_09_16 Gibson Elizabeth 70 "at Castlewood"
1910/1910_09_23 Fugate David R. "son of Robert E. and Nannie E. Fugate", died in Colorado
1910/1910_10_21 Meade Mamie
1910/1910_10_21 Jackson Ira
1910/1910_12_16 Miller E. D. Confederate veteran
1910/1910_12_16 Williams "Kitt" colored
1910/1910_12_16 Owens Roxie
1911/1911_01_06 Dye Bud
1911/1911_01_06 Sandoe Mollie "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Combs"
1911/1911_01_13 Owens Elbert killed by train
1911/1911_01_13 Dickenson Oscar F. died in Oklahoma
1911/1911_01_13 Campbell Martha about 50 "wife of Cowan Campbell"
1911/1911_01_13 Hess Mrs. Zed
1911/1911_01_13 Hobbs 7 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hobbs"
1911/1911_01_20 Jessee Lula C. about 25 "of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jessee"
1911/1911_01_20 Shoemaker S. B. 62 "son of Reynolds and Rachel Shoemaker"
1911/1911_01_20 Osborne Mrs. Lem "near Blackford"
1911/1911_01_20 Jackson Margaret about 60
1911/1911_01_20 Owens 4 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Owens"
1911/1911_01_27 Calvert James B. killed by train
1911/1911_01_27 Browning Mrs. J. F. "was Miss Jennie Meade"
1911/1911_02_03 Jenks Thomas 41 "son of Capt. John P. Jenks"
1911/1911_02_03 Buckles Virginia
1911/1911_02_03 Muncey Martha J. 43 "wife of W. R. Muncey", "Martha J. Shoemaker"
1911/1911_02_03 Baker W. Cowan 48 "at Washington County"
1911/1911_02_10 Kestner "little son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kestner"
1911/1911_03_03 Jessee Gilmer "near Carterton"
1911/1911_03_03 Hicks Mary "an aged colored woman"
1911/1911_03_10 Steele Henry Confederate veteran
1911/1911_03_10 Fogleman Patton "near Hansonville"
1911/1911_03_10 Porter Cornelia Seviers "daughter of C. R. P. Byers and Louise D. Byers"
1911/1911_03_17 Jessee Gilmer 22 "son of E. K. and Mollie Jessee"
1911/1911_03_17 McFall Russell 42 "father, William McFall"
1911/1911_03_17 McKinney Mary 70 some odd years
1911/1911_03_17 Sykes Eliza 93
1911/1911_03_24 Fogleman Wesley "brother of Patton"
1911/1911_03_24 Jackson Elijah
1911/1911_03_24 Smith George Confederate veteran
1911/1911_03_24 Combs father of Mrs. Vince Combs
1911/1911_03_31 Fields Bert Banner 7
1911/1911_04_07 Jessee Gilmer
1911/1911_04_07 Campbell Ira 34
1911/1911_04_07 Kiser Joshua
1911/1911_04_07 Rasnake John
1911/1911_04_07 Tyler G. "died at St. Paul last week"
1911/1911_04_21 Finney Lilburn 78 Confederate veteran
1911/1911_04_21 LaForce Mrs. Aaron "of Dumps Creek"
1911/1911_04_21 Meadows Alice "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Meadows"
1911/1911_04_21 Meadows Asa killed by train on 6/19/1908
1911/1911_04_21 Breeding "child of Will Breeding"
1911/1911_04_21 Duff "a child of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Duff"
1911/1911_05_05 Harrell J. B. "former Baptist minister in Lebanon"
1911/1911_05_05 Grizzle Elmer "murdered by Silas Owens"
1911/1911_05_05 Musick Walter "shot down at Matewan, W. Va."
1911/1911_05_05 Richardson C. C. 84 Confederate veteran
1911/1911_05_05 Castle A. Confederate veteran
1911/1911_05_19 Gibson Mrs. Flave "daughter of the late Minor and Betsy Honaker"
1911/1911_05_19 Kent "little child of Joe Kent, colored"
1911/1911_05_19 McFarlane Noah murdered by Richard Ball
1911/1911_05_26 McFarlane Lafayette murdered by Richard Ball
1911/1911_05_26 Bundy John G. Confederate veteran
1911/1911_05_26 Thomas Nancy 81 "maiden name was Hargis"
1911/1911_05_26 Aston Bill colored, murdered by Pellam Ratliff
1911/1911_05_26 Daugherty Sam "died at Eugene, Oregon", "son of James Daugherty"
1911/1911_06_02 Gobble Billie Hansonville
1911/1911_06_02 Carty J. C. "on Mod's Creek"
1911/1911_06_02 Musick E. F. died in Louisville, KY
1911/1911_06_02 Steele Draydon "son of Sparrell Steele"
1911/1911_06_09 Kiser 3 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Kiser"
1911/1911_07_14 Puckett Albert accidentally killed by son
1911/1911_07_14 Rogers J. W. Confederate veteran
1911/1911_07_14 Repass Fanny 70 or 80
1911/1911_07_21 Nash Fullen 18 "son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Nash"
1911/1911_07_21 Cumbow Sarah "wife of W. E. Cumbow and a daughter of G. W. Farmer"
1911/1911_07_21 Burke Sallie 80 "sister of H. W. Martin"
1911/1911_07_28 Williams C. C. murdered at St. Paul
1911/1911_07_28 Jones Mary E. 80 "wife of Thomas Jones"
1911/1911_07_28 Redwine B. B. 70 Confederate veteran
1911/1911_08_04 Smith J. H. died in Missouri
1911/1911_08_04 Smith Lowney "son of Tivis Smith"
1911/1911_08_11 Sykes Martha "daughter of Newbern Sykes"
1911/1911_08_11 Price Ross 31 or 32 suicide
1911/1911_08_11 Clark Robert C. "son of D. O. Clark"
1911/1911_08_11 Ferguson Ella 41 "maiden name was Lynch"
1911/1911_08_11 Scott H. H. "son of Jessee Scott"
1911/1911_08_11 Prophet Vina 98
1911/1911_08_18 Monk 11 months "child of Jeff Monk"
1911/1911_08_18 Mason Drewery about 68 Confederate veteran
1911/1911_08_18 Owens Mrs. L. D. R. "died six months ago"
1911/1911_09_15 Buttery Robert 14 "son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Buttery"
1911/1911_09_15 Taylor Floyd murdered by Jim Bingham
1911/1911_09_15 Price 31 suicide, son of Harve Price
1911/1911_09_22 Mason Drewery 73 Confederate veteran
1911/1911_09_29 Kiser Walter 21 "son of Elihue Kiser"
1911/1911_10_13 Monk 4 "son of Sol Monk"
1911/1911_10_13 Alderson Mrs. W. E.
1911/1911_11_17 Meade J. Harvey 85
1911/1911_11_17 Johnson Mrs. Sam "daughter of George Williams"
1911/1911_11_17 Clapp Clarence D. 26 killed by train
1911/1911_12_08 Kaylor Opie "at Mendota"
1911/1911_12_08 Whitt Ruth 78 "widow of John Whitt, and a sister of A. Daugherty"
1911/1911_12_08 Presley Taze 66
1912/1912_01_12 Hurt Isaac "in Buchanan county", Confederate soldier
1912/1912_01_12 Burns Dorothy 6 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Burns"
1912/1912_01_12 Campbell Joel R. about 75 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_01_12 Gose Ellen C. 76
1912/1912_01_12 Counts James "near Carterton"
1912/1912_01_12 Dye Thomas "old soldier", "near Honaker"
1912/1912_01_19 Ashbrook "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Ashbrook"
1912/1912_01_19 Barrett Margaret E. 74 "wife of Thos. G. Barrett", "daughter of Thomas J. and Jane Smith"
1912/1912_01_19 Gilmer Lafayette 77 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_01_26 Banner David Kent 66 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_01_26 Fogleman Mrs. Charlie "was before her marriage a Miss Slate"
1912/1912_01_26 Johnson Levi Confederate veteran
1912/1912_02_02 Kiser 3 months "infant of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Kiser"
1912/1912_02_09 Snodgrass Martha "before her marriage Miss Martha Henritze"
1912/1912_02_16 Counts Mrs. J. B. R. "daughter of Creed Barton"
1912/1912_02_16 Hunt Thomas J. killed by train
1912/1912_02_16 Wyatt C. C.
1912/1912_02_16 Boyd Martha 81 "relic of C. D. Boyd"
1912/1912_02_16 Harris Barbara "sister of T. J. Harris"
1912/1912_02_23 Browning Mrs. John P.
1912/1912_02_23 McCloud Barney "son of the late John McCloud"
1912/1912_02_23 Jessee "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jessee"
1912/1912_02_23 Byington Roada "at Mason's Store"
1912/1912_02_23 Jones William about 21 "a non resident"
1912/1912_02_23 Dorton Marion 80 "in the Copper Creek district"
1912/1912_02_23 Boyd Press "brother in law of Mrs. Martha Boyd"
1912/1912_02_23 Thomas Lula 4 "of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Thomas"
1912/1912_02_23 Meade M. D. killed by train, "son of Vince Meade"
1912/1912_03_08 Ferguson Benjamine 64 "at Belfast Mills"
1912/1912_03_08 Fogleman Mrs. Henry 81 "in the Loop"
1912/1912_03_08 Sutherland Joe "killed at Russell last week", killed by Clint Chafin
1912/1912_03_08 Brown Thomp
1912/1912_03_08 Markham Paul killed in mines
1912/1912_03_08 Markham Roy killed in mines
1912/1912_03_15 Williams Margarrett at Castlewood
1912/1912_03_15 Hamilton Mrs. H. H. at Mendota
1912/1912_03_15 Whitaker "Miss Whitaker, who died in Knoxville"
1912/1912_03_15 Harmon "little boy of Will Harmon"
1912/1912_03_15 Lockhart Wilburn 96 died in Buchanan County
1912/1912_03_15 Thomas Lula 13
1912/1912_03_15 Fields Garland "died in Fairland, Illinois"
1912/1912_03_29 Price James died in jail in Richmond
1912/1912_03_29 Gales Paul 13 drowned
1912/1912_03_29 Carroll Edward 13 drowned
1912/1912_04_05 Candler Archer Jessie 78 hit by train in Texas
1912/1912_04_05 Puckett Harvey Confederate veteran
1912/1912_04_05 Brown Jane about 70 died in fire
1912/1912_04_05 Johnson [Charles Washington]
1912/1912_04_12 Hess Graham "little son of Jonas Hess"
1912/1912_04_12 Gilbert Cinthia "wife of William Gilbert"
1912/1912_04_12 Hammon Mrs. Arthur "daughter of S. J. and Bethany Kiser"
1912/1912_04_12 Rose Mrs. Andy "north of Hansonville"
1912/1912_04_12 Helton Johnson 17 "son of Ike Helton"
1912/1912_05_03 Anderson G. W. Confederate veteran
1912/1912_05_03 Mutter James Oscar 69 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_05_03 Johnson Charles W. 71 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_05_03 Wilson Vince murdered by Joshua Patrick
1912/1912_05_10 Combs James M. about 52
1912/1912_05_20 Sutherland Eunice Belle 26 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sutherland"
1912/1912_05_31 Fraley Margaret 86 "daughter of William Ramsey"
1912/1912_05_31 Addison Jack "son of Billy Addison"
1912/1912_06_07 Sawyers Nannie
1912/1912_06_07 Dingus John L. at St. Paul
1912/1912_06_14 Lockhart John 74 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_06_21 Sproles Spurge murdered by "Leftwich"
1912/1912_06_21 Alexander Mrs. John D.
1912/1912_06_28 Cartwright Mrs.
1912/1912_06_28 Broyles Mrs.
1912/1912_06_28 Lockhart John C.
1912/1912_07_12 Williams Jonah
1912/1912_07_26 Hargis George 10 "southeast of Lebanon"
1912/1912_08_16 Hess Henry over 50
1912/1912_08_23 Reynolds Sam about 40 "nephew of J. W. Bausell"
1912/1912_09_06 Sutherland Douglas
1912/1912_09_06 Haden Ed murdered by William Griffith
1912/1912_09_13 Price Elizabeth "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Price"
1912/1912_09_13 Counts James Monroe 73 Confederate veteran
1912/1912_09_20 Puckett 8 months "child of the widow Harve Puckett"
1912/1912_09_20 Ketron Fanny "extremely old age"
1912/1912_10_04 Breeding Mrs. John "in New Garden"
1912/1912_10_18 Osborne Cary "a Castlewood young man"
1912/1912_10_18 Seacatt Carlyle
1912/1912_10_18 Branson William J. Confederate veteran
1912/1912_10_18 Jessee "child was burned to death on Dumps Creek"
1912/1912_11_29 Johnson Fred 9 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Challie Johnson"
1912/1912_11_29 Dye Abe
1912/1912_11_29 Unknown "One Armed Negro Shot Dead"
1912/1912_11_29 Unknown three murdered in shootout
1912/1912_11_29 Puckett Mrs. John W. "three miles northwest of Lebanon"
1912/1912_11_29 McCloud Mrs. Landy
1912/1912_12_06 Mays Woodrow Wilson 1 month "son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mays"
1912/1912_12_06 Cox Phillip murdered by step-son
1912/1912_12_20 Kelly Charlie murdered by wife
1912/1912_12_20 Howard John Banner 9 "son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Howard"
1912/1912_12_20 Thomas Mrs. William
1912/1912_12_20 Emory Ben
1913/1913_01_03 Gilbert Frances Elizabeth 13
1913/1913_01_03 Stinson Arch 67
1913/1913_01_03 Buckles Ada Pauline 3
1913/1913_01_03 Wilson Clara 2 "died last month"
1913/1913_01_03 Roy Harve
1913/1913_01_10 Hendricks Rebecca Gilmer
1913/1913_01_10 Hart Isaac 67 "on Weavers Creek"
1913/1913_01_10 Combs Rachel 82 "sister of the late W. J. Combs"
1913/1913_01_10 Steele Emily 16 died after being accidentally shot
1913/1913_01_10 Coleman Wesley "an aged colored man"
1913/1913_01_10 Duff S. A. "died at his home in Bluefield"
1913/1913_01_24 Skeen Roy died in Illinois, "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Skeen"
1913/1913_01_24 Tignor Mrs. Sam
1913/1913_01_24 Dickenson Thomas 82
1913/1913_01_24 Wyatt 6 month "child of Thomas Wyatt"
1913/1913_02_07 Whitt Dr. W. H. died near Abingdon
1913/1913_02_14 Fields Franklin 81 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_02_14 Taylor Smith "another old soldier"
1913/1913_02_14 Hicks G. W. pauper
1913/1913_03_07 Clark Polly Daugherty 75 "Mrs. D. O. Clark"
1913/1913_03_14 Stevens baby died in fire on Dumps Creek
1913/1913_03_14 Statzer Ed "son of the late Thomas Statzer"
1913/1913_03_14 Stump "little child of Ed Stump"
1913/1913_03_14 Davis Jennie 75
1913/1913_03_14 Stump Mrs. Elbert died of pneumonia in South Honaker
1913/1913_03_21 Campbell Carl suicide
1913/1913_03_21 Skeen "son of Will Skeen", accidentally shot
1913/1913_03_21 Ferguson Jackson 67 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_03_21 Bush Sylvester Confederate veteran
1913/1913_03_21 Sullivan Samuel P. died in Dickenson County
1913/1913_03_21 Hess "from Elk Garden"
1913/1913_03_28 Williams murdered near Dante
1913/1913_03_28 Fugate H. Confederate veteran
1913/1913_04_04 Amburgey Daisy 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Amburgey"
1913/1913_04_04 Gray C. C.
1913/1913_04_11 Baker Louise "Near Tumbez"
1913/1913_04_11 Fugate Mrs. Thomas "near Russell Old Court House"
1913/1913_04_11 Rush Lona Davis
1913/1913_04_11 Skeene Will
1913/1913_04_18 Hendricks Charlie 86 colored, "died at Barnett"
1913/1913_04_25 Kendrick J. B. 76 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_05_23 Candler Arch killed by train
1913/1913_05_23 Alexander Mrs. Dave
1913/1913_05_23 Steffey Linzy
1913/1913_05_23 Self Wilson V. close to 70
1913/1913_05_23 Archer Mrs. Mat
1913/1913_05_23 Brown pauper
1913/1913_05_30 Farmer J. Wesley "near Hansonville"
1913/1913_05_30 Fletcher Mrs. Loranzy 75 "in Lower New Garden"
1913/1913_05_30 Bostic Burke 11 accidentally shot himself
1913/1913_06_06 Stuart Sandy 45 suicide
1913/1913_06_06 Ferguson Mrs. Jackson
1913/1913_06_13 Owens Mary 38 killed by train
1913/1913_06_13 Owens Willie 17 killed by train
1913/1913_06_13 Lasley 1 "child of Taylor Lasley"
1913/1913_06_27 Asbury Kirk
1913/1913_07_04 Brown Mrs. Easter 60
1913/1913_07_04 Baker Cowan "of Moccasin"
1913/1913_07_04 Smith Bert son of "Mr. and Mrs. Taze Smith"
1913/1913_07_11 Wilson Frank murdered by Wilson Ray
1913/1913_07_11 Cook "infant of Ellen Cook"
1913/1913_07_18 Fugate John C. 72 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_07_18 Johnson Thomas 22 killed by lightning
1913/1913_07_18 Brown James "pauper"
1913/1913_07_18 Honaker Carlyle "son of Mr. and Mrs. Easterly Honaker"
1913/1913_07_18 Campbell Stella 18
1913/1913_07_25 Fields William 69 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_07_25 Porter Marion about 75 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_07_25 Combs S. F. 64 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_07_25 Hartsock Ida 46 died at Coeburn
1913/1913_08_08 Price James G. 78 "of the Loop"
1913/1913_08_15 Howard Lizzie 71 "wife of J. T. Howard"
1913/1913_08_15 Presley Mrs. Taze 62 typhoid fever
1913/1913_08_15 Campbell Jane
1913/1913_08_15 Thompson 6 month "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Thompson"
1913/1913_08_22 Scott Hannah "daughter of Peter Henritze"
1913/1913_08_22 Smith Bert son of "Mr. and Mrs. Taze Smith"
1913/1913_09_05 Price Mrs. Tom died in Washington County
1913/1913_09_05 Sneed "Dave Sneed's child"
1913/1913_09_12 Fine John A. 53
1913/1913_09_12 Gray Hop
1913/1913_09_12 James Jessie killed by husband
1913/1913_09_12 Gent 1 "child of Harve Gent"
1913/1913_09_12 Scarberry Polly pauper
1913/1913_09_12 Bostic Jim
1913/1913_09_19 Carrell Sally colored
1913/1913_09_19 Robinson Andy 60 "Near Tumbez"
1913/1913_09_19 McFarlane Davey B. Confederate veteran
1913/1913_10_10 Wright Nancy D. 84 "daughter of the late Thomas P. Hale"
1913/1913_10_10 Gose Nancy "widow of Aaron Gose"
1913/1913_10_10 M Noah "Another Russell Soldier Drops Out of Ranks"
1913/1913_10_10 Hayter W. F. died in Washington County
1913/1913_10_17 Sutherland Jessee 83
1913/1913_10_17 Kiser "little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kiser"
1913/1913_10_17 Vermillion B. F. 75 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_10_17 Brown Aaron 64
1913/1913_10_17 Francisco Mrs. B. F. "of Bolton"
1913/1913_10_17 Aston Emily
1913/1913_11_07 Johnson William "east of Lebanon"
1913/1913_11_07 Kernan T. Pat "son of Doctor T. D. Kernan"
1913/1913_11_07 Cumbow Nannie about 24 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Press Cumbow"
1913/1913_11_14 Feltz Mrs. Harrison
1913/1913_11_14 Ramsey Castory
1913/1913_11_14 Francisco Margaret C. 70 or 80 "daughter of Harvey and Cynthia Campbell"
1913/1913_11_14 Kiser Nathaniel 56 "son of Rev. Andrew Kiser"
1913/1913_11_21 Ford "infant son of Doctor and Mrs. Ford"
1913/1913_11_21 Hanson Mrs. William D. "daughter of Charles Gilmer", died in Kentucky
1913/1913_11_21 Wyatt Johnson about 75 Confederate veteran
1913/1913_11_28 Strouth "Two children of Patton Strouth"
1913/1913_11_28 Thomas Virginia "wife of Crock Thomas", died in Oklahoma
1913/1913_11_28 Honaker Easterly about 50
1913/1913_11_28 Jessee "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Jessee"
1913/1913_11_28 Garrett "mother of Full and Pat Garrett"
1913/1913_11_28 Fuller 4 "daughter of B. Fuller"
1913/1913_12_05 Cunningham "infant child of C. T. Cunningham"
1913/1913_12_05 Newman "infant of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Newman"
1913/1913_12_12 Sample J. C. died at Columbia, SC
1913/1913_12_12 Jessee Haybourn
1913/1913_12_19 Meade Mrs. Elihu "daughter of Milton Davis"
1913/1913_12_19 Amburgey C. C. murdered in 1909
1913/1913_12_19 Johnson Vince 12 "son of the widow Joseph Johnson"
1913/1913_12_19 Hornby Della murdered by John Annas
1914/1914_05_01 Duncan Frank 44 of Swords Creek
1914/1914_06_19 Seacatt Florence Gibson 51 "Mrs. James B. Seacatt"
1914/1914_06_19 Sykes Newbern 84 Confederate veteran
1914/1914_07_03 Ayers W. A. Judge
1914/1914_07_03 Stump Tol suicide
1914/1914_07_03 Aston Hubbard 65 colored
1914/1914_08_06 Smith H. C. died in Missouri
1914/1914_08_06 Harless Ira
1914/1914_09_04 Johnson Mrs. Dick "near Hansonville"
1914/1914_10_09 Gose George H. 79
1914/1914_11_20 Ray Ira 87 "New Garden"
1914/1914_11_20 Shoemaker Reynolds died in Florida
1914/1914_12_04 Martin Mrs. Charles about 30 formerly Campbell
1915/1915_01_01 Evans accidentally shot himself
1915/1915_01_01 Johnson Rose "daugther of Richard Johnson"
1915/1915_01_01 Skeen Joe Confederate veteran
1915/1915_01_01 Jessee Beverly Bertis 1 month son of "Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Jessee"
1915/1915_01_01 Ray Robert "near Nashes Ford"
1915/1915_01_01 Combs Fred about 22 shot by M. S. Zimms
1915/1915_01_01 Hurt Pauline "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hurt"
1915/1915_02_05 Gibson S. W. 89 Confederate veteran
1915/1915_02_05 Harrison "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Harrison"
1915/1915_03_12 Gilmer Mrs. W. C.
1915/1915_03_12 Gilmer James died in Illinois
1915/1915_03_12 Howard Hampton died in Illinois, "son of William Howard"
1915/1915_03_12 Bartee James 79 or 80 Confederate veteran
1915/1915_03_12 Lasley Polly 92 "on Moccasin"
1915/1915_03_12 Herandon Hobart 17 "of Bolton"
1915/1915_03_26 Buckles S. H.
1915/1915_03_26 Taylor Harve "near Stumptown"
1915/1915_03_26 Stinson George L. "north of Lebanon"
1915/1915_04_02 Gray Elizabeth "sister of Mr. James Martin"
1915/1915_04_02 Easterly Sallie 83
1915/1915_04_02 Todd Elihue 65 "in the Corner"
1915/1915_04_02 Ayers Willie Shoemaker "only child of Mrs. Elizabeth Shoemaker"
1915/1915_04_09 Gilmer Caroline V. 83 "daughter of Henry Dickenson"
1915/1915_05_21 Alexander Zolly 29 "married to Elbert Alexander"
1915/1915_05_21 Vermillion Nancy 79 "Before her marriage she was Miss Nancy Arington"
1915/1915_05_21 Burke W. W. "nephew of Harvey W. Martin"
1915/1915_05_21 Fulton Mrs. Robert Hansonville
1915/1915_05_21 Fulton infant child of Mrs. Robert Fulton
1915/1915_06_18 Roberson Louisa died in Kentucky
1915/1915_06_18 Roberson Adam Gernade died in Kentucky
1915/1915_07_02 Father of Mrs. Martin Phelps
1915/1915_07_23 Smith Sam colored
1915/1915_07_30 Holmes W. A. "in the Loop"
1915/1915_07_30 Vermillion Emmett died in Illinois
1915/1915_07_30 Stoots "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stoots"
1915/1915_08_06 Hargis John 63 colored, "near Barnett"
1915/1915_08_06 Powers Bella Herandon "on Moccasin"
1915/1915_10_15 Jessee James 44 died in Tacoma, VA
1915/1915_10_22 Lamb Phineas 83 died in Indiana
1915/1915_11_05 Ashbrook Jack 21 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ashbrook"
1916/1916_01_14 Chase Charles murdered by Kanah Boyd
1916/1916_01_14 Saunders Ed murdered at St. Paul by Albert James
1916/1916_01_14 Compton "young son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Compton"
1916/1916_01_14 Salyer Jonas killed by tree
1916/1916_01_28 Grizzle Polly about 74
1916/1916_01_28 Kiser Joe
1916/1916_01_28 Carico 16 "daughter of Mrs. Weldon Carico"
1916/1916_01_28 Martin H. W.
1916/1916_01_28 Hale Drayton S. died in Scott County
1916/1916_02_04 Grimsley William Morgan 25
1916/1916_02_04 Grigsbly Hattie Lee 21 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gibson"
1916/1916_02_11 Gilmer Rachel A. 66 "married to A. P. Gilmer"
1916/1916_02_11 Miller Mrs. E. D.
1916/1916_02_11 Smith Able 74 Confederate veteran
1916/1916_02_11 Wilson Sam around 78 Confederate veteran
1916/1916_02_11 Jessee Mrs. William L. 76 "sister of Rev. Robert Cross"
1916/1916_02_11 Jessee Elizabeth P.
1916/1916_02_11 Combs "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Combs"
1916/1916_02_11 Ellis R. W. 25 killed by train
1916/1916_02_11 Connor 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Connor"
1916/1916_02_18 Steele John W. died in Texas
1916/1916_02_18 Feltz Harrison 46
1916/1916_02_18 Sidell Grace Jessee "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Jessee"
1916/1916_02_25 Owens "little daughter of Ed Owens"
1916/1916_02_25 Yates Hiram 55 "near Honaker"
1916/1916_02_25 Mitchell Mrs. Tobe burned to death with child
1916/1916_02_25 Mitchell child of Mrs. Tobe Mitchell
1916/1916_02_25 Sproles Solomon 79 died at Mendota
1916/1916_02_25 Helbert Barney 18 "son of Mr. and Mrs. William Helbert"
1916/1916_02_25 Mutter Mrs. Thomas Belfast Mills
1916/1916_03_03 Craig A. R. died at St. Paul
1916/1916_03_03 Hubble 3 "daughter of Earnest Hubble"
1916/1916_03_03 Parks Will "on Lower Moccasin"
1916/1916_03_03 Fields Charles B. 75 Confederate veteran
1916/1916_03_24 Fields "infant son of Marcell Fields"
1916/1916_03_24 Barton Harve
1916/1916_03_24 Barton Charles "meeting death on the Cowan farm north of Lebanon several years ago when a tree fell on him"
1916/1916_03_24 Barton Rufus "killed at Carterton by a freight train"
1916/1916_03_24 Ball John murdered by Denton and Delathy Price
1916/1916_03_24 Wallace James 47 died "near Wexpool"
1916/1916_04_07 Cumbow Billy 85 "on Moccasin"
1916/1916_04_07 Gilmer Mrs. W. E.
1916/1916_04_14 Smith T. M. 75 killed by train
1916/1916_04_14 Alexander R. P. 76 Confederate veteran
1916/1916_04_14 Amburgey W. H. 76
1916/1916_04_21 Fields Cummings Confederate veteran
1916/1916_04_21 Bays Lafayette L. "son of James and Mary Bays"
1916/1916_04_21 Watson Mrs. Leece 40
1916/1916_04_21 Dotson Alley "daughter of James Wise"
1916/1916_04_28 Albert Charles Belfast Mills
1916/1916_04_28 Ireson Mrs. Robert V. "before marriage was a Miss Gibson"
1916/1916_04_28 Albert Kate "formerly Miss Kate Gilmer"
1916/1916_04_28 Fields Mrs. Charles old age
1916/1916_05_05 Cumbow Mrs. William 78 "daughter of the late Wesley Dorton"
1916/1916_05_05 Scott W. M. died in Smyth County
1916/1916_05_26 Gilmer son of Mrs. A. H. Gilmer
1916/1916_05_26 Easterly J. E. C. died in Tennessee
1916/1916_06_09 Davis Robert L.
1916/1916_06_16 Tate Nancy Kate 19
1916/1916_07_07 Davis John E. about 40 accidentally shot himself
1916/1916_07_07 Hardwick Mary 70 "near Rockdell"
1916/1916_07_07 Hess Orb murdered near Honaker
1916/1916_07_07 Combs Nicey Osborne 80 "daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Smith Osborne"
1916/1916_07_28 Robinson Tom
1916/1916_07_28 Dye Wes
1916/1916_07_28 Hess Bell
1916/1916_07_28 Lovell Nannie "Before marriage she was a Miss Puckett"
1916/1916_08_04 Ketron Henry 26 "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ketron"
1916/1916_08_04 Parr James 5 "son of Mr. and Mrs. James Parr"
1916/1916_08_04 Shoemaker Ellen "widow of Squire J. H. Shoemaker"
1916/1916_08_04 Albert C. A.
1916/1916_08_04 Cunningham Will colored
1916/1916_08_04 Call Eliza
1916/1916_08_11 Clark George 16 car accident, "son of Mrs. R. C. Clark"
1916/1916_08_11 Gilmer James Page 73 Confederate veteran
1916/1916_08_11 Combs Jim
1916/1916_08_11 Dye Nettie "coroners inquest"
1916/1916_08_11 Kiser A. L. died at Coeburn
1916/1916_08_18 Dickenson Mrs. Noah "Prior to her marriage she was a Miss Jessee, daughter of the late E. K. Jessee"
1916/1916_08_18 Whitt Will murdered in NC, "son of Z. N. Whitt"
1916/1916_08_24 Fugate Nathan E. 66 "lower Castlewood"
1916/1916_08_24 Puckett Mrs. George "at St. Paul"
1916/1916_09_15 McCloud Mrs. Pat "in Lebanon"
1916/1916_09_15 Tate Mrs. J. M. 86 "widow of the late James Tate"
1916/1916_09_22 Dickenson Martha E. 65 "nee Logan, wife of W. P. Dickenson"
1916/1916_09_22 Miller Henry Confederate veteran
1916/1916_09_22 Gray Charlie died in WV
1916/1916_09_29 Gibson Guy 16 "son of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Gibson"
1916/1916_09_29 Smith Taze
1916/1916_09_29 Johnson "son of George Johnson", accidentally shot himself
1916/1916_10_20 Bays W. W. about 75 died in NC
1916/1916_10_27 Combs Nicey Ann Osborne "married to Joseph Mickmacklin Combs"
1916/1916_11_24 Dickenson W. B. brother of J. B. Dickenson
1916/1916_11_24 Briggs infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George Briggs
1916/1916_11_24 Crabtree Mrs. William 89 "north of Finney"
1916/1916_11_24 Fleming Grace Robinson 26 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Robinson"
1916/1916_11_24 Price Elizabeth F. 76 "nee Fullen"
1916/1916_11_24 Viers Henderson died in Dickenson County
1916/1916_12_08 Helton 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Helton"
1916/1916_12_08 Hanson William David 69 died in KY
1916/1916_12_08 Fain Caroline Virginia 74 "widow the late General John Fain"
1916/1916_12_22 Jennings Mary Alderson 31 married to J. L. Jennings
1916/1916_12_22 Jessee wife of E. P. Jessee
1917/1917_08_03 Hurt Benjamin I. 23 son of "Mr. and Mrs. John Hurt"
1917/1917_08_03 Honaker Mrs. Patton "near Finney"
1917/1917_08_03 Woodward George 57 "postmaster at Wilder"
1917/1917_08_03 Alderson "R. Alderson's wife"
1917/1917_08_03 Alderson "R. Alderson's daughter, pauper"
1917/1917_08_03 Gose "Walter Gose's child"
1917/1917_08_03 Mooney Mary
1917/1917_10_26 Stickley James 75 Confederate veteran, "at Mendota"
1917/1917_10_26 McCloud Julina about 76 "in the Corner"
1917/1917_11_02 Fuller Emily 84 "sister of William and Ira Fuller"
1917/1917_11_09 Patrick 12 killed by train
1917/1917_11_16 Dickenson William Thomas Brown 64 "son of Jas. H. and Nancy G. Dickenson"
1917/1917_11_16 Dorton about 4 "little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dorton"
1917/1917_11_23 Gose Ira F. 44 died in Utah, "son of Cowan Gose"
1917/1917_11_23 Smith Polly 84 "mother of J. Bone Smith"
1917/1917_11_23 Barnett "wife of Morgan Barnett"
1917/1917_11_23 Barnett Morgan
1917/1917_11_23 Gilbert William pauper, "brother of Doc Gilbert"
1917/1917_11_23 Dickenson Robert H. "neighborhood of 80"
1918/1918_02_15 Hamilton Margaret
1918/1918_02_15 Johnson killed by husband, Charles Johnson
1918/1918_02_15 Hess Orbe murdered by Dick Harris
1918/1918_02_15 House Mrs. George "Before her marriage she was a Mrs. Leonard"
1918/1918_02_15 Dye Pryer 84 Confederate veteran
1918/1918_03_01 Campbell mother of John Campbell
1918/1918_03_08 Powers Harvey 76 or 78
1918/1918_03_08 Powers Calvin 76 or 78
1918/1918_03_15 Meade Samuel A. about 25 "son of Floyd G. Meade"
1918/1918_03_15 Combs Fielding Confederate veteran
1918/1918_03_15 Meade Fielding Confederate veteran
1918/1918_03_29 Alderson Bickley killed by train
1918/1918_03_29 Stevens Jay 28 killed by train
1918/1918_04_12 Bailey George W. 81 died in Kentucky
1918/1918_04_12 Taylor Mrs. pauper
1918/1918_04_19 Bartee William Henry 18 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bartee"
1918/1918_04_19 Meade J. M. 78 Confederate veteran
1918/1918_04_19 Dotson Auston "of South Clinchfield"
1918/1918_05_24 Thurman Alice died in Roanoke
1918/1918_05_24 Puckett 3 months child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Puckett
1918/1918_05_31 Bostic J. W. "near Mason's Store"
1918/1918_06_14 Dickenson Mike 55 colored
1918/1918_06_14 Whetsell Eliza 75 died in Kentucky
1918/1918_06_21 Banner Mrs. W. L.
1918/1918_06_21 Hensdill Robert Mitchell 29 "son of James H. and Jane Hensdill"
1918/1918_06_21 Honaker Zed killed in WWI
1918/1918_06_28 Gilmer George Cowan 71 Confederate veteran
1918/1918_06_28 Gray Charles colored
1918/1918_07_05 Cooper Henry 14 "son of Nathan M. and Mary Ellen Cooper"
1918/1918_07_05 Sutherland Samuel died in Dickenson County
1918/1918_07_05 Hale Russell 47 son of Wilburn Hale
1918/1918_07_12 Addison Nannie about 20 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Addison"
1918/1918_07_12 Johnson son of Jacob Johnson, died in WWI
1918/1918_08_09 Fields Anthony died in WWI
1918/1918_09_06 Barger Mary
1918/1918_09_13 Lemons Martha "at Belfast Mills"
1918/1918_09_13 Reynolds Millie "on Moccasin"
1918/1918_09_13 Gilbert "infant son of Sam Gilbert"
1918/1918_09_20 Monk 2 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Monk"
1918/1918_09_20 Garrett Dewey 19 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Boss Garrett"
1918/1918_09_27 Campbell W. W. 61 "five miles west of Lebanon"
1918/1918_09_27 Farmer Davy killed in WWI, "son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Farmer"
1918/1918_09_27 Meade Houston Lee killed in WWI
1918/1918_09_27 Robinson Lawrence H. killed in WWI, "son of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Robinson"
1918/1918_09_27 Thomas Whitley Confederate veteran
1918/1918_09_27 Ellington infant of "Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Ellington"
1918/1918_11_15 McCloud Hazel 6 "daughter of Aut McCloud"
1918/1918_11_15 McCloud mother of Hazel McCloud
1918/1918_11_15 Osborne James E. died in WWI
1918/1918_11_15 Starnes Jadie died in WWI
1918/1918_11_15 Perkins James M. died in WWI
1918/1918_11_15 Kiser Hobson "son of the widow J. F. Kiser"
1918/1918_11_15 Shook "baby daughter of Rev. Tom Shook"
1918/1918_11_15 Laforce "little orphan girl of Mr. and Mrs. Carle Laforce"
1918/1918_11_15 Breeding George "son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Breeding"
1918/1918_11_22 Buckles Thomas 23
1918/1918_11_22 Albert James E. killed in WWI
1918/1918_11_22 Johnson Hattie "formerly Miss Hattie Jessee"
1918/1918_11_22 Amburgey A. A. 76
1918/1918_11_22 Whitt Carl 23 "son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Whitt"
1918/1918_11_29 Breeding Frances daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Breeding
1918/1918_11_29 Breeding Hazel daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Breeding
1918/1918_11_29 Kegley Harry 19 "son of Charles Kegley"
1918/1918_11_29 Meade Thomas B. killed in WWI
1918/1918_11_29 Fayett Sexton killed in WWI
1918/1918_11_29 Shell Mrs. Sam "at Cleveland"
1918/1918_12_06 Sutherland Thurman L. son of "Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Sutherland"
1918/1918_12_06 Sutherland Edgar killed in WWI, "son of the late H. W. Sutherland"
1918/1918_12_06 Chafin Dennis killed in WWI
1918/1918_12_06 Compton James E. killed in mines
1918/1918_12_06 McCall George C. 28
1918/1918_12_13 Wyatt S. H. 72 Confederate veteran
1918/1918_12_13 Salyer Pierce killed in WWI
1918/1918_12_13 Williams John killed in WWI
1918/1918_12_20 Sword Arthur killed in WWI
1918/1918_12_20 Dye Louise 86
1918/1918_12_20 Counts Grady 27
1919/1919_01_03 Aistrop Nannie "daughter of the late I. B. Fickle"
1919/1919_01_03 Kendrick John D. about 28 "son of T. J. Kendrick"
1919/1919_01_03 Tate "little daughter of Bro. Henry Tate, near Stuart's Chapel"
1919/1919_01_03 Rasnick James J. killed in WWI
1919/1919_01_10 Owens Fern "daughter of L. D. R. Owens"
1919/1919_01_10 Hendricks Roy killed in WWI
1919/1919_01_10 Sandoe Margaret 81 "daughter of Captain Samuel Leece"
1919/1919_01_10 Bostic W. D.
1919/1919_01_10 McCoy S. D. killed in WWI
1919/1919_01_10 Alexander James killed in WWI
1919/1919_01_10 Romans A. R. killed by train
1919/1919_01_17 Monk "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Monk"
1919/1919_01_17 Ireson "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Ireson"
1919/1919_01_17 Skeene William 75 "in the Castlewood district"
1919/1919_01_17 Barr Mrs. "Copper Creek"
1919/1919_01_17 Sexton Mrs. George
1919/1919_01_17 Murcer Wint "on Gravel Lick"
1919/1919_01_17 Warner Ollie May 28 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aleck Carpenter"
1919/1919_01_17 Carpenter Jay 15 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Carpenter"
1919/1919_01_17 Warner 3 months child of Mr. and Mrs. James Warner
1919/1919_01_17 Howard Anthony pauper
1919/1919_01_17 Campbell 5 or 6 daughter "of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Campbell"
1919/1919_01_24 Todd Lacy B. 27 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Todd"
1919/1919_01_24 Stevens son of Oliver Stevens
1919/1919_01_24 Stevens 58 wife of Oliver Stevens
1919/1919_01_24 Jackson John Herbert 22 "son of Charles W. and Susana Jackson"
1919/1919_01_24 Campbell 4 son of "Mr. and Mrs. Walter Campbell"
1919/1919_01_24 Taylor Mrs. Jones "before marriage a Miss Breeding"
1919/1919_01_24 Breeding "five deaths in the Breeding family in the last few weeks"
1919/1919_01_24 Bausell Grace 18 died in Texas
1919/1919_01_24 Puckett Leahr seventy-odd died in Abingdon
1919/1919_01_24 Jones "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones"
1919/1919_01_24 Burns 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Burns"
1919/1919_01_24 Mercer son of Wint Mercer
1919/1919_01_31 Johnson Mrs. Sam "before her marriage a Miss Rinor"
1919/1919_01_31 Starry Luttie Towe died in Oklahoma
1919/1919_01_31 Davis 7 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Davis"
1919/1919_01_31 Mercer "eldest son of Went Mercer"
1919/1919_01_31 Musick Mrs. Tolbert 29
1919/1919_01_31 Hess Abner 40 "near Swords Creek"
1919/1919_01_31 Hughes 9 months "child of Charlie Hughes"
1919/1919_01_31 Dixon 3 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Dixon"
1919/1919_02_07 Jones Mrs. Frank "cause of death was childbirth, and the infant, just born, died also"
1919/1919_02_07 Innes Henry W. killed in WWI
1919/1919_02_07 Thomas Jefferson D.
1919/1919_02_07 Salyer James 13 "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Salyer"
1919/1919_02_07 Dickenson Mrs. Nathan E. "at Coeburn"
1919/1919_02_14 Alderson Willie Steele
1919/1919_02_14 McReynolds Mrs. J. D. "at St. Paul"
1919/1919_02_14 Luster George killed in WWI
1919/1919_02_21 Clark H. J. Clark "reports the death of his mother, three sisters and his wife with influenza"
1919/1919_02_21 Wallace Mrs. Thomas "daughter of Noah Jessee"
1919/1919_02_21 Lester Grover killed in WWI
1919/1919_02_28 Jessee Mrs. William
1919/1919_02_28 Jessee William killed in mines
1919/1919_02_28 Todd Mrs. J. M.
1919/1919_02_28 Cunningham Lige 80
1919/1919_02_28 Caudle Mrs. Ed "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. clark"
1919/1919_02_28 Henderson John B. killed in WWI
1919/1919_02_28 Boyd Claude C. 26 "father Rev. J. L. Boyd"
1919/1919_03_07 Baldwin W. W. "of Honaker"
1919/1919_03_07 Puckett daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Puckett"
1919/1919_03_07 Compton Will killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_07 Ball killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_07 Honaker Elbert killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_21 Salyer Walter G. killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_21 Martin 7 "child of Will Martin, colored"
1919/1919_03_28 Bays Mrs. H. W. died in South Carolina
1919/1919_03_28 Nipper John killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_28 Quamley Lou colored, pauper
1919/1919_03_28 Rasnake Della J. killed in WWI
1919/1919_03_28 Hess Charles killed in WWI
1919/1919_04_11 Baker Joseph 80 murdered by grandson
1919/1919_04_11 Baker John "stabbed to death"
1919/1919_04_11 Baker Bill "shot by a man by the name of Minton"
1919/1919_04_11 Baker Nathaniel "shot by his son, Bob Baker"
1919/1919_04_18 Gray Mrs. G. W. J. 71 "daughter of Mr. Samuel W. Aston"
1919/1919_04_18 Kiser A. J. 65 "at Hazel"
1919/1919_04_18 Banner William N. near 68 "in the Castlewood district"
1919/1919_04_18 Kendricks Catherine "at Honaker"
1919/1919_05_02 Clapp Luther H. 79 Confederate veteran
1919/1919_05_09 Taylor 14 months daughter "of Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor"
1919/1919_05_09 Breeding Mrs. Joseph "at Artrip"
1919/1919_05_09 Dickenson Robert Boyd died in Kansas
1919/1919_05_09 Salyer W. H. died in Scott County
1919/1919_05_16 Gilmer Franklin Pierce 61 married to Miss Rebecca Browning
1919/1919_05_16 Robinson Will killed in WWI
1919/1919_06_06 Gray Arch died in Missouri, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Gray"
1919/1919_06_06 Fuller Abram 89 Confederate veteran
1919/1919_06_27 Boyd John L. 80 Confederate veteran
1919/1919_07_11 Newman J. E. died in Colorado
1919/1919_08_08 Fuller Jeff "son of Noah Fuller"
1919/1919_08_08 Wallace mother of Tommy Wallace
1919/1919_08_08 Wallace Tommy
1919/1919_08_08 Dishman Cosby 50 "wife of Smith Dishman"
1919/1919_09_12 Vencill Shack Confederate veteran
1919/1919_09_12 Boyd Samuel Jerry 44 "a few miles east of Lebanon"
1919/1919_09_19 Kitchen John W. 82 Confederate veteran
1919/1919_10_10 Ross Kib 81 colored
1919/1919_10_17 King Leonard about 21
1919/1919_10_17 Hess "two children of Ellis Hess over at Drill"
1919/1919_11_14 Hunt Robert died in Ohio
1919/1919_11_14 Fletcher James "in New Garden"
1919/1919_11_14 Mays Trula Glenn 14 months daughter of "of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mays"
1919/1919_11_21 Nash Fullen H. "north east of Lebanon"
1919/1919_11_21 Higgins George 40 colored, died in car accident
1919/1919_11_21 Watts George 35 colored, died in car accident
1919/1919_11_21 Lash Alex 32 colored, died in car accident
1919/1919_11_28 Ferguson Mariah colored
1919/1919_11_28 Repass J. W. died in Texas
1919/1919_12_19 Rasnake Elizabeth 79
1919/1919_12_19 Todd Elizabeth J. 86 "widow of the late James C. Todd"
1919/1919_12_19 Alderson Mary "widow of the late Dr. J. D. Alderson"
1919/1919_12_19 Honaker Martha E. about 78 "widow of the late Harve Honaker"
1920/1920_01_23 Riddle "Capt. Riddle"
1920/1920_01_23 Amburgey Eva 96 "daughter of Peter Kelly"
1920/1920_01_23 Vencill J. H. died in Washington County
1920/1920_02_28 Stinson Martha 89 "widow of the late William Stinson"
1920/1920_02_28 Garrett Laura 53 "wife of Boss Garrett"
1920/1920_02_28 Fields Bertha "Mrs. Albert Fields", "daughter of Mr. John R. Harrison"
1920/1920_02_28 Cumbow Mrs. James 57 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baugh"
1920/1920_02_28 Honaker Mrs. Eb "near Honaker"
1920/1920_02_28 Cook Edward 22
1920/1920_02_28 Cumbow D. Paul "son of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cumbow"
1920/1920_02_28 Jessee Martin C. 81 Confederate veteran
1920/1920_02_28 Puckett Fred M. 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Puckett"
1920/1920_02_28 Vencill Mrs. Robert V. about 35 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ratcliff"
1920/1920_02_28 Alexander husband of "Mrs. H. D. Alexander"
1920/1920_02_28 Kiser Fayreen Virginia 17 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kiser"
1920/1920_03_26 Steele Nancy Jane Sykes 76 "married to Frances Steele"
1920/1920_03_26 Browning Mrs. P. "daughter of Harve and Lucy White", died in Seattle, Washington
1920/1920_03_26 Cross Ethel 14 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cross"
1920/1920_03_26 Lampkins George "of the Copper Creek district"
1920/1920_06_18 Seacatt George W. 73 Confederate veteran
1920/1920_07_09 Romans Mrs. James 60 odd
1920/1920_07_09 Seacatt Josephine R. 76
1920/1920_07_09 Candler James J. 76 died in Oklahoma
1920/1920_07_09 Powers Mack
1920/1920_09_03 Morrison Rachel 69 "at Hansonville"
1920/1920_11_18 Fields Billy 7 "son of Walter Fields"
1920/1920_11_18 Beavers J. M. "better known in Russell as J. M. Hankins"
1920/1920_11_18 Ball Alden murdered by W. M. Tackett
1920/1920_11_26 Bausell Bernice 9 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Bausell", died in New Mexico
1920/1920_11_26 Saddler murdered by Greear Meade
1920/1920_11_26 Taylor Mrs. John
1920/1920_12_24 Campbell G. W. "now deceased"
1920/1920_12_24 Helton James T.
1920/1920_12_24 Thomas Remley 76 Confederate veteran
1920/1920_12_24 Litton Edna
1920/1920_12_24 Strength Hester Anna "nee Jessee"
1920/1920_12_24 Jackson Roosevelt 17 killed by train
1921/1921_02_18 Hartsock Julia 47 "widow of the late Henry Hartsock"
1921/1921_02_18 Hutton Alson
1921/1921_02_18 Vanover Maude about 25 "daughter of Ira Hanover"
1921/1921_02_18 Owens Sarilda
1921/1921_02_25 Ireson Robert V. near 60 "in Castlewood"
1921/1921_02_25 Glenn "infant child of Else Glenn"
1921/1921_02_25 Mutter Laura "Belfast Mills"
1921/1921_03_04 Buckles George died in Kansas
1921/1921_03_04 Ball Alden murdered by Will Tackett "early last fall"
1921/1921_03_04 Carter 2 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Carter"
1921/1921_03_17 Craig Bussey Lillian "Before marriage...was Miss Lillian Bickley"
1921/1921_03_17 Comer Mrs. John "near Cleveland"
1921/1921_04_08 Warf Mattie 24 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Warf"
1921/1921_04_15 Sykes Albert about 19 murdered by McKinley and Auburn Evans
1921/1921_04_15 Meade Mrs. J. J. "near Carterton"
1921/1921_04_15 Kiser Eliza 64 "maiden was Miss Eliza Couch"
1921/1921_04_29 Williams Isabelle Edgar Watts 67 "daughter of James W. and Mary F. Oney"
1921/1921_04_29 Robins 14 "daughter of Mrs. Robins"
1921/1921_05_06 Hendricks Fanny 60 colored
1921/1921_05_06 Sutherland W. H. 81 Confederate veteran
1921/1921_05_13 Kiser Shaler about 20 at Hazel
1921/1921_05_13 Collins Rhoda pauper
1921/1921_05_13 Garrett Mrs. Alexander "at Bascom"
1921/1921_05_20 Yates Mrs. Albert "was a Miss Shepard"
1921/1921_05_20 Lynch Harrison "son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lynch", died in Oklahoma
1921/1921_05_27 Bays Hezekiah 80 "at Rock Hill, S. C."
1921/1921_05_27 Addington D. P. murdered by Bob Harman
1921/1921_05_27 Johnson Pearl 10 "daughter of Abraham Johnson"
1921/1921_05_27 Hagy Mary Ann 83 at Belfast Mills
1921/1921_05_27 Fields Jake died in Texas
1921/1921_05_27 Meade J. H. about 69 "of Honaker"
1921/1921_05_27 Marsh Scott 22 "son of D. H. Marsh"
1921/1921_06_24 Sullivan James 30 killed in mines
1921/1921_06_24 Brannon Hugh L. 34 killed in mines
1921/1921_06_24 Eaton Arthur 8 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Reese Eaton"
1921/1921_06_24 Purcell Mrs. Joseph "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis"
1921/1921_06_24 Finney Burns died in Kentucky
1921/1921_06_24 Parrott Mrs. W. O. 26
1921/1921_07_01 Johnson Catherine Williams 79 "daughter of Andrew and Nancy Williams"
1921/1921_07_08 Fletcher Thomas Confederate veteran
1921/1921_07_08 Price Mrs. Glenn 27
1921/1921_07_08 Jackson Eli 84 Confederate veteran
1921/1921_07_08 Banner L. L. "dies at Castlewood"
1921/1921_07_08 Lynch Harrison G. R. "son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Lynch", died in Oklahoma
1921/1921_07_15 Steele Dicie Ann 21 "daughter of Mrs. Robt. L. Steele"
1921/1921_07_29 Hawkins Rachel T. 80 "maiden name being Rachel Campbell"
1921/1921_07_29 Price Mrs. Andy about 50 "died in Abingdon"
1921/1921_08_05 Thompson James "dies in Elk Garden"
1921/1921_08_05 Parks Alice close 29 "nee Miss Shoemaker, daughter of…George Shoemaker"
1921/1921_08_05 Hillman William R. 56 "born in Kentucky"
1921/1921_08_12 Jessee J. Henry died at "Corryton, Tenn"
1921/1921_08_12 Statzer Cleveland 74 "at Bolton"
1921/1921_08_19 Fuller Tabitha E. 80 "wife of the late Jessee B. Fuller"
1921/1921_08_19 Burns Ann 83 "wife of the late H. G. Burns"
1921/1921_08_19 Warner Thomas about 70 "south of Lebanon"
1921/1921_08_26 Buttery Mrs. Robert A.
1921/1921_08_26 Johnson Mrs. C. W. "before marriage was a Miss White, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Balford White"
1921/1921_08_26 Hanson Gladys "formerly Miss Gladys Matthews"
1921/1921_09_09 Fugate James R. about 45 "son of the late Nathan E. Fugate"
1921/1921_09_09 Jessee Sallie 89 "widow of Standford Jessee"
1921/1921_09_09 Ratcliff Henry seventy-odd "in the Belfast Mills neighborhood"
1921/1921_09_09 Thompson Emory F. 73 "near Honaker"
1921/1921_09_30 Routh Henry A.
1921/1921_09_30 Hendricks Caroline 86 "was married to the late Aaron Hendricks"
1921/1921_09_30 Fugate James R.
1921/1921_09_30 Breeding Elijah funerals will be preached
1921/1921_09_30 Breeding B. funerals will be preached
1921/1921_09_30 Breeding Rosa funerals will be preached
1921/1921_09_30 Taylor Bettie funerals will be preached
1921/1921_10_14 Monk George "of the Corner"
1921/1921_10_14 Gilbert, jr. George body found, died "more than five years ago"
1921/1921_10_14 Sutherland Sam died in New Mexico
1921/1921_10_21 Hubbard Rachel 81 "wife of Rev. Joseph R. Hubbard"
1921/1921_10_28 Meade Charlie "Tub" "in lower Castlewood"
1921/1921_10_28 Snapp William D. 92 died in Tennessee
1921/1921_10_28 Snapp Mrs. William D. 90 died in Tennessee, "sister of Captain V. Jessee"
1921/1921_10_28 Litton Virginia 3 "on Copper Creek"
1921/1921_11_11 Sutherland Rufus murdered by Claude Rasnake
1921/1921_11_11 Fogleman Mrs. George "was a Miss Puckett before marriage"
1921/1921_11_18 Fields Walter killed in mines
1921/1921_11_18 Fields son of Walter Fields, accidentally shot "about two years ago"
1921/1921_11_18 Alderson Mrs. T. M. "dies at Wise"
1921/1921_11_18 McCloud 18 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. George McCloud"
1921/1921_11_18 Hendricks Thomas A. 40
1921/1921_11_18 McGlothlin Leonard murdered by Roy Belcher
1921/1921_11_25 Gilbert Dock died at the county poor farm
1921/1921_12_02 Fields Billy Wilburn 2 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Fields"
1921/1921_12_02 Hubbard Rachel 9 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard"
1921/1921_12_02 Presley Jackson 83 "at Coulwood"
1921/1921_12_02 Jackson Ross "son of Al Jackson", died in Washington state
1921/1921_12_02 Wall 2 "child of Charlie Wall"
1921/1921_12_02 Warner Thomas burial expenses
1921/1921_12_02 White George burial expenses
1921/1921_12_16 Robinson Mrs. Roy colored, "daughter of Aunt Em Cowan"
1922/1922_02_17 Culbertson "aunt of Mrs. E. M. Wolfe"
1922/1922_02_17 Culbertson husband of above, "died...about two years ago"
1922/1922_02_17 Monk "small child of Jeff Monk"
1922/1922_03_17 Price Alvin 67 "dies in Lebanon"
1922/1922_03_31 Steele Thomas J. 75 died in Mendota
1922/1922_03_31 Jessee W. L. 84 Confederate veteran
1922/1922_03_31 Mays Mrs. W. N.
1922/1922_03_31 Ratcliff Mrs. Henry "was a Miss White before marriage"
1922/1922_03_31 Powers Robert, Jr. 5 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Powers"
1922/1922_04_14 Steele Nellie Ferguson 35 "wife of Charlie R. Steele"
1922/1922_04_14 Garrett Charlie
1922/1922_04_14 Porter Robert at Mason Stone
1922/1922_04_14 White Sarah 49 "before her marriage was a Miss Sarah Hagy"
1922/1922_04_14 Stoots Richard F. "of Honaker"
1922/1922_04_14 Stoots Richard F., Jr. 39
1922/1922_04_21 Butterworth W. W. 66 "at Wilder"
1922/1922_04_21 Hall Jack pauper
1922/1922_04_21 Griffith "Will Griffith's child"
1922/1922_04_21 Steele Elizabeth "was a Miss Dickenson"
1922/1922_04_21 Wilburn Sam "at St. Paul"
1922/1922_05_05 Fletcher Mrs. Howard 46 "was a Miss Gent"
1922/1922_05_05 Fogleman killed by son, George Fogleman
1922/1922_05_12 Gilmer Margaret 15 "daughter of Mr. W. E. Gilmer"
1922/1922_05_12 Bundy Stephen J. 73 "west of Lebanon"
1922/1922_05_12 Skeens Clifton 16 "son of Mr. H. W. Skeens"
1922/1922_05_12 Fullen Charlie colored, "at Barnett"
1922/1922_05_12 Helton Ralph Edward 3 "son of Roy Helton"
1922/1922_05_26 Jessee A. J. 83 Confederate veteran
1922/1922_05_26 Honaker Roy 17 "son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Honaker"
1922/1922_05_26 Scabbery Wilson pauper
1922/1922_05_26 Sword Michael 70 "in the Loop"
1923/1923_02_23 Ferguson Mrs. T. B. 39 "daughter of Thomas and Mary J. Lynch"
1923/1923_02_23 Lowe James
1923/1923_02_23 Gilbert Beatrice "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Smith"
1923/1923_02_23 Slaughter Z. N. 69 "of Honaker"
1923/1923_02_23 Martin Milburn "near Bolton"
1923/1923_02_23 Gibson 20 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Gibson"
1923/1923_05_18 Meade Paul "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Meade"
1923/1923_05_18 Whetsell Caroline "a few miles north of Lebanon"
1923/1923_05_18 Anderson Charles killed by Abner Sutherland
1923/1923_05_18 Sutherland Mrs. Edward "of Carbo"
1923/1923_07_06 Keith James William 1 year "son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Keith"
1923/1923_07_13 Clark Mrs. J. P. "near Swords Creek"
1923/1923_07_13 Stevens Will
1923/1923_08_03 Breeding Henderson 82 Confederate veteran
1923/1923_08_03 Addison Henry 79 Confederate veteran
1923/1923_08_03 Mullins Burlie Couch 36 "of Castlewood"
1923/1923_08_03 Harmon Joe "at Tazewell"
1923/1923_08_03 Lamboni Mrs. Jas. "in Wilder"
1923/1923_08_03 Wilson William 95 Confederate veteran
1923/1923_08_03 Hurt A. F. Confederate veteran
1923/1923_08_10 Combs Colbert 74 "north of Finney"
1923/1923_08_10 Fields Mrs. Walter
1923/1923_08_10 Wolfe John M. pauper
1923/1923_08_17 Hendricks Robert B. 86 Confederate veteran
1923/1923_08_17 Clark William 64
1923/1923_08_17 Milton son and brother of "Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Milton and family"
1923/1923_08_24 Ward James 45 "near Wilder"
1923/1923_08_24 McCloud Paul murdered in South Dakota, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick McCloud"
1923/1923_08_24 Hicks 11 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hicks"
1923/1923_08_24 Rader Marian 20 died in Tennessee
1923/1923_08_31 Puckett Robert Perry 10 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Puckett"
1923/1923_09_28 Wooten Agee
1923/1923_09_28 Jessee Jack killed by train, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jessee"
1923/1923_10_26 Jessee Luther "son of Dave Jessee", killed in mines
1923/1923_10_26 Norman Mrs. John "was a Miss Martin before marriage"
1923/1923_10_26 Monk 19 months "child of Nathan Monk"
1923/1923_11_02 Finney Byard Early 23 "son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Garber"
1923/1923_11_02 Gray G. W. Confederate veteran
1923/1923_11_02 Willis George 18
1923/1923_11_09 Griffith Lavinie 89
1923/1923_11_09 Elliott Mary Jane 72
1923/1923_11_16 Miller Mrs. Burke "in Old Honaker"
1923/1923_11_30 Perkins Henry Stuart 35 "near Elk Garden"
1923/1923_11_30 Wolfe Moses 86 Confederate veteran
1923/1923_11_30 Golly Ralphel killed in mines
1923/1923_11_30 King John Confederate veteran
1923/1923_12_07 Maynard Thomas L. "near Honaker"
1923/1923_12_07 Jackson Mrs. Lon "of Honaker"
1923/1923_12_07 Brock accidentally killed while hunting
1923/1923_12_07 Dickenson Clint near 50 "of near Carterton"
1923/1923_12_07 Kiser Columbus about 40 accidentally killed in logging camp
1923/1923_12_07 Fields Mable 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Fields"
1923/1923_12_07 Boyd "in her teens" "daughter of Will Boyd"
1923/1923_12_14 Reynolds James murdered "last winter"
1923/1923_12_14 Laforce Warren W.
1923/1923_12_14 Campbell "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell"
1924/1924_01_04 Rasnake Sally 16 murdered by Homer Etter
1924/1924_01_04 Kestner Roosevelt killed in mines, "son of William Kestner"
1924/1924_01_04 Rasnake Jonas 67
1924/1924_01_04 Galloway Kate died in NC, "before marriage a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Harris"
1924/1924_01_04 Campbell Mrs. Bob "before marriage was a Miss Gray"
1924/1924_01_18 Dalton 7 months "baby of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Dalton"
1924/1924_01_18 Evans Mrs. A. K. past 80 "near Carterton"
1924/1924_01_18 Koriga Frank 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koriga"
1924/1924_01_18 Rose Dave pauper
1924/1924_01_25 infant found dead in well
1924/1924_01_25 Thomas Mrs. Remley 78 "a few miles east of Lebanon"
1924/1924_01_25 Thompson Cummings 91 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_01_25 Wells M. O. 73 "at Honaker"
1924/1924_02_01 Meade Arch 81 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_01 Yates Mrs. Joseph about 70 "in the Corner settlement"
1924/1924_02_01 Ball Patton 85 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_01 Combs Mrs. William near 80 "north of Finney"
1924/1924_02_08 Powers Charlie "near Bolton"
1924/1924_02_08 Counts Mrs. Earle "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Meade"
1924/1924_02_08 Ferguson Mrs. Elihue "in Lebanon"
1924/1924_02_08 Monk Leona 19
1924/1924_02_08 Whitt Alfred 82 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_08 Hagy Carson "Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hagy"
1924/1924_02_08 Powers Louisa 73 "wife of Henry Powers"
1924/1924_02_15 Dingus John killed at Dante
1924/1924_02_15 Culbertson Thomas 89 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_15 Robinson Mrs. Sam "adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Williams"
1924/1924_02_15 Mitchell Edna Williams 29 died in Chicago, IL
1924/1924_02_15 Kiser Nancy Williams 79 "at Hansonville"
1924/1924_02_15 Meade Mrs. Abe
1924/1924_02_22 Campbell Mrs. Harvey 62 "daughter of John A. Garrett"
1924/1924_02_22 Maples John Henry
1924/1924_02_22 Williams Joseph 86 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_22 Hubbard Jessee 90 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_02_22 Williams W. E. 69
1924/1924_02_29 Ratliff John "dies at Richland"
1924/1924_02_29 Arington Jessimarc 3 months "child of J. F. Arington"
1924/1924_02_29 Davis H. C. "Twenty years ago...H. C. Davis was killed by a Clinch Valley train"
1924/1924_02_29 Whitby "daughter of Everett Rasnake"
1924/1924_02_29 Jones Mrs. William 72 "east of Barnett"
1924/1924_02_29 Kiser Clovis King, jr. "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Kiser"
1924/1924_02_29 Hammond Sid B. sixty odd years "of Belfast Mills"
1924/1924_02_29 Johnson "before marriage a Miss Riley, daughter of T. J. Riley"
1924/1924_02_29 Kendrick Charity 84 "married to Rev. J. B. Kendricks"
1924/1924_02_29 Kiser Ocie C. near 41
1924/1924_02_29 Meade William Aston 57 "of Copper Creek"
1924/1924_03_07 McNulty Polly Anne 104 "at Swords Creek"
1924/1924_03_07 Wood Mrs. H. K. died in Indiana
1924/1924_03_07 Dickenson Mrs. R. W. 65 died in Richmond
1924/1924_03_14 Smith 2 child of Manuel Smith
1924/1924_03_14 Tate Jacob L. 31 "his father, W. E. Tate"
1924/1924_03_14 Guisser "twins...died recently"
1924/1924_03_14 Skeen Aaron "Postmaster at Carterton"
1924/1924_03_21 McFarlane Bracken Fugate 76 "at Collingwood"
1924/1924_03_21 Hillard 2 months "baby of Will Hillard, colored"
1924/1924_03_21 Greear H. Clinton 35 "at St. Paul"
1924/1924_03_21 Sutherland Isabelle Victoria 70 "father, Noah Counts"
1924/1924_03_21 Richardson 2 "child of Joe Richardson"
1924/1924_03_21 Sneed Robert L. "on the outskirts of Lebanon"
1924/1924_03_28 Riley about 4 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Riley
1924/1924_03_28 Carty Mollie "near the Russell Old Court House"
1924/1924_03_28 Jessee Thula "being a Miss Dickenson before her marriage"
1924/1924_04_04 Bausell Joseph about 60 "on Moccasin"
1924/1924_04_04 Taylor Mrs. Frank
1924/1924_04_04 Castle Mrs. Lee "on Copper Ridge"
1924/1924_04_11 Sutherland Landy killed by Otis Powers
1924/1924_04_18 Williams "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Williams"
1924/1924_05_02 Fletcher Hiram Howard 49 "at his home in Clifton"
1924/1924_05_02 Ashbrook Newton J. 64 "died at Mullens, W. Va."
1924/1924_05_02 Rasnake "autopsy on Miss Rasnake"
1924/1924_05_02 Harmon James "casket"
1924/1924_05_02 Puckett John Wesley Confederate veteran
1924/1924_05_02 Baker Beverly 52 "on lower Moccasin"
1924/1924_05_09 Cross Russell 21 "west of Bolton"
1924/1924_05_09 Nickels Walter 30 odd suicide
1924/1924_05_09 Rasnake Robert
1924/1924_05_09 Shelton Barbara "widow of the late Cheedam Shelton"
1924/1924_05_09 Wolfe Mattie up in 70 years "joins her husband Uncle Mose Wolfe"
1924/1924_05_16 Mutter Fletcher 82 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_05_23 Duff Samuel A. 77 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_05_23 Horn William, jr. 2 "of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Horn"
1924/1924_06_06 Fugate Robert Boyd 83 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_06_06 Hendricks Andy colored, "son of Chas. Hendricks"
1924/1924_06_06 Jessee John 85 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_06_13 Honaker Henry Minor 18 "son of R. C. E. and Mollie Honaker"
1924/1924_06_13 Maxwell Drucilla "coffin and clothing"
1924/1924_06_27 Boyd Jonathan 67
1924/1924_06_27 Clark Charles E. "native of Pulaski"
1924/1924_06_27 Munsey Isaac R. "Resolutions of Respect"
1924/1924_06_27 Ball Mrs. Lilburn "north of Honaker"
1924/1924_06_27 Lambert Junior about 6 son of Mr. W. M. Lambert
1924/1924_06_27 Ellington Mrs. Sam "in Dante"
1924/1924_07_04 Honaker Ferd "alias, Bill Wilson", killed by officers
1924/1924_07_11 Reynolds Sarah 80 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Reynolds"
1924/1924_07_11 Holland Dale "coffin"
1924/1924_07_11 Owens L. "coffin"
1924/1924_07_11 Comann Dave H. 69 "Rev."
1924/1924_07_18 Keith Beatrice 3 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keith"
1924/1924_07_18 Mutter Johnson died in Ohio
1924/1924_07_25 McNeer about 15 drowned
1924/1924_07_25 Browning A. P. 82 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_07_25 Whetsell J. T. died in Texas
1924/1924_07_25 Compton Garfield suicide
1924/1924_07_25 Banner Ellen "at St. Paul"
1924/1924_07_25 Campbell V. M. 81 Confederate veteran
1924/1924_08_01 Gibson Harriet L. 91
1924/1924_08_08 Ellington Ouida B.
1924/1924_08_08 Dean Mrs.
1924/1924_08_29 Price John R. about 50 died at Norton
1924/1924_08_29 Hawkins George W. 71 "west of Lebanon"
1924/1924_08_29 Musick R. C. 40 "son of the late Rev. Leck Musick"
1924/1924_08_29 Clay 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clay"
1924/1924_08_29 Kennedy J. B. car accident
1924/1924_09_19 Cassell Simon 78 "in Wilder"
1924/1924_09_19 Gose Mrs. S. C.
1924/1924_09_26 Warsham Robert 73 "vicinity of Barnett"
1924/1924_10_03 Miller Dan suicide
1924/1924_10_03 Hoge B. Lacy "died in West Virginia"
1924/1924_10_17 Fugate Mrs. Robert B. 78 "daughter of James H. and Henrietta Jett Wood"
1924/1924_10_17 Wolfe Martha at Hazel
1924/1924_10_24 Taylor Lee 24 car accident
1924/1924_10_24 Wells Mary J. 71 "wife of the late 'Squire M. O. Wells"
1924/1924_11_28 Graham Arch T. 73
1924/1924_11_28 Garrett Caroline 78 died in fire
1924/1924_11_28 Fugate Thomas D. car accident
1924/1924_12_05 White W. E. 68 died in Ohio
1924/1924_12_05 Couch J. "Card of Thanks"
1924/1924_12_05 Sword Richard "in Elk Garden"
1925/1925_01_02 Musser W. H. 76 died in Abingdon
1925/1925_01_02 Garrett John A. 83 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_01_02 House George W. 85 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_01_02 Garrett Lula "Mrs. Lula E. Fogleman Garrett"
1925/1925_01_02 Shomaker Lizzie 54
1925/1925_01_02 Smith "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Smith"
1925/1925_01_02 Vicars Thelma Jane "formerly Miss Thelma Jane Dotson"
1925/1925_01_02 Hurt Mrs. A. F. died at Norton
1925/1925_01_16 Keel Henry
1925/1925_01_16 Vance Mrs. James 35
1925/1925_01_16 Easterly Shannon
1925/1925_01_16 Arms Theo "of Lewis Creek"
1925/1925_01_16 Hargis 2 died in Texas
1925/1925_01_16 Wilson Samuel 83 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_01_23 Stevens Oliver
1925/1925_01_23 Hurt Elizabeth 80 "widow of the late I. D. Hurt"
1925/1925_01_23 Couch "infant daughter of sheriff Couch"
1925/1925_01_23 Groseclose Mrs. Joseph L. 77 died in Wythe County
1925/1925_01_23 Hearon Mrs. D. S. died in Richmond
1925/1925_01_30 Fugate Elizabeth 83 "married to Jerry Fugate in 1867"
1925/1925_01_30 Meade W. T. died in mines
1925/1925_02_06 Sample L. W. on Big A Mountain
1925/1925_02_06 Harding Henry Dickenson 67 "of Hansonville"
1925/1925_02_06 Castle Silas 102 "western part of Russell"
1925/1925_02_06 Wyatt Aaron 61 "near Bolton"
1925/1925_02_13 Fuller Ira R. 90 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_02_13 Flannagan Haskens 1 "son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Flannagan"
1925/1925_02_20 Robinson Will
1925/1925_02_20 Steele Frances 105 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_02_20 Ray Floyd 55 suicide
1925/1925_02_20 Vicars Viola
1925/1925_02_20 Robins Frank 17 "one mile north of Lebanon"
1925/1925_02_27 Ashbrook "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Ashbrook"
1925/1925_02_27 Stevens Florence Fogleman "of Barnett"
1925/1925_02_27 Booth Betty 70 killed by train, "widow of Alf Booth"
1925/1925_02_27 Buck E. C. 73 "a minister of the Christian Church"
1925/1925_02_27 Phillipps Henry 84 "in lower Castlewood"
1925/1925_02_27 Bush Mrs. George 84 "on Castlerun"
1925/1925_03_06 Dickenson Will R. "son of Henry Dickenson"
1925/1925_03_06 Gibson Tyler 83 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_03_06 Yates Sara Comer 45 "near Cleveland"
1925/1925_03_20 Mason Mrs. Robert 75
1925/1925_03_20 Dorton Frankie "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dorton"
1925/1925_03_20 Hanner M. P.
1925/1925_03_20 Aston A. A. 66
1925/1925_03_20 Willis Milly 68 "on Copper Creek"
1925/1925_03_20 Gose W. C. 65 "in lower Castlewood"
1925/1925_03_27 Taylor M. W. "died in St. Paul"
1925/1925_03_27 Powers J. T. Confederate veteran
1925/1925_03_27 Cole Lee about 50 Colored, killed in mine
1925/1925_04_03 Cumbow Charles
1925/1925_04_03 Steele wife of John M. Steele
1925/1925_04_03 Seacatt James B.
1925/1925_04_03 Alderson Elizabeth Bickley "wife of George Alderson"
1925/1925_04_03 Amos Pauline 3 "at South Clinchfield"
1925/1925_04_10 Purcell Mattie Catherine 69 "daughter of the late Wesley and Jane Gibson"
1925/1925_04_10 Speer J. Pat
1925/1925_04_10 Osborne Carl about 30 shot by sheriff of Scott county
1925/1925_04_10 Nash F. G.
1925/1925_04_17 Summers Mrs. Robert "near Mendota"
1925/1925_04_17 Osborne Walter about 32 "son of Samuel Osborne"
1925/1925_04_17 Wilkenson E. M. about 64 "well known and prominent physician"
1925/1925_04_17 Kelly Jos. L. Judge, accidentally shot
1925/1925_04_24 Wolfe J. Ezra about 25 car accident
1925/1925_04_24 Garrett Minnie "widow of the late John A. Garrett"
1925/1925_05_01 Martin Marion 35 tuberculosis, "son of the late Milburn Martin"
1925/1925_05_08 Salyer Manuel murdered by Claude Fugate "some two years ago"
1925/1925_05_08 Simerly Tim "of Wilder"
1925/1925_05_08 Kiser Dolphus "of Carrie"
1925/1925_05_15 Dickenson Sallie 89 died in California
1925/1925_05_15 Hess Mrs. Henry "burial clothes"
1925/1925_05_22 Finney Sallie Price 75 "married to Wm. Finney"
1925/1925_05_22 Hartsock N. B. 81 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_05_22 Williams Betsey 100
1925/1925_05_22 Blizard Mary 82 "wife of John Blizard"
1925/1925_05_22 Meade Mrs. Bent 25 "daughter of L. E. Morison"
1925/1925_05_22 Musick 11 "son of Asa Musick"
1925/1925_05_29 Robins "casket for Robins boy"
1925/1925_06_12 Ferguson Mabel 8 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ferguson"
1925/1925_06_12 Gilmer Isa Vermillion 66 "daughter of B. F. and M. C. Vermillion"
1925/1925_07_10 Turner J. Kemper 51 died in Roanoke, car accident
1925/1925_07_10 Laforce Elijah near 82 "near Carterton"
1925/1925_07_17 Puckett S. J. "Bud" killed by lightning
1925/1925_07_17 Fuller Harriet 60 "sister of Mrs. D. K. Banner"
1925/1925_07_17 Gilmer George "a mile east of Lebanon"
1925/1925_07_17 Alley G. W. died in Indiana
1925/1925_07_24 Seacatt Charles C. 73
1925/1925_07_24 Smyth Ann 14 months daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Smyth"
1925/1925_07_24 Meade Robert Clark more than 74
1925/1925_07_24 Ervin J. D. about 70
1925/1925_07_24 Johnson Henderson 80 "at Swords Creek"
1925/1925_07_31 Lambert Will about 25 died in mines
1925/1925_07_31 Lambert son of Will Lambert, "killed his small son by the accidental discharge of a revolver"
1925/1925_08_07 Harris Earl car accident
1925/1925_08_07 Herron Miles Paul 26 died in California
1925/1925_08_07 Mothena L. A. 65 "ten miles west of Lebanon
1925/1925_08_14 Brown Pauline 5 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown"
1925/1925_08_21 Fields Mrs. Floyd "southeast of Lebanon"
1925/1925_08_21 Harman George W. 70 "one mile east of Lebanon"
1925/1925_08_21 Williams Bob 35 killed in Kentucky by falling tree limb
1925/1925_08_21 Frazier Mrs. George 85 died in Illinois, "soster of John and Frank Hanson"
1925/1925_08_28 Fields Jennett past 50 "widow of the late Hugh Fields"
1925/1925_08_28 Smith Albert 70 killed by car
1925/1925_09_18 Gilmer Grace Fugate 21 "parents Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Fugate"
1925/1925_09_25 Powers Samuel died in Wise county
1925/1925_09_25 Burk "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Burk"
1925/1925_09_25 Dingus 18 months "child of Mrs. Dingus, of Jenkins, Ky."
1925/1925_09_25 Addison Cris died in Ohio
1925/1925_10_02 Ball Anna Elizabeth 77
1925/1925_10_02 Banner Mary about 80 "widow of the late W. N. Banner"
1925/1925_10_09 Lynch Minnie died in Oklahoma, "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lynch"
1925/1925_10_09 Runions Monnie "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Boyd"
1925/1925_10_09 Fletcher John 65 "in Lower New Garden"
1925/1925_10_09 Powers 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Powers"
1925/1925_10_16 McNeer Elizabeth 74 "daughter of the late Capt. John Hunter"
1925/1925_10_16 Candler Martha Kiser 83 "daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Elihue Kiser"
1925/1925_10_16 Powers Lyman T. 21 "son of Mr. and Mrs. William Powers"
1925/1925_10_16 Shell John 84 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_10_23 Albert Josephine 67
1925/1925_10_23 Puckett Mrs. George "of Wilder"
1925/1925_10_30 Hendricks Mrs. R. B. "daughter of Fullen H. Hendricks"
1925/1925_10_30 Price Mrs. Marion "formerly Miss Lucy Williams"
1925/1925_10_30 Addington Ruth 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Addington"
1925/1925_10_30 Clark D. Oscar 93 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_11_06 Younce Mary 12 "daughter of Eli Younce"
1925/1925_11_06 Finney Elbert Sevier 67 son of "Lilburn and Melissa Finney"
1925/1925_11_06 Alderson Belle "was Miss Belle Smith, daughter of John Smith"
1925/1925_11_06 Musick Dorothy Colleen "small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jack Musick, of Lynchburg"
1925/1925_11_13 Chapman Paul 9 son of "Mr. and Mrs. Sam Chapman"
1925/1925_11_20 Fields John A. 85 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_11_20 Kiser Jefferson 83 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_11_20 Baldwin Noah Lee 81 Confederate veteran
1925/1925_11_20 Puckett Samuel Jessee
1925/1925_11_27 Reedy Lillian 7 daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reedy"
1925/1925_11_27 Milgram John 45 "two miles west of Lebanon"
1925/1925_11_27 Quisenberry W. Y. "years ago pastor of the Lebanon Baptist Church"
1925/1925_12_04 Stinson Maggie 17 daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Stinson"
1925/1925_12_04 Pannell John about 30 murdered by wife at Dante
1925/1925_12_11 Bailey Hazel Virginia 23 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bailey"
1925/1925_12_18 O'quin Wiloby "in Elizabethton, Tenn."
1925/1925_12_18 Laforce Silby "at the home of her son, Aaron Laforce"
1926/1926_01_08 Turner S. Willard "at Hamlin"
1926/1926_01_08 Aistrop Lon
1926/1926_01_08 Fleenor Mrs. Henson "at Mendota"
1926/1926_01_08 Baker Charlie "of Fugate's Hill"
1926/1926_01_08 Skeene Calvin 17 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Elihue Skeene"
1926/1926_01_08 Gray Fannie Fields 69 died in Oklahoma
1926/1926_01_15 King Walter
1926/1926_01_29 Sutherland Mahala 93 "at Carbo", "was Miss Mahala Kiser"
1926/1926_01_29 Dickenson Mrs. Henry 75 "near Hansonville"
1926/1926_01_29 Baldwin Elizabeth J. 80 "formerly Miss Elizabeth J. Goodman"
1926/1926_01_29 Baker "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Utah Baker"
1926/1926_01_29 Alexander Nancy 94 "widow of Price Alexander...was a Miss Garrett before marriage"
1926/1926_01_29 Gray Elizabeth "was Miss Elizabeth Gose, daughter of Aaron Gose"
1926/1926_02_05 Ring Mrs. R. W. about 30 "was a Miss Litton, daughter of Robert Litton"
1926/1926_02_05 Lynch Mary Reynolds about 65 "daughter of the late Barnett Reynolds"
1926/1926_02_05 Gilmer J. Axley 75 "at Bristol"
1926/1926_02_12 Thomas Mrs. Abe "was a Miss Vermillion, daughter of Isaac Vermillion"
1926/1926_02_19 Burton William 67 "of Lower Copper Creek"
1926/1926_02_26 Dickenson W. H. "known as "fiddling Henry"
1926/1926_02_26 Obenchain Carrie "sister of Mrs. N. S. Dickenson"
1926/1926_03_05 Byington wife of "John Byington", Castlewood
1926/1926_03_12 Rainero Anthony Lodge resolution
1926/1926_03_12 Harris Tom died in Cuba, son of "Mr. and Mrs. John Harris"
1926/1926_03_19 McLemore Mrs. Jessee About 55 Suicide, formerly "Miss Barrett”
1926/1926_03_19 Leonard David 34 "son of the late David Leonard and Mrs. Leonard"
1926/1926_03_19 Riner Charlie 66
1926/1926_03_19 McFaddin Mrs. N. E. 64
1926/1926_03_19 Lockhart George 9 “son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lockhart"
1926/1926_03_19 Fraley Margaret About 80 "widow of Tom Fraley"
1926/1926_04_02 Jessee George W. 75 died in Farmville, TX
1926/1926_04_02 Sutherland 3 daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. Walker Sutherland"
1926/1926_04_02 Sutherland "little daughter of Mrs. Sutherland's or near Carbo"
1926/1926_04_16 Fraley Mrs. W. J. 62 "was Miss Mattie Holmes"
1926/1926_04_16 Puckett Frank "three miles north of Lebanon"
1926/1926_04_23 Hoback Nancy "One brother, Mart Jessee, survives"
1926/1926_04_23 Wallace Charles W. 70 "of New Garden District"
1926/1926_04_23 Monk Mrs. Owen About 60
1926/1926_04_23 Harmon Ellen 73
1926/1926_04_23 Hawkins Gerald Thomas 2 "little son of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hawkins"
1926/1926_04_23 Hughes 13 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hughes"
1926/1926_04_23 Estep Mrs. Gay B. "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Monk", died in Oklahoma
1926/1926_04_30 Gilmer C. Haze About 84 Confederate veteran
1926/1926_04_30 Clark Paul 15 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Clark"
1926/1926_05_07 Dye Ellis 30 son of Aut Dye
1926/1926_05_07 Horton James T. 69
1926/1926_05_07 Childress Rebecca Jessee 89 wife of John H. Childress
1926/1926_05_14 Gibson Rebecca wife of "Eck Gibson"
1926/1926_05_21 Taylor Hugh 80
1926/1926_05_21 Jessee Cowan
1926/1926_05_28 Honaker Charlie A. died at Huntington, WV
1926/1926_06_04 Price William W.
1926/1926_06_11 Collins Lillian "not far from Hansonville"
1926/1926_06_18 Pilkerton Sam P. 30 auto accident in Kentucky
1926/1926_07_09 Sykes Rolland About 81 Confederate veteran
1926/1926_07_09 Robinson Finney Colored, died in Kentucky
1926/1926_07_16 Purcell Fred 9 son of "Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Purcell"
1926/1926_07_16 Browning Jessee 100 Confederate veteran
1926/1926_07_23 Hall John W. 49 "married to Mary Burke"
1926/1926_07_23 Gale Noah Castlewood, funeral "at the Brick church"
1926/1926_07_30 Price W. H. Doctor, died in Bristol
1926/1926_08_06 Smith J. Bone "on Sandy Ridge"
1926/1926_08_06 Ross 4 months "colored child of Alice Ross"
1926/1926_08_13 Gilmer Jimmie 1 "of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Gilmer"
1926/1926_08_13 Counts Mary Ann 66 "wife of J. J. Counts"
1926/1926_08_27 Martin Jane "widow of James Martin"
1926/1926_09_03 Williams Jim Cris suicide
1926/1926_09_10 McCloud Joe 44 hit by car
1926/1926_09_10 Bartee baby of "Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bartee"
1926/1926_09_10 Fletcher Stephen A. 52
1926/1926_09_10 Bundy Frank died in Bristol
1926/1926_09_10 Meade Mrs. Press "formerly a Miss Lasley"
1926/1926_09_17 Wysor William 78 "Elk Garden"
1926/1926_09_17 Wallace Vina About 66 killed by train
1926/1926_09_17 Robinson Mrs. Oscar 35 "near the Russell Old Courthouse"
1926/1926_09_24 Chafin triplet, died, "son of Mrs. George Chafin"
1926/1926_09_24 Chafin Jim "LOST – Pair glasses at the funeral and burial of Jim Chafin"
1926/1926_09_24 Combs John M. 90 Confederate veteran
1926/1926_09_24 Kelly Lizzie "estate of Lizzie Kelly, deceased (who has been dead four years"
1926/1926_09_24 Hurt Mrs. A. L. "around Honaker"
1926/1926_10_08 Buttery James S. Castlewood
1926/1926_10_08 Brown "small child of Scott Brown"
1926/1926_10_08 Williams Sarah E. 78
1926/1926_10_15 Fields Robert 17 "son of Rev. and Mrs. Marsh Fields"
1926/1926_10_15 Browning Martha Gilmer 84 "widow of Harvey Browning"
1926/1926_10_15 Kimberland Sally About 75 "sister to Martin Stoots...her first husband was William Branson and a few years ago she was married to Dave Kimberland"
1926/1926_10_22 Addison 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Addison"
1926/1926_11_05 Gibson June Cornelia 2 "daughter of Dan and Anna Gibson"
1926/1926_11_05 Kaylor Lillian Osborne "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Osborne"
1926/1926_11_12 Pruner H. Clay 82 died at Marion
1926/1926_11_12 Gilliam Walter died in mines
1926/1926_11_12 Campbell Kermit 12 "son and brother. J. H. Campbell and family"
1926/1926_11_12 Wallace Mrs. J. B. "was a Miss Gilbert"
1926/1926_11_12 Dickenson Cornelia Quarles 83 "daughter of Giles T. and Betsy F. Quarles"
1926/1926_11_19 Routh Mrs. H. A.
1926/1926_11_19 Hobbs Samuel W. between 65 and 70 "native of Nebraska"
1926/1926_12_03 Turner James M. 43 died in mines
1926/1926_12_03 Buckles Tom 38 "son of the late Charles Buckles"
1926/1926_12_03 McFall Mary "widow of William McFall"
1926/1926_12_10 Farmer about 2 months "of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Farmer"
1926/1926_12_10 Quillen Frances S. 72 "widow of the late Joseph A. Quillen...daughter of Solomon and Chloe Osborne"
1926/1926_12_10 Martin Sarah Jane 83 "married to James H. Martin"
1926/1926_12_10 Haire Mrs. William H. about 45 "in Honaker"
1926/1926_12_10 Compton Dave "Order of Publication"
1926/1926_12_17 Davis H. C. "near Honaker"
1926/1926_12_17 McCloud Joe hit by car
1926/1926_12_17 Kiser Alvin (Allen) hit by car
1927/1927_01_07 Russ G. W. about 50 accidental death
1927/1927_01_07 Lampkin 90 "widow of John Lampkin"
1927/1927_01_07 Jackson Cowan 76 "near Honaker"
1927/1927_01_07 Jennings Dell Hughes "Mrs. Cecil Jennings...daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes"
1927/1927_01_14 Ball Nancy Margaret 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ball"
1927/1927_01_14 Dickenson Mrs. T. T. "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Harris"
1927/1927_01_14 Ferguson Aaron Alexander 69 "son of Anthony McNight Ferguson"
1927/1927_01_14 Long R. A. killed by train
1927/1927_01_28 Bostic Mahala J. 86 "married to Charles J. Bostic"
1927/1927_01_28 Davis W. J. about 50 killed by train
1927/1927_01_28 Gent Marjorie Ruth 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gent"
1927/1927_01_28 Vencill John 90 "citizen of Belfast Mills"
1927/1927_01_28 Brown "Julius Brown, colored, who shot and killed his wife"
1927/1927_02_05 Jessee John A. 64 died in Missouri
1927/1927_02_12 Gilmer Thomas A. 60 fell from window
1927/1927_02_12 Stair Margaret Osborne 89 "daughter of Solmon and Elizabeth Smith Osborne"
1927/1927_02_12 Dickenson Cosby Lillian Harris 62 "daughter of Martin Luther Harris and Mary Emily Alley Harris"
1927/1927_02_12 Hare W. H. 65 "of Honaker"
1927/1927_02_18 McCloud Mabel 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis McCloud"
1927/1927_02_18 Dickenson John "son of Henry Cownen Dickenson", killed by train
1927/1927_02_18 Howard Leona Hammond 39 killed by husband
1927/1927_02_18 Howard James D. 53 suicide after killing wife
1927/1927_02_18 Grant Henry 33 suicide after hearing of Howard deaths
1927/1927_02_18 Tate Clarence 23 killed in car accident, "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cline Tate"
1927/1927_02_25 Fields Ward "in Corn Valley"
1927/1927_02_25 Howard Rufus Houston "brother to J. Taze Howard"
1927/1927_03_04 Hager Richard M. 84 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_03_04 Griffith Ivan 83 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_03_11 McFadden Mrs. Hop "at Hansonville"
1927/1927_03_11 Fields Mack 90 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_03_11 Breeding Cosby "at Cleveland"
1927/1927_03_11 Bostic Aleck 55 died in jail
1927/1927_03_11 Evans A. K. 80 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_03_18 Miles E. J. died in Idaho
1927/1927_03_18 Wolfe Mrs. S. H. 84 "wife of the late Dr. J. B. Wolfe", "daughter of Jacob and Drady Wilson"
1927/1927_03_18 Steele Maggie 50
1927/1927_03_18 Gent R. F. almost 70 "in New Garden district"
1927/1927_03_18 Addison High 87 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_03_18 Ferguson John Tommy 77 "son of Anthony Ferguson"
1927/1927_04_01 Hobbs Floyd about 10 killed by train, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hobbs"
1927/1927_04_01 Fuller Mary "was a Miss Williams, a daughter of Rev. Shade Williams, deceased"
1927/1927_04_01 Price Mary Ellen "before her marriage to Charlie Price she was a Miss Dickenson"
1927/1927_04_01 Price Mrs. J. J. close 68 "maiden name was Dye, a daughter of Jeff and Sallie Dye"
1927/1927_04_01 Mays Henry "son of the late W. F. Mays"
1927/1927_04_01 Fields J. Aleck 66 "parents Alvin and Lucinda"
1927/1927_04_01 Litton Mrs. John 79 "on the Bolton-Tumbez road"
1927/1927_04_08 Preas "infant son", "The mother, who was formerly Miss Nance Sample"
1927/1927_04_08 Robinson George 65 "near Tumbez"
1927/1927_04_15 Griffith Mollie about 43 murdered by husband, Henry Griffith
1927/1927_04_15 Lawson Matt murdered by Henry Griffith
1927/1927_04_15 Lawson Georgia murdered by Henry Griffith
1927/1927_04_15 Vencill Ramsey 60 killed by truck
1927/1927_04_15 Farmer Granville 74 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_04_15 Gent Marjorie Ruth 4 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gent", died January 1st
1927/1927_04_22 Jessee Emmett 56 "at Cleveland"
1927/1927_04_22 Ring Melissa Virginia 15 "father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ring"
1927/1927_04_22 Elliott S. P. 81 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_04_22 Rachels Clarence 20 killed in mines
1927/1927_05_06 Brown W. P. 65 "at Castlewood"
1927/1927_05_13 Wysor Billy 6 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Naff Wysor"
1927/1927_05_13 Thomas Mrs. Ranzy 62 "father, Lowry Cox"
1927/1927_05_13 Yates Frank in "the Corner"
1927/1927_05_13 Jessee Wayne 22 killed in mines
1927/1927_05_13 Johnson Mrs. Henry "at Swords Creek"
1927/1927_05_13 Taylor Mrs. Abe close 65
1927/1927_05_13 Brown murdered by husband Julius Brown, at Dante
1927/1927_05_20 Snead Louisa 86
1927/1927_05_20 Dorton John S. 77 "father William Dorton"
1927/1927_05_20 Osborne George 69
1927/1927_05_20 Musick Leek 31 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Couch"
1927/1927_05_20 Frazier Grace Lee 18 "parents, Joe and Rosa Neece"
1927/1927_05_27 Fields Floyd "east of Lebanon"
1927/1927_05_27 Price J. J. 77 "in the Loop"
1927/1927_05_27 Sutherland Mabelle "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Sutherland"
1927/1927_05_27 Johnson Ann E. 83 "nee Thompson", "widow of Dr. C. W. Johnson"
1927/1927_05_27 Purcell John Confederate veteran
1927/1927_05_27 Monk "small child of Ed Monk"
1927/1927_06_03 Meade Sophrona "widow of Jeff Meade"
1927/1927_06_03 Duff Henry "at Barnett"
1927/1927_06_03 Scott Mrs. Charles E.
1927/1927_06_10 Farmer 5 "daughter of Arch Farmer"
1927/1927_06_17 Owen T. W. 74 "native of the Copper Creek district"
1927/1927_06_17 Musick Beatrice 23 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Musick"
1927/1927_06_17 Spring Mrs. J. E. "wife of the Rev J. E. Spring"
1927/1927_07_01 Ring Samuel R. 72 "born and reared at Castlewood"
1927/1927_07_01 Mays John 83
1927/1927_07_08 Fugate Mrs. Nathan E. "Before her marriage she was a Miss Wood"
1927/1927_07_08 Thompson jr. Barney son of "Professor and Mrs. Barney Thompson"
1927/1927_07_15 Plaster Mrs. Harvey at Blackford
1927/1927_07_15 McGlothlin 9 "daughter of John McGlothlin"
1927/1927_07_15 Monk Ira 61 "north of Lebanon"
1927/1927_07_15 Honaker Billy 96 "near Coulwood"
1927/1927_07_15 Horn "infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Horn"
1927/1927_07_22 Young Ella Mae murdered
1927/1927_07_29 Teets J. P. died in Norfolk
1927/1927_07_29 Ray "sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Ray"
1927/1927_08_05 Davis Mrs. W. R. "of near Honaker"
1927/1927_08_05 Pruner Betty Lynn baby "of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Pruner"
1927/1927_08_19 Nuckolls Margaret 86 "of the Belfast Mills section"
1927/1927_08_19 McCloud Dixie Lee 7 months "Mr. and Mrs. George McCloud"
1927/1927_08_19 Salyer George A. 55
1927/1927_08_19 Elliott Amos 45 "north of Lebanon" [death report retracted in next issue]
1927/1927_08_19 Ferrell Mrs. N. J. 93 "at Pounding Mill"
1927/1927_08_19 McNeer George F. 56 "at Dante"
1927/1927_08_19 Ball Mona 47 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abel Musick"
1927/1927_08_19 Puckett Mrs. W. H. 53
1927/1927_08_26 Briggs Mrs. J. T.
1927/1927_08_26 Griffith Kent died in Ohio
1927/1927_09_09 Holmes Sallie Hall 61 "in the Castlewood vicinity"
1927/1927_09_09 Easterly Charles W. 56 "on Moccasin"
1927/1927_09_09 Carty John farm sale
1927/1927_09_16 Price J. Thomas "on Copper Creek"
1927/1927_09_16 Ford Mrs. S. M.
1927/1927_09_16 Skeen Elizabeth 85 "north of Finney"
1927/1927_09_23 Fields Lucinda about 65 "wife of Randolph Fields"
1927/1927_09_23 Monk Mrs. Abram 64 "of the Corner"
1927/1927_09_23 Robinson Nannie Patton 64 "married to James Robinson"
1927/1927_09_30 Speer Dr. J. P. 87 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_09_30 Burger Horton T. 77
1927/1927_09_30 Cozzlino about 6 months "twin daughters...died"
1927/1927_10_07 Morton Verna Albert "daughter of Dr. James Albert"
1927/1927_10_14 Alexander Mrs. Dave "near Lebanon"
1927/1927_10_14 Meade Virginia Nannie Kate 6 daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Meade"
1927/1927_10_21 Amburgey Fred J. 15 "son of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Amburgey"
1927/1927_10_21 Chafin Dick about 80 "on Copper Creek"
1927/1927_10_21 Thomas "infant daugther of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Thomas"
1927/1927_10_28 Statzer Ethel about 27 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Statzer"
1927/1927_11_04 Slate Mrs. James about 75 "at Honaker"
1927/1927_11_04 Ireson Mary Kitty
1927/1927_11_04 Vermillion Mary died in car accident
1927/1927_11_04 Austin Lula E. about 38 "wife of Hop Austin"
1927/1927_11_11 Munsey Thomas A. 70
1927/1927_11_11 Whetzell T. J. 78 "at Carterton"
1927/1927_11_18 Miller John D. 83 killed by train
1927/1927_11_18 Boyd Charles Arthur "small son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boyd"
1927/1927_11_18 Jenks William B.
1927/1927_11_25 McFarlane Fred "son of Mr. and Mrs. George McFarlane"
1927/1927_11_25 Dotson Noah about 60 "in Cleveland"
1927/1927_11_25 Finney Lou May 59 "daughter of Hiram and Melissa Ashbrook"
1927/1927_11_25 Anderson "infant of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Anderson"
1927/1927_12_02 Lampkin Dave 65 "of Moccasin district"
1927/1927_12_02 Crabtree Isaac 68 "in the Finney section"
1927/1927_12_09 Matthews Hugh Wallace 38 "son of Hon. John G. Matthews", died in Colorado
1927/1927_12_09 Kiser Marge 82 "of South Clinchfield"
1927/1927_12_09 Banner Ibbie "widow of the late S. H. Banner"
1927/1927_12_16 LaForce James 84
1927/1927_12_16 Cowan Charles H. 87 Confederate veteran
1927/1927_12_23 Fogleman Henry about 40 "son of George Fogleman"
1927/1927_12_23 Williams John E. "mother Mrs. W. E. Williams"
1927/1927_12_23 Smith Henry "parents Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Smith"
1928/1928_01_06 Parrott Archie 10 "son of Otes Parrott"
1928/1928_01_06 Johnson Earnest 19 "son of R. L. Johnson"
1928/1928_01_06 Lockhart Mrs. J. W. 78 "wife of the late J. W. Lockhart"
1928/1928_01_06 Dotson Stanley accidental drowning
1928/1928_01_13 Ferguson Mrs. George 72 "at the Cross Roads"
1928/1928_01_13 Stidham G. E. suicide at Norton
1928/1928_01_13 Ball John Henry 60 "in the Big A Mountain section"
1928/1928_01_20 Adams Robert 76 "near Hansonville"
1928/1928_01_20 Wilkerson Virginia murdered, "before marriage was Miss Virgie Thornton"
1928/1928_01_20 Gillespie James A. suicide, at Raven
1928/1928_01_20 Stallard John 69 "of Big A Mountain"
1928/1928_01_20 Ubil Mrs. J. L. "at Dante"
1928/1928_01_27 Williams Alfred 15 "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Williams"
1928/1928_02_03 Ward John L. Confederate veteran
1928/1928_02_10 Harper Mrs. Allen 71 "at Belfast"
1928/1928_02_10 Maynard Frank Judge, "a former Russell County man"
1928/1928_02_17 Fink Paris "in Castlewood"
1928/1928_02_17 Combs Alden died in Spokane, WA
1928/1928_02_17 Bundy Benjamin F. 82 Confederate veteran
1928/1928_02_24 Reedy Pauline 9 "daugther of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Reedy"
1928/1928_02_24 Wilson Millard killed while attempting to rob store
1928/1928_02_24 Pippen Mary about 78 "before marriage, was a Miss Price"
1928/1928_03_02 Alderson William H. 73 "youngest son of Col. T. C. M. and Nancy Dickenson Alderson"
1928/1928_03_02 Herron Sam "St. Paul man"
1928/1928_03_09 Shoemaker John 76 "near Finney"
1928/1928_03_09 Thomas James "youngest son of Abraham and Mattie Litton Thomas"
1928/1928_03_09 Dorton Mrs. Robert C.
1928/1928_03_09 Browning James S. 68 "son of Jessee Browning"
1928/1928_03_16 Romans L. J. 84 Confederate veteran
1928/1928_03_16 Jackson Emma "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Viers"
1928/1928_03_23 Ramey Sallie "twenty years ago...Sallie Ramey died at St. Paul"
1928/1928_03_23 Dixon Mrs. John "husband, John W. Dixon"
1928/1928_03_23 Musick Sam Jack died in Charlottesville
1928/1928_03_23 Todd Joseph 63
1928/1928_03_23 Puckett Blaine 22 "son of W. H. Puckett"
1928/1928_03_23 Smith Mollie "near Cleveland", "Civil War widow"
1928/1928_04_06 Johnson Martha W. 61 died in MO
1928/1928_04_06 Ketron Mrs. C. E. "two miles east of Lebanon"
1928/1928_04_13 Combs Nancy 81 "widow of the late Jonathan Combs"
1928/1928_04_13 Kiser Tivis 60
1928/1928_04_20 Albert Elizabeth 90 "at Belfast Mills"
1928/1928_04_20 Baker Mrs. J. A. "before marriage was a Miss Bostic"
1928/1928_04_27 Kiser Mrs. H. A. 68 "at Hazel"
1928/1928_04_27 Gilmer John C. "son of the late V. B. Gilmer"
1928/1928_05_04 McPherson S. T. M. 81
1928/1928_05_04 Castle Jacob 86 Confederate veteran
1928/1928_05_11 Long J. R. 70
1928/1928_05_11 Miller James 65 "in Elk Garden"
1928/1928_05_18 Helton Mrs. George 25 "near Bolton"
1928/1928_05_25 Ray Frank 83 Confederate veteran
1928/1928_06_01 Jessee Mrs. Thomas "father, Jacob Castle"
1928/1928_06_01 Jones Rebecca 66 "before her marriage was Rebecca Thomas, a daughter of Whitley Thomas"
1928/1928_06_01 Honaker Silas 42 father and son, killed in mines
1928/1928_06_01 Honaker Fullen 24 father and son, killed in mines
1928/1928_06_01 Castle "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Castle"
1928/1928_06_01 Farmer Alice "Mrs. Wesley Farmer...was Miss Alice Campbell"
1928/1928_06_01 Helton George 17 "son of John Helton", accidentally shot himself
1928/1928_06_01 Gilmer Ted 23 "son of Mrs. Ollie Gilmer"
1928/1928_06_08 Sword Jane 75 "of the Loop"
1928/1928_06_08 Kiser Mrs. E. 67 "on Chaney Creek"
1928/1928_06_08 Williams Will about 45 "son of Mr. Steve and Mrs. R. Kate Williams"
1928/1928_06_15 Thompson Fullen "sons of Roland and Melissa Thompson"
1928/1928_06_15 Thompson J. Beve "sons of Roland and Melissa Thompson"
1928/1928_06_15 Aistrop Woodrow Wilson 17 "son of Grover Aistrop", died in mines
1928/1928_06_15 Garrison "an infant of Jim Garrison, near Lebanon"
1928/1928_06_21 Mills Alice 66 died at Coeburn
1928/1928_06_30 Robins H. Tilson murdered by Victor Dingus
1928/1928_06_30 Bryant Henry automobile accident
1928/1928_06_30 Barker A. F. Doctor, died at Salem, VA
1928/1928_06_30 Miller Melissa died in Abingdon, "Before marriage she was Miss Melissa Burke"
1928/1928_07_06 Werth Guy 17 "son of Henry and Susan Werth, colored"
1928/1928_07_06 Stinson Drayton died in Texas
1928/1928_07_06 Ketron Em "Mrs. George Ketron"
1928/1928_07_06 Dudley J. C.
1928/1928_07_20 Ashbrook "infant twins of Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Ashbrook"
1928/1928_07_20 Gibson Mrs. A. E. 85 died in Bristol
1928/1928_08_10 Kelley Ab 45 "north side of the county"
1928/1928_08_10 Campbell "Widow of Ira Campbell...Before marriage...was a Miss Lockhart"
1928/1928_08_10 Brummett Mrs. Simon "of Copper Creek"
1928/1928_08_10 Wallace Benjamine J. "northeast of Lebanon"
1928/1928_08_10 Vaughn Susanna "Mrs. John Vaughn...twice married, her first husband being John Carty. Before marriage she was Miss Susanna Honaker"
1928/1928_08_10 Kiser W. L. 83 "on Chany Creek"
1928/1928_08_17 Harless Marlon 62 "at Rockdell"
1928/1928_08_17 Chandler Ed 16 "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chandler"
1928/1928_08_24 McCloud Ellen 57 "suburbs of Lebanon"
1928/1928_09_07 Jones Mrs. Arch "near Belfast Mills"
1928/1928_09_14 Lawson Laura Wallace "daughter of the late Dr. James Wallace"
1928/1928_09_14 Meade Swanson B. about 25 killed in car accident in Florida
1928/1928_09_14 Belcher Joe 68 died in TN
1928/1928_09_14 Fuller W. H. 88 car accident, Confederate veteran
1928/1928_09_21 Cox 4 "Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Cox...buried their little...daughter"
1928/1928_09_21 Honaker 8 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessee Honaker"
1928/1928_09_28 Fuller 3 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Surface Fuller"
1928/1928_09_28 Fletcher Margaret "widow of T. K. Fletcher"
1928/1928_10_12 House Billie 31 "daughter of the late James Beavers"
1928/1928_10_12 Keith Andrew "in Cleveland"
1928/1928_10_12 Jessee E "in Cleveland"
1928/1928_10_12 West Charles shot to death at Sword's Creek
1928/1928_10_12 Lowe John W. 75 "at Drill"
1928/1928_10_12 Lowe Lee 18 "at Drill"
1928/1928_10_12 Matthews J. L.
1928/1928_10_12 Honaker Mrs. Lester 28 "west of Honaker"
1928/1928_10_26 Ferguson Vica 70 "widow of Alec Ferguson"
1928/1928_11_02 Fogleman Sally 70 "of the Loop"
1928/1928_11_02 Fox Rebecca J. 78 "daughter of James V. and Jerusha Gibson"
1928/1928_11_09 Laswell Mrs. W. D. 45 "daughter of Haskew Ball"
1928/1928_11_09 Couch George W. 79
1928/1928_11_09 Lawrence Mrs. F. W. "formerly Miss Vesta Mason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mason"
1928/1928_11_09 Shoemaker Frank died in Florida
1928/1928_11_16 Hubble Mrs. G. W. 70 "at Elway"
1928/1928_11_16 Whitt George 67 "at Drill"
1928/1928_11_23 Artrip Clayton "son of Dolly Artrip"
1928/1928_11_23 Rector Mary J.
1928/1928_11_23 Chafin Eldridge 27 "son of Walter Chafin"
1928/1928_11_30 Fowler A. C. 77
1928/1928_11_30 McFarlane Margrette Irene daughter "of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McFarlane"
1928/1928_12_07 Jackson Gus 67
1928/1928_12_07 Branson Henry about 60
1928/1928_12_07 McCoy Mrs. R. A. "at Dante"
1928/1928_12_07 Rachel George over 100 Confederate veteran
1928/1928_12_07 Musick Rush 37
1928/1928_12_07 Ferguson Dave "four miles east of Lebanon"
1928/1928_12_14 Ireson Edward M. 74 fell from hay loft
1928/1928_12_14 Howard Mrs. William N. 74
1928/1928_12_14 Vencill Clarence 22
1928/1928_12_21 Richardson "Interment was made at Barnett beside her mate who was buried two weeks ago"
1928/1928_12_21 Richardson "other infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Richardson"
1929/1929_01_04 Couch John T. 62 "near Hamlin"
1929/1929_01_04 Dorton Mary "On Moccasin...The husband Clark Dorton died several years ago"
1929/1929_01_04 Jessee Scaggs 75 or 76 "on lower Copper Creek"
1929/1929_01_04 Hull Mrs. H. B. 78 "daughter of the late Judge John A. Kelly"
1929/1929_01_04 Yates Mrs. Richard 75 "in and near Honaker"
1929/1929_01_04 Jessee Dora
1929/1929_01_04 Harris Martha Jane 75
1929/1929_01_04 Rose Henry 56 "of Gardner"
1929/1929_01_04 Howard Kate died in Kansas, "nee Kate Gilmer"
1929/1929_02_22 Bostic Casbie Ellen 54 "married to J. A. Baker"
1929/1929_02_22 Hix John colored, died in Petersburg
1929/1929_03_15 Hawkins Maggie 68 "at Cross Roads"
1929/1929_03_15 Mays Tabitha 86 "husband, John W. Mays, a Confederate soldier, died more than a year ago"
1929/1929_03_15 Skeen Adell 15 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Skeen"
1929/1929_03_29 Pippen Abraham Z. 81 "near Bolton"
1929/1929_03_29 Richardson Claude 16 killed by train, lived in Candlewax
1929/1929_03_29 Wyatt Linzy 78 "near Swords Creek"
1929/1929_03_29 Hess Julia Ann past 80 "widow of the late Henry Hess"
1929/1929_04_05 Dorton William (Bud) 60 "Mason Store section"
1929/1929_04_05 Monk Dale died in Cincinnati
1929/1929_04_05 Stinson Mary Jane 84 widow "died at her home in Gardner"
1929/1929_04_12 Addington Mrs. L. T. about 41 "of Wilder"
1929/1929_04_12 Dye Oakley died in Cuba, "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dye"
1929/1929_04_19 Mays Robert, Jr. 6 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mays"
1929/1929_04_19 Helvey J. G. Rev., died in Pocahontas
1929/1929_04_26 Rasnick James died in Eastern Virginia
1929/1929_04_26 White Florence 26 "daughter of Mrs. Jack White"
1929/1929_04_26 Keith Mrs. Clarence "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Sutherland"
1929/1929_04_26 Gullett Odell 18 "son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Gullett", died in mines
1929/1929_05_03 Arington Mrs. Henry "north of Lebanon"
1929/1929_05_03 Dickenson Clariece close 9 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Dickenson"
1929/1929_05_17 Gibson Hettie "was Miss Hettie Selfe, daughter of Mrs. W. V. Selfe"
1929/1929_05_17 McFaddin Mary E. 77 "born at Hansonville"
1929/1929_05_24 Sandoe Willie 38 "born in Lebanon"
1929/1929_05_24 Smith Edith "formerly Miss Edith Fugate"
1929/1929_05_31 Griffith Elmer 22 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Griffith"
1929/1929_05_31 Samples Lewis 87 Confederate veteran
1929/1929_05_31 Easterly William R. 30 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Easterly"
1929/1929_05_31 Jenks Charlie, Jr. 33 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jenks"
1929/1929_06_07 Gilmer William E. 63
1929/1929_06_21 Owens Nathan E. 72 died in Texas, "son of Rufus M. and Nancy Owens"
1929/1929_06_21 Puckett J. A. 55
1929/1929_06_21 Ashbrook Mrs. Sam
1929/1929_06_28 Kiser William Long 81
1929/1929_06_28 Banner John Gose 37
1929/1929_06_28 Lowe Joshua C. 72 "of the Belfast section"
1929/1929_06_28 Campbell Sarah 68 "widow of the late Jack Campbell"
1929/1929_07_05 Roman Richard about 50 kicked by mule "at Honaker"
1929/1929_07_19 Mutter John 73 "at Belfast"
1929/1929_07_26 Sneed Virginia Louise 12 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fullen Sneed", killed by train
1929/1929_07_26 Barnett Aaron 10 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnett"
1929/1929_08_02 Alderson George 84 died at Bondtown, Confederate soldier
1929/1929_08_02 Meade Charles A. 50
1929/1929_08_16 Litton John about 75 "at Oak Grove...wife died about a year ago"
1929/1929_08_16 Howard Sallie Aston "wife of J. Taze Howard"
1929/1929_08_30 Hawkins Guy 22 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hawkins"
1929/1929_08_30 Hughes Adaline Logan 71 "wife of C. B. Hughes"
1929/1929_09_06 Fields Imogene Otey "widow of the late Wm. Fields', died in Alabama
1929/1929_09_06 Arington 5 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Arington"
1929/1929_09_06 Hanson "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hanson"
1929/1929_09_06 Williams Mrs. Dock 'before marriage a Miss Wilson"
1929/1929_09_27 Wells Mrs. Will 50 "at Swords Creek"
1929/1929_09_27 Munsey Mrs. Thomas formerly Ketron
1929/1929_09_27 Leonard Rev. E. A. 84 Confederate soldier
1929/1929_09_27 Meade Curtis "lower New Garden"
1929/1929_10_11 Kiser M. T. 38 died in Dickenson County
1929/1929_10_11 Monk Mrs. Ed. "before marriage was a Miss Gose"
1929/1929_11_01 Smith Agnes Geneva 16 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Boyce R. Smith"
1929/1929_11_08 Miller Mrs. John W. "formerly of Honaker"
1929/1929_11_08 Ray Cynthia "nee Honaker, and the widow of Calvin Ray"
1929/1929_11_08 Davis Lemond Scott 3 son of "Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Davis"
1929/1929_11_08 Clark Anna
1929/1929_11_22 Lovin W. S. "dear husband and father"
1929/1929_11_22 Horton Chas. "of Swords Creek"
1929/1929_11_22 Ayers W. J.
1929/1929_11_22 Fuller Mrs. William 83 "before her marriage she was a Miss Kendrick"
1929/1929_11_29 Ramey John died at Dante
1929/1929_11_29 Catron Joseph 52 died in Gardner
1929/1929_12_06 Smyth William F. 79
1929/1929_12_06 Fuller Clyde C.
1929/1929_12_06 Browning Henry died in Washington State
1929/1929_12_06 Honaker John Wesley 60
1929/1929_12_06 Ayers G. W. J. 83
1929/1929_12_13 Adams Andrew F. 73 "resident of Castlewood"
1929/1929_12_13 Vicars William 90 Confederate veteran
1929/1929_12_13 Lester Mrs. Reece 81
1929/1929_12_13 Barnett "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Starlin Barnett"
1930/1930_01_03 Sandoe James L. 73 died at Wise
1930/1930_01_03 Lewis John Marshall 5 died in Bristol, "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lewis"
1930/1930_01_03 Ayers George W. J. 83 "only living child of Daniel and Susan Ayers"
1930/1930_01_17 Caudle Ed died at Holston
1930/1930_01_17 Stoots Melissa Reynolds 53
1930/1930_01_24 Elliott Worley "formerly of Carbo and Cleveland"
1930/1930_01_24 Fields Mrs. Marcell "in the mountain valley, near Lebanon"
1930/1930_01_31 Bays Albert B. 49 died in California, "son of the late lamented L. L. Bays"
1930/1930_01_31 Dickenson C. V. 62 "prominent citizen of Wallace, Va"
1930/1930_01_31 Smith Thomas J. 57
1930/1930_01_31 Whitt G. T. "former Honaker man"
1930/1930_01_31 Thompson Abe killed in coal mine
1930/1930_02_07 Jessee Mrs. Edward Tumbez
1930/1930_02_07 Rasnake Edgar 23 "son of Everett Rasnake"
1930/1930_02_14 Nash Mrs. Fullen 61 "mother of 16"
1930/1930_02_14 Fogleman Davey A. 93
1930/1930_03_06 Ball Katherine 47 "at Daw, east of Swords Creek"
1930/1930_03_06 Monk Elie died at Kingsport
1930/1930_03_06 Glass Joe died at Dante
1930/1930_03_06 Harman Edith 68 "widow of the late George Harman"
1930/1930_03_14 Robinson Parker 24 "son of the late George Robinson"
1930/1930_03_14 Tate Henry "son of William E. Tate"
1930/1930_03_14 Joy Mrs. "In Cleveland"
1930/1930_03_14 Jessee Mrs. Bryan "In Cleveland"
1930/1930_03_28 Litton James S. died at Kingsport
1930/1930_03_28 Fugate Elizabeth "daughter of the late J. K. Fugate"
1930/1930_03_28 Jessee E. S.
1930/1930_03_28 Sargent Mrs. Jerry nee Addison
1930/1930_04_11 Browning Robert Landon 33
1930/1930_04_11 Watts Mrs. F. G. S.
1930/1930_04_11 Gilmer Scott 82
1930/1930_04_11 Hurt James of Gardner
1930/1930_04_11 Farmer "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Farmer"
1930/1930_04_11 Campbell Collie Moccasin Gap
1930/1930_04_11 Scott Sallie Moccasin Gap
1930/1930_04_11 Artrip J. C. near 80
1930/1930_05_09 Davis John L. 78 died in California
1930/1930_05_09 Addison Edward 67 in Richlands
1930/1930_05_09 Brown J. Floyd
1930/1930_05_09 Garrett George "son of Pat Garrett"
1930/1930_05_09 Clark Mrs. Arthur 29 "of the Elk Garden section"
1930/1930_05_23 Burns William E. 69 Judge
1930/1930_05_23 Smith Tivis J. 76 "near Cleveland"
1930/1930_05_23 Smith J. Thomas
1930/1930_05_30 Alderson Charlie Davis "youngest son of Charles C. and Mattie Alderson"
1930/1930_05_30 Maynard Wayne 70 of Raven
1930/1930_06_06 Campbell Howard Fletcher 28 in Bluefield
1930/1930_06_06 Owens Hardon 89 "in Lower New Garden"
1930/1930_06_06 Hess Lorenzo Dow 80 "on Swords Creek"
1930/1930_06_06 Hackney A. L. died in Idaho
1930/1930_07_05 Cassell George
1930/1930_07_05 Shuler Mary Ketron died in Texas
1930/1930_07_05 Hicks Alma 14 "adopted daughter of John Henry White"
1930/1930_07_05 Pinion Carl 11 "son of Silas Pinion", drowned
1930/1930_07_05 Dickenson John C. 92 Confederate veteran
1930/1930_07_11 Hess Howard 20 died in mines
1930/1930_07_11 Cole Elbert 15
1930/1930_07_11 Adams Charlie 40 "a few miles west of Lebanon"
1930/1930_07_11 Lee Jack 6 drowned, "son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Lee"
1930/1930_07_18 Gibson Edna C. 70 died in Missouri, "widow of Samual A. Gibson"
1930/1930_07_18 Helton 4 "child of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Helton"
1930/1930_07_18 Sutherland Elihue 83
1930/1930_08_08 Bausell Basil N.
1930/1930_08_08 Osborne Mrs. William suicide
1930/1930_08_08 Phillips Annie Marie 5 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Phillips"
1930/1930_08_15 Miller Elbert shot
1930/1930_08_15 Johnson Mary Alice 70 "widow of W. S. Johnson"
1930/1930_08_15 Johnson W. S. "died about four months ago"
1930/1930_08_15 Hurt Mekin S. 91 Confederate veteran
1930/1930_08_15 Cumbow Bertha S. "maiden name was Miss Bertha Suits"
1930/1930_08_15 Gilmer John 14 accidentally shot
1930/1930_08_15 Mitchell James Marion 70 died in Missouri
1930/1930_10_17 Alexander Mrs. Dave "first husband was uncle Arch Jessee, the second, Hiram Addison,"
1930/1930_10_17 Archer Mary 18 died in Missouri
1930/1930_10_17 Meade Lillian E. "wife of Dr. E. W. Meade"
1931/1931_01_09 Pile Ada Stinson 45 "daughter of Mrs. George L. Stinson"
1931/1931_01_09 Reedy Melvin 37 "west of Lebanon"
1931/1931_01_09 Tignor Lilburn "south of Lebanon"
1931/1931_01_09 Crabtree Mrs. G. M. "North of Cleveland...was a Miss Musick"
1931/1931_01_30 Pratt Frances 7 or 8 "daughter of W. E. Pratt"
1931/1931_01_30 Gray Grover murdered by John and Bill Hurd
1931/1931_01_30 Jackson Lyman 28 "son of Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson"
1931/1931_01_30 Sword Charles 40 "in the Elk Garden section"
1931/1931_01_30 Clevinger F. M. suicide, member of Virginia Legislature
1931/1931_02_27 Stuart Mrs. Dale C.
1931/1931_02_27 Gilmer A. K.
1931/1931_02_27 Dotson Card of Thanks by Mrs. Ada Dotson and family
1931/1931_02_27 Gibson Mrs. J. W. A. "before marriage was Miss Lizzie Jessee"
1931/1931_02_27 Harrison Myrtle 23 "daugther of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. Harrison"
1931/1931_02_27 Johnson Edna "father, Charles Robinson"
1931/1931_03_06 Meade Mazie "wife of Ted Meade...daugther of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sykes"
1931/1931_03_06 Price W. S. 75 "in the Loop"
1931/1931_03_06 Cartwright Rhea N. "was a pastor of the Lebanon Methodist Church a few years ago"
1931/1931_04_03 Willis Ed 42
1931/1931_04_03 Crabtree Rufus "in Cleveland"
1931/1931_04_03 Couch Bone "died in Bristol"
1931/1931_04_03 Dye Thomas 84 "on Big Cedar Creek, Corner section"
1931/1931_04_03 Gilmer Henry died in NC, "son of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Gilmer"
1931/1931_04_10 Easterly Wheeler "son of the late C. W. Easterly"
1931/1931_04_10 Addison Armieda 88
1931/1931_04_17 Davis Ollie B. 36 hit by car
1931/1931_04_24 Couch Clarence died in mines
1931/1931_04_24 Shoemaker Lucy Alexander 74 "daughter of Reynolds and Rachel Shoemaker"
1931/1931_04_24 White William M. 58 "near Belfast Mills"
1931/1931_04_24 Puckett 1 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Puckett"
1931/1931_05_01 Carr Violet "wife of W. L. Carr"
1931/1931_05_01 Ring Nancy "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ring"
1931/1931_05_01 White Martha E. 55 "married to J. H. White"
1931/1931_05_08 Collins Buford 25 "near Bolton"
1931/1931_05_08 Smith J. H. died at Bluefield
1931/1931_05_08 Artrip James H. 79 "near Artrip"
1931/1931_05_08 Smith Arvel Luphus "son of Mr. and Mrs. Major Smith"
1931/1931_05_08 Day Alice 89 colored
1931/1931_05_15 Cox Lowery Confederate veteran
1931/1931_05_15 Hughes Sis 66 "out from Castlewood a few miles"
1931/1931_05_15 Gilmer Fanny Ketron 73 "daugther of Felix and Lizzie Gibson Ketron"
1931/1931_05_15 Stinson Nancy Virginia 74
1931/1931_05_22 Fink Mrs. Paris 89 "first husband was a Mr. Phillips"
1931/1931_05_22 Combs Adolphus 65 "South Clinchfield"
1931/1931_05_22 Sykes Joseph J. 24 car accident, "son of Levi and Florence Sykes"
1931/1931_05_22 Stillwell James shot by grandson
1931/1931_05_22 Sword Mrs. James about 70 "sister of the Sneed boys"
1931/1931_05_29 Ham Mrs. John sister of "Mrs. J. T. Hale"
1931/1931_05_29 Smith Sallie 78
1931/1931_06_05 Jessee Kemper Gilmer 27 car accident
1931/1931_06_19 Bickley Mary E. 83 "wife of the late Charles J. Bickley"
1931/1931_06_26 Addison Graham 35 car accident
1931/1931_07_10 Jackson Joseph W. 35 died in Detroit
1931/1931_07_10 Smith Mrs. Steven 74 "in Honaker"
1931/1931_07_17 Huffman Ralph 10 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Huffman"
1931/1931_07_24 Boyd Martha Grizzle 75 "Near Honaker"
1931/1931_07_24 Graham Jim W. murdered by Leonard Settle
1931/1931_07_31 Buckles "baby of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Buckles"
1931/1931_08_07 Musick Powell 50 hit by train
1931/1931_08_14 Rasnake Mrs. Roby "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will White"
1931/1931_08_14 Rasnake Frank 65 "at Finney"
1931/1931_08_14 Skeens Lawrence "son of Mr. Webb Skeens"
1931/1931_08_28 Scott Charles E. 81 "Dies at Cedar Bluff"
1931/1931_08_28 Owens Eliza "before her marriage Miss Eliza Kelly"
1931/1931_08_28 Beavers Dexter E. 74 "near Carterton"
1931/1931_08_28 Jones mother of William Jones, Mrs. Dora Newman, and Mrs. May Ashbrook"
1931/1931_09_11 Easterly Mrs. N. W. nee Reynolds
1931/1931_09_18 Jessee Mrs. Fred near 50 suicide, "before married was a Miss Keith"
1931/1931_09_18 Campbell W. A. died in Washington City
1931/1931_09_18 Fletcher Hubert 23 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Fletcher", car accident
1931/1931_09_18 Jessee Mrs. John D. 92 "near Honaker"
1931/1931_09_18 Litton Douglas Connell "son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Litton"
1931/1931_11_06 Combs Robert L. 62 "son of...Joseph M. and Nicey Osborne Combs"
1931/1931_11_06 Nash George Washington 49 "in St. Paul"
1931/1931_11_06 Chafin Mrs. Walter "of West Dante"
1931/1931_11_06 Jordan Cynthia 63 "wife of Charles W. Jordan"
1931/1931_11_06 Smith Elam 49 "of the Back Valley section of Cleveland"
1931/1931_11_06 Kelly Josephine died in Florida
1931/1931_11_06 Francisco Guy C. 24 car accident, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Francisco"
1932/1932_07_29 Miller Sherman 22 "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Marion Miller"
1932/1932_07_29 Hunigan Delilah 34 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Jessee"
1933/1933_04_21 Tankersley Carl Beverly 15 "son of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Tankersley"
1933/1933_04_21 Purcell Anna Lorine 11 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Purcell"
1933/1933_04_21 Gilliam Wallace 59 "native of Tennessee"
1933/1933_04_21 White William P. 65 "near Finney"
1933/1933_04_21 Kiser Paul 50 "Near Cleveland"
1933/1933_04_21 Ratcliff "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ratcliff"
1933/1933_04_21 Price Mrs. Harve "in Cleveland"
1933/1933_04_21 Kiser Powell P. 51 "on Hurrican Fork, of Dumps Creek"
1933/1933_04_28 Adams James "in Castlewood"
1933/1933_04_28 Campbell Robert 70 "south of Lebanon"
1933/1933_04_28 Frazier George 89 Reverend, died in Illinois
1933/1933_04_28 Griffith Maggie 80 "was Miss Maggie Lambert"
1933/1933_06_02 Beavers Duley 30 shot by wife
1933/1933_06_02 Cross Mittie Pearl 43 "two miles east of town"
1933/1933_06_02 Johnson Mrs. James "was a Miss Walden before marriage"
1933/1933_06_09 Salyer Mrs. A. N. 62 "in the Grassy Creek section"
1933/1933_06_09 Gray Nelson "of Hansonville"
1933/1933_06_09 Stinson F. R. "of the Gravel Lick section"
1933/1933_06_16 Molinanry Samuel F. 26 "St. Paul...son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Molinary"
1933/1933_06_16 Howington Arville 18 murdered by Carlos Steffey
1933/1933_06_16 Burton Clint 19 murdered by Carlos Steffey
1933/1933_06_16 Walden Ruth "daughter and sister" of Mrs. D. C. Walden and Family
1933/1933_06_16 Combs Elizabeth "died at North Fork, WV", wife of S. F. Combs
1933/1933_06_16 Taulbee Mrs. J. M. died in Texas
1933/1933_06_16 Johnson Sam "of the Elk Garden section"
1933/1933_06_16 Alexander J. D. Confederate veteran
1933/1933_06_23 Musick Celia "widow of Lon Musick"
1933/1933_06_30 Fine Dan E. died in Johnson City, TN
1933/1933_06_30 Parrott G. W. 79 "of Carbo"
1933/1933_06_30 Kegley A. T. 87 Confederate veteran
1933/1933_06_30 Smith father of J. B. Smith, died in Missouri, age 99
1933/1933_06_30 Jenks James 19 "son of C. M. Jenks"
1933/1933_07_07 Fortner Charlie 42 "5 miles southwest of Hansonville"
1933/1933_07_14 Holbrook 65 "wife of...Henry P. Holbrook"
1933/1933_07_14 Fraley Harvey D. Confederate veteran
1933/1933_07_14 Musick Lon "Thirty years ago last Friday", hit by train
1933/1933_07_14 Martin Floyd about 87 colored
1933/1933_07_21 Stoots 14 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gent Stoots"
1933/1933_07_21 Jones Bolling H.
1933/1933_07_21 Davis Maggie A. 83 "widow of the late Thomas W. Davis...was Miss Maggie Kendrick"
1933/1933_07_21 Compton Perry about 50 killed in mines
1933/1933_07_28 Stuart Harry Carter 78 former Governor
1933/1933_07_28 Baldwin Orbey J. 63 suicide
1933/1933_07_28 Howard Walter 58 accidentally shot himself
1933/1933_07_28 Hall Mrs. Allen "daughter of James Keith"
1934/1934_04_06 Osborne Charles William 19 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Osborne"
1934/1934_04_06 Perkins Mrs. Haskew 84 "in Elk Garden"
1934/1934_04_06 Campbell Mary E. 66 "wife of Rev. F. J. Campbell..was Miss Mary E. Fogleman"
1934/1934_04_06 Finney relative of "Mrs. Roy Finney...Mrs. Patty Finney"
1934/1934_04_13 King William "adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. John King"
1934/1934_04_13 Miller G. G. 83 "brother of E. W. Miller"
1934/1934_04_13 Sutherland Lakye 28 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Layfette Sutherland"
1934/1934_04_13 Smith Nancy 73 "was the wife of Major Smith"
1934/1934_04_13 Musick John 43 "In Raven"
1934/1934_04_13 Perkins "dear wife and mother" of J. H. Perkins and Family
1934/1934_04_13 Thompson Charles about 30 "of New Garden", died in car accident
1934/1934_04_13 Hendricks Martha colored, "wife of Charlie Hendricks"
1938/1938_08_12 Garrett Fred G. "at Corbin, Kentucky"
1938/1938_08_12 Gonzales Joe 6 months "son of Frank and the late Edith Boros Gonzales"
1938/1938_08_19 Thompson Barney 73 "at one time head of Russell College in Lebanon"
1938/1938_08_19 Puckett Charles 38
1938/1938_08_19 Maynard Mrs. T. L. "in Honaker"
1938/1938_08_19 Bundy "son born to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bundy...lived only a few hours"
1938/1938_08_26 Counts John "died a few years ago"
1938/1938_08_26 Sykes Clarence 29 suicide, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer Sykes"
1938/1938_09_02 Ball Gloria Rachel 2 weeks "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Ball"
1938/1938_09_09 Rasnake Tilson 25 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rasnake"
1938/1938_09_09 Cooper Mary Ellen 68
1938/1938_09_09 Keith Sam F. 87
1938/1938_09_09 Harrison James 18 accidentally shot
1938/1938_09_09 Osborne S. J. 78 near Castlewood
1938/1938_09_09 Martin Joseph Meek 68 in Castlewood
1938/1938_09_23 Martin Bill 17 shot by J. D. Ruble "last April"
1938/1938_09_23 Stevens (Stevensons) Will R. shot by Bill Glover
1938/1938_09_23 Viers Floyd
1938/1938_09_23 Oney Smith car accident
1938/1938_09_23 Boyd Earl 22 hit by train
1938/1938_09_23 Ervin Ellen 77 "wife of James M. Ervin"
1938/1938_09_23 Branson Nannie 90 in Hansonville
1938/1938_09_30 Browning Hugh M. 70
1938/1938_09_30 Settle James R. 59 "son of...R. L. Settle"
1938/1938_09_30 Holbrook Sarah Jane 59 "wife of G. H. Holbrook"
1938/1938_09_30 Ray Malinda 72 "widow of J. H. Ray"
1938/1938_09_30 Kiser Robert Daniel 14 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kiser"
1938/1938_10_07 Seacatt Clarence 58 "son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Seacatt"
1938/1938_10_07 Settle Mrs. R. L. "survived by ten children"
1938/1938_10_07 Hall Marjorie 6 months "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orbia Hall"
1938/1938_10_07 Thomas Josie Morrison
1938/1938_10_07 Burke Harvey Ray 3 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Burke"
1938/1938_10_07 Bolling Troy 41 logging accident
1938/1938_10_14 Meade Mollie 77 "wife of D. A. Meade"
1938/1938_10_14 Robinson Betty 3 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Robinson"
1938/1938_10_28 Burns O. S.
1938/1938_10_28 Sutherland General L. 76 in Dante
1938/1938_11_04 Crabtree Mary 61 "of the Castlewood district"
1938/1938_11_04 Dixon 3 "child of Eugene Dixon"
1938/1938_11_04 Wells Thomas J. 53 "in Old Honaker"
1938/1938_11_04 Fugate Mrs. N. C. 22 "of near Castlewood"
1938/1938_11_11 Trigg Dan 61 Doctor
1938/1938_11_11 Fletcher Mrs. R. A. "daughter of the late Nathan E. and Cathern Dickenson"
1938/1938_11_11 Jessee Mrs. C. B. 57
1938/1938_11_11 Bird W. W. 72
1938/1938_11_11 Barger George M.
1938/1938_11_11 Owens Nicey in Dickenson County
1938/1938_11_25 Cumbow Jack
1938/1938_11_25 Hess James 63 "of the Raven section"
1938/1938_11_25 Chafin Conley B. 33 "of Clinchco"
1938/1938_11_25 Sandidge Annie "wife of Deaver Sandidge"
1938/1938_11_25 Harrison Wiley A. 56 "near St. Paul"
1938/1938_11_25 Franklin Guthrie 3 "adopted son of Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Davidson"
1938/1938_11_25 Kiser Sam F. "at Carbo"
1938/1938_11_25 Jessee Donald Ray 2 "of Mrs. Eugene Jessee"
1938/1938_11_25 Jessee Eugene father of Donald Ray Jessee
1938/1938_12_02 Chafin Andrew K. 80 "in Castlewood"
1938/1938_12_02 Alexander Martha 60 "wife of William D. Alexander"
1938/1938_12_09 Kinder Elizabeth 94 in Belfast
1938/1938_12_09 Robinson "baby of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Robinson"
1938/1938_12_09 Robinson "lost their oldest child, a little girl, about eight weeks ago"
1938/1938_12_23 Richardson Alfred Frank
1938/1938_12_23 Rose Henry 21 accidentally stabbed
1938/1938_12_23 Bausell William Towson 72 "in Lebanon"
1938/1938_12_23 Banner Con 32 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Banner"
1938/1938_12_23 Hurd Emma Lee "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Hurd"
1939/1939_01_13 Munsey Thomas Gordon pictured, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Munsey"
1939/1939_01_13 Bausell Virginia Gibson 72 "married to John Calvin Bausell"
1939/1939_01_13 Skeen John Henry 65 "of the Hamlin section"
1939/1939_01_13 Perkins J. Haskew 89
1939/1939_01_13 Combs Celia Whitt 84
1939/1939_01_20 Stewart A. D. about 65 "in Clinchco"
1939/1939_01_20 Meadows Mrs. Tiny P. "at Honaker"
1939/1939_02_03 Dickenson Nancy Duff 100 "widow of Jim Jack Dickenson"
1939/1939_02_03 Peck Mrs. Charles near 80 "near Honaker"
1939/1939_02_03 Gibson Nancy Sue 1 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gibson"
1939/1939_02_03 Brooks William G. 45 at Dante
1939/1939_02_10 Bolton Charles C. 81 "former mayor and postmaster of St. Paul"
1939/1939_02_10 Denny Mrs. J. D.
1939/1939_02_10 Laforce Simon about 60 died from exposure
1939/1939_02_17 Shomaker Mrs. Gilmer "before marriage being a Miss Dickenson"
1939/1939_02_17 Gibson A. P.
1939/1939_02_24 Lawson Larkin J. 63 "near Dickensonville"
1939/1939_02_24 Salyer James M. 77 "resident of the West Dane section"
1939/1939_02_24 Earls Clarence 24
1939/1939_02_24 Hurd "small child of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hurd"
1939/1939_03_10 Garrrett Bobby Burns 4 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Garrett"
1939/1939_03_24 Henderson Lizzie Jenks 66 "at Thessalia, Giles County"
1939/1939_03_24 Hubbard Wesley 88 "near Honaker"
1939/1939_04_07 Aston Thomas D. 75 married "to Mabel Chapman Dinwiddie"
1939/1939_04_07 Price Nan 80 daughter of "James Robinson and Nancy Owen Robinson"
1939/1939_04_28 Booker Rosella 39
1939/1939_04_28 Harless George W. 75
1939/1939_04_28 Meade Mrs. J. H. 55
1939/1939_04_28 Davis W. S. N. 79 "of Hansonville"
1939/1939_04_28 Kiser Lorenzo Dow 87 "of Dickenson County"
1939/1939_04_28 Fields Polk about 70
1939/1939_05_05 Countiss A. A. "principal the of Honaker Hi School"
1939/1939_05_12 Sykes Frank 72 "at Finney"
1939/1939_05_19 Harless Mrs. George
1939/1939_05_19 Bailey John 11 "son of Ollie Bailey"
1939/1939_05_19 Irvine Elizabeth Katherine 73 "of Swords Creek"
1939/1939_05_19 Griffith Henry 59 murderer, shot by Preston Whited
1939/1939_06_02 Statzer Mrs. Cleve 84 died in Lebanon flood
1939/1939_06_02 Culbert W. F. 81 "deceased married Miss Eva Jessee"
1939/1939_06_30 Artrip Mrs. James H. "near Artrip"
1939/1939_06_30 Mahaffey Mrs. J. J. 58 "near Abingdon"
1939/1939_06_30 Combs James Solomon 82 "son of Joseph M. Combs and Nicey Ann Osborne Combs"
1939/1939_06_30 Pruner A. F. died in Oklahoma
1939/1939_06_30 Cockran Rosa "at Carbo"
1939/1939_07_14 Williams R. Kate "daughter of the late W. W. and Jennie Williams"
1939/1939_07_14 Stuart John J. 80
1939/1939_07_14 Burke George
1939/1939_08_11 Arington Henry 83 "north of Lebanon"
1939/1939_08_11 Stinson William Thomas 69 "of Tazewell county"
1939/1939_08_25 Meade Paul 16 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Nath Meade"
1939/1939_09_01 Chapman Bartholemew Calvin 77 "in Norton"
1939/1939_09_01 Blevins Hobart 12 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Blevins"
1939/1939_09_01 Sutherland Orland 12 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sutherland"
1939/1939_09_01 Hurd Sarah E. 45 "on Copper creek"
1939/1939_09_08 Fields Mrs. Joe E.
1939/1939_09_08 Clark W. Floyd 78 "of Swords Creek"
1939/1939_09_15 Maynard C. L. "highway officer"
1939/1939_09_22 Meade A. B. 77 "Of the Hansonville section"
1939/1939_09_22 Fields Cosby 76 "widow of the late Reece Fields"
1939/1939_09_29 Sword Mrs. W. C. 78 "of Elk Garden"
1939/1939_09_29 Keen Lydia Honaker
1939/1939_10_06 McCloud S. P. Confederate soldier
1939/1939_10_13 Hurt Thomas Lackey 60
1939/1939_10_13 Owens Edward J. suicide
1939/1939_10_13 Ball George Washington 67 "son of the late James and Louisa Wyatt Ball"
1939/1939_10_20 Stiff E. V. Doctor, died in Bluefield
1939/1939_10_20 Owens Edward Jackson 66 "son of Rufus M. and Nancy Tate Owens"
1939/1939_10_27 Sutherland Irene D. 44 "wife of Walter D. Sutherland"
1939/1939_10_27 St. Clair George W. 73
1939/1939_10_27 Meade Martha Addison "formerly of Hansonville section"
1939/1939_10_27 Payne D. R. 72 "of Belfast"
1939/1939_10_27 McGlothlin Carl "son of Mr. and Mrs. John McGlothlin"
1939/1939_11_03 Phelps Laura Alice 68 "wife of M. L. Phelps"
1939/1939_11_10 Davis Judie 82 "married in 1871 to Milton Davis"
1939/1939_11_10 McReynolds Cynthia Bausell 84
1939/1939_11_10 Williams Bobbie Ray 3 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams"
1939/1939_12_08 McReynolds Robert A. 63 "resident of Hamlin"
1939/1939_12_15 Garrett George M. 63 car accident
1940/1940_01_12 Johnson Lillian "wife of A. P. Johnson"
1940/1940_01_12 Artrip Andrew J. "resident of Thompson's Creek"
1940/1940_01_12 Gray Cleo "before marriage was Miss Cleo Gilmer"
1940/1940_01_12 Vance Mrs. D. H. "residing in the Cross Roads section"
1940/1940_01_12 Powers Marja Marie 1 month "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Powers"
1940/1940_01_12 Brooks Mrs. White "in Putnam"
1940/1940_01_19 Howington Marie Ervin 18 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Ervin"
1940/1940_01_19 Bundy Samuel Patton 78 colored
1940/1940_01_19 Taylor Mrs. Cummings 79 "Before marriage was a Miss Maxwell"
1940/1940_01_19 Hess John E. 29 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Oquinn William 24 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Hess Crumley R. 26 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Fletcher Earl C. 25 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Whited Corless 22 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Hess Dexter 22 killed in mine accident
1940/1940_01_19 Evans Lorraine "daughter of T. Evans"
1940/1940_01_26 Gilmer Mrs. Paul 33 "was the daughter of Mrs. Hattie Yost Jenkins and the late Louis W. Jenkins"
1940/1940_01_26 Trigg Mrs. Daniel
1940/1940_01_26 Hale Ruby "before marriage was Miss Ruby Bussey"
1940/1940_01_26 Musick John E. 63 died in Bristol
1940/1940_02_02 Musick Colbert 74 "Nash's Ford section"
1940/1940_02_02 Rasnake Sarah 76
1940/1940_02_02 Fuller Marcia 34 died in Tampa, FL
1940/1940_02_09 Gray Mrs. W. P. Resolution
1940/1940_02_09 Martin Nicholas 81 died in Texas
1940/1940_02_09 Williams W. D. died in Kentucky
1940/1940_02_09 Fuller Narcie died in Florida
1940/1940_02_09 Dishman Bob 21 mine accident
1940/1940_02_16 Fletcher Mrs. Thomas "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. David Munsey"
1940/1940_02_16 Garrett Pat 78
1940/1940_02_16 Arrington Charles H. 20 died in Florida
1940/1940_02_16 Dye Alice about 70
1940/1940_02_16 Boyd Henrietta 46 "was Miss Henrietta McNew"
1940/1940_02_16 Adams James Samuel 38 "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Adams"
1940/1940_02_16 Whitt Kelley "son of Mrs. Martha Whitt"
1940/1940_02_16 Puckett William H. 60
1940/1940_02_16 Rasnake Bob "son of the late Bone Rasnake"
1940/1940_02_16 Lewis Thomas Andrew 88 "in the Copper Creek section"
1940/1940_02_16 Stallard Theoba
1940/1940_02_16 Watson Cora 72 "was the wife of Press Watson"
1940/1940_02_23 Puckett J. Tivis
1940/1940_02_23 Rasnake Dorothy Alice 14 "daughter of Campbell Rasnake"
1940/1940_02_23 Jessee Mary Quillen 66 "husband, Thomas B. Jessee, died four years ago"
1940/1940_02_23 Vance Harold Wade 10 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Vance"
1940/1940_02_23 Breeding Raymond Millard 17 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Linzy Breeding"
1940/1940_02_23 Kendrick George Drayton 66 "son of the late W. J. and Melissa E. Kendrick"
1940/1940_02_23 McNew Mrs. Thomas 90
1940/1940_03_08 Pile Joseph A. 79
1940/1940_03_08 Boardwine Sally
1940/1940_03_08 Compton Floyd
1940/1940_03_08 Moretz Audrey 29 "of Dante"
1940/1940_03_15 Hubbard Ira 86
1940/1940_03_15 Stoots Maggie 83
1940/1940_03_15 House Paul Buckles 47
1940/1940_03_15 Rector S. J. about 63
1940/1940_03_22 Thomas George Alvin car accident
1940/1940_03_22 Gilmer Newton H. 84
1940/1940_03_22 Fine Lou Wagoner "widow of the late Dan Fine"
1940/1940_03_29 Brummitt Kent Lee 2 accidentally shot
1940/1940_03_29 Gose Stephen Christopher 70
1940/1940_03_29 Warner J. D. 58 "on Cedar Creek"
1940/1940_04_05 Johnson Wiley 21 "of Castle Ridge"
1940/1940_04_05 Gose Romey S. 54 "son of the late Georgia Lee Gose and Hop Gose"
1940/1940_04_12 King Allen 79 Reverend
1940/1940_04_12 Milton Martha J. "widow of the late Rev. William G. Milton"
1940/1940_04_12 Robinson Ed shot by wife
1940/1940_04_12 Dye Mrs. Henry
1940/1940_04_19 Bandy Lula Martin "wife of Henry M. Bandy"
1940/1940_04_19 West Robert 18 "son of Mr. and Mrs. George West"
1940/1940_04_19 Herndon Bessie Jane 34
1940/1940_04_19 Steffey Lakie Dell 49 "wife of John Steffey"
1940/1940_04_26 Johnson Rebecca Jane 59 "of Dante"
1940/1940_05_10 Williams Eliza Jane 77 "widow of the late Dr. James T. Williams"
1940/1940_05_10 Lawson John B. 47 "son of James and Mary Crusong Lawson"
1940/1940_05_17 Jessee John Tivis 76 "on Copper Creek"
1940/1940_05_17 Jessee Mrs. Thomas 52 "daughter of Dona Carroll"
1940/1940_05_17 Clark John
1940/1940_05_17 Dotson "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Emory Dotson"
1940/1940_05_24 Doton Foy shot by constable
1940/1940_05_24 Boyd Mrs. J. A. car accident
1940/1940_05_24 Johnson Lynn 23 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson"
1940/1940_05_24 Puckett Thomas J.
1940/1940_05_31 Gilmer Mrs. M. E. "was a Miss Lester"
1940/1940_06_21 Crabtree Burke murdered by "Bad" George Honaker
1940/1940_06_21 Pile Mrs. Joseph A.
1940/1940_06_21 Harmon Russell A. 85 "of the Mew section"
1940/1940_06_21 Vaughn Edith
1940/1940_07_05 Fraley J. B.
1940/1940_07_05 Reaves Opie Shepherd stabbed by husband
1940/1940_07_05 Meade Jarrett 84 died in Kentucky
1940/1940_07_05 Steffey Sara Elizabeth 82 "wife of the late J. C. Steffey"
1940/1940_07_12 Gilmer Jasper H. 76
1940/1940_07_12 Cox Garnett A. 46 "wife of Orbon D. Cox"
1940/1940_07_12 Williams Sam about 56 "colored cook"
1940/1940_07_12 Jessee Bob 76 "first wife being a Miss Ashby...last wife...was Mrs. Emmett Jessee"
1940/1940_07_19 Cooper William P. 70 "married to Nannie C. Meade"
1940/1940_07_19 Munsey Ocie 59 "daughter of W. K. Munsey"
1940/1940_07_19 Harrison Mrs. Ezra 43 "before marriage...was a Miss Hughes"
1940/1940_07_19 Fleenor M. C. close 90 "wife, who was Ada Barton before marriage"
1940/1940_08_09 Miller killed in mines
1940/1940_08_09 Castle Bryant about 38 shot
1940/1940_08_09 Moretz Harley Neil 8 "son of Willet M. Moretz"
1940/1940_08_09 Lovell Sarah Taylor died in Cincinnati
1940/1940_08_09 Cook Morgan killed by lightning
1940/1940_08_09 Harrison J. R.
1940/1940_08_09 Couch N. M. Card of thanks
1940/1940_08_23 Cox Orban D. 52 "son of the late L. Floyd Cox and Mrs. Mary B. Cox"
1940/1940_08_23 Casteel Nellie 31 "of St. Paul...was the wife of Jake Casteel"
1940/1940_08_30 Cunningham Elbert S. 80 "on Moccasin creek"
1940/1940_09_06 Strouth Joseph William 35 "son of the late Joseph and Sarah Dye Strouth"
1940/1940_09_06 Dickenson T. Farley 69
1940/1940_09_06 Skeens Jonathan 95 "near Castlewood"
1940/1940_09_06 Richardson Laura Frances 43 "husband, Will E. Richardson"
1940/1940_09_06 Jones Luther D. 35 accidentally shot
1940/1940_09_13 Fields Gladys Viola 15 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Fields"
1940/1940_09_13 Hall Charles Gose 56 "at Hamlin"
1940/1940_09_27 Young Otis colored, killed in mines
1940/1940_10_04 Johnson W. C. shot by Bill C. Hurd
1940/1940_10_04 Banner William Cowan 44 son of "Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Banner"
1940/1940_10_04 Carpenter Myrtle 42 "wife of Lindsey Carpenter"
1940/1940_10_04 Harman W. A. 64 "in West Dante"
1940/1940_10_04 Combs in Cincinnati, "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Combs, Jr."
1940/1940_10_11 Steffey J. C. 75 "survived by his wife and twenty children"
1940/1940_10_11 Henritze Thomas Craig 3 died in Colorado
1940/1940_11_01 Fuller Luther E.
1940/1940_11_08 Counts Joshua over 80
1940/1940_11_08 Lampkins Tommy Lynn "son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lampkins"
1940/1940_11_15 Mollinary Mrs. G. L. 53 at St. Paul
1940/1940_12_06 Clapp Charles E. 67 in Washington
1940/1940_12_06 Jessee Mrs. Henry
1940/1940_12_06 Steele Levi about 60
1940/1940_12_06 Litton Zelphia "former Miss Zelphia Richardson"
1940/1940_12_13 Nuley Virginia Tennessee 54 "in Bear Wallow"
1940/1940_12_20 Walls Elbert 60 "of Honaker"
1940/1940_12_20 Keys John 68 "near Clinchfield"
1940/1940_12_20 Artrip Mary Ann 91
1941/1941_01_03 Tate Mollie Burdine 74 "daughter of the late John W. and Stella Fleenor Tate"
1941/1941_01_03 Gose Elizabeth L. 78 "daughter of the late Mary Aston Litton and Joseph Litton"
1941/1941_01_03 Wilkerson Arthur C. 30
1941/1941_01_03 Burton Tina 60 "survived by her husband, Robert Burton"
1941/1941_01_03 Smith Minnie Eva 56 "was the daughter of the late William J. Crawford"
1941/1941_01_03 Monk Mary Jo 11 car accident, "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Monk"
1941/1941_01_03 Fields Charles Robert 13 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fields"
1941/1941_01_03 Kiser Elijah S. 83 "on Chaney Creek"
1941/1941_01_03 Keen Luke 25 hit by car
1941/1941_01_03 Keith Eugene E. "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Keith"
1941/1941_01_03 Lawson Charles F. 50 "widow, Mrs. Fannie Fugate Lawson"
1941/1941_01_10 Hurt Pearl Porter 59 "wife of C. W. Hurt"
1941/1941_01_10 Hardwick Thomas J. 74 "retired merchant"
1941/1941_01_10 Dameron Laura Mildred 58
1941/1941_01_17 Bailey James W. 71 died in Texas
1941/1941_01_17 Gilmer Morrell E. "son of the late T. A. Gilmer and Mrs. Sallie Baldwin Gilmer"
1941/1941_01_17 Rasnick Thomas A. "son of Bonapart and Margaret Rasnick"
1941/1941_01_17 Dickenson Pattie Boyd
1941/1941_01_17 Fink W. W. "shot to death"
1941/1941_02_07 Suit A. C. 79 "on route 2, Castlewood"
1941/1941_02_07 Davis Joe about 65 "a wife, who was Miss Eliza Munsey"
1941/1941_02_07 Lowe Vince Gilmer 55 "Belfast citizen"
1941/1941_02_14 Stinson Robert B. 85
1941/1941_02_14 Sword W. C.
1941/1941_02_14 Monk Georgia "wife of Berney Monk"
1941/1941_02_14 Owens Mary Jane 56 "near Cleveland"
1941/1941_02_14 Bausell John C. 79 "son of the late Thurman and Hannah Price Bausell"
1941/1941_02_14 Rainero James G. "was married to Miss Dosha Breeding"
1941/1941_02_21 Rasnake Nancy 75 "was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Stevens Rasnake"
1941/1941_02_21 Monk Clara Mae 15 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Monk"
1941/1941_03_07 Nipper John Henry 61 "survived by his wife, who was Rebecca Lewis"
1941/1941_03_07 Skeen John F. 83 "in the Grassy Creek section"
1941/1941_03_07 Pardue Richard E. 79 "survived by his second wife, the former Nettie Dollarhide"
1941/1941_03_07 Smith Ransome about 55 suicide
1941/1941_03_14 Dinwiddie 96 wife of M. L. Dinwiddie
1941/1941_03_14 Flannary Mrs. Creed 92
1941/1941_03_14 Salyer S. P. 74 "in the Grassy Creek section"
1941/1941_03_14 Smith E. G. 67 "near Honaker"
1941/1941_03_14 Meade son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Meade
1941/1941_03_21 Cook Dock E. 63 "near Lebanon"
1941/1941_03_21 Gibson Paul Brown 10 "son of Mrs. J. Wirt Gibson"
1941/1941_03_21 Ingle Henry W. 80 "in Castlewood"
1941/1941_03_21 Tankersley 4 weeks "child of Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Tankersley"
1941/1941_03_21 Ball Mariah E. 84 "was the wife of the late Charlie Ball"
1941/1941_03_21 Kiser Mrs. L. H. died in Pennsylvania
1941/1941_03_21 Dye W. F. died March 11, 1934
1941/1941_03_28 Tignor J. Sam "survived by his wife Clara Ferguson Tignor"
1941/1941_03_28 Worley H. K. 53 "at Carterton"
1941/1941_03_28 Howard Amanda M. 92 "was married to the late Franklin Howard"
1941/1941_03_28 Wallace Betty E. 8 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Walker"
1941/1941_03_28 Kiser Mrs. Frances 81 "at Hungerford, Pennsylvania...daughter of Elijah and Mary Sutherland"
1941/1941_03_28 Evans E. M. 79 "son of Hammond Evans...mother was Phoebe Kelly"
1941/1941_04_04 Belcher James H. "in Blairsville, Georgia"
1941/1941_04_04 Dorton Glenn Clark 22 suicide, son of "Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dorton"
1941/1941_04_04 Horne Fred 16 suicide, son of "Mr. and Mrs. Wade Horne"
1941/1941_04_04 Fuller Donald 11 "son of Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Fuller"
1941/1941_04_11 Gilmer E. T. (Tot) "son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Gilmer"
1941/1941_04_18 Kidd Carroll L. 62 car accident
1941/1941_04_18 Gilmer Lizzie 87 "survived by one brother, W. C. Gilmer"
1941/1941_04_18 Bradshaw Bob "aged Negro"
1941/1941_04_25 Kernan Charles K. 73 "son of the late Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kernan"
1941/1941_04_25 Whitt Gould about 45 "son of the late Z. N. Whitt"
1941/1941_04_25 Ray Slem 87
1941/1941_04_25 Kiser Melissa "wife of A. B. Kiser"
1941/1941_05_02 Robins Clyde 11 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Evans Robins", car accident
1941/1941_05_02 Litton Mollie 47 "before marriage Mrs. Litton was Miss Mollie Holmes"
1941/1941_05_02 Fraley Virginia F. 78
1941/1941_05_16 Cumbow Harry Lee 30
1941/1941_05_16 Counts Mrs. S. H. about 80 "at Blackford"
1941/1941_05_16 Sproles Jackie Elder 1 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Ival Sproles"
1941/1941_05_23 Owens Denton K. hit by train
1941/1941_05_23 Keith Nancy 73 "wife of T. J. Jessee"
1941/1941_05_23 Baldwin Orpha Fink
1941/1941_05_23 Robinson Coy 35 mine accident
1941/1941_05_23 Collins Lowell 13 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Collins"
1941/1941_05_30 Settle Arthur L. 58 "son of the late R. L. and Julia Taylor Settle"
1941/1941_05_30 Harrison Bernard B. 58 "born to Nancy Jane and Samuel Harrison"
1941/1941_06_06 Jessee Jefferson "near Hansonville"
1941/1941_06_06 Farriss Mrs. A. A. 88
1941/1941_06_06 Cox Mel "died at Raven"
1941/1941_06_13 Jessee Samuel P. 80 "near Castlewood"
1941/1941_06_13 Gilmer Walter S. 57 "reared near Hansonville"
1941/1941_06_20 Bales Henry 69 "of East Swords Creek"
1941/1941_06_20 Jenks Charles M. "parents, the late John P. and Mary Jenks"
1941/1941_06_20 Dye Sarah M. 69 "wife of James J. Dye"
1941/1941_06_27 Williams, Jr. Mrs. Lawrence died in Pittsburg, PA
1941/1941_06_27 Fleenor John L. 83
1941/1941_07_04 Honaker James Lewis 15 accidentally shot
1941/1941_07_04 Williams Virginia Magdalene 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Doc Williams"
1941/1941_07_04 Davis James A. 76 died in Missouri
1941/1941_07_04 McReynolds Eliza Mae "wife of Arthur McReynolds"
1941/1941_07_11 Fugate Frank L. 70 "survived by his wife, the former Miss Etta Fugate"
1941/1941_07_11 Francisco William H. 71 "son of the late Bryant Francisco"
1941/1941_07_11 Steele James M. 81 "son of Eliah and Louisa Lockhart Steel"
1941/1941_07_11 Fugate Henry Wood 75 "son of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Fugate"
1941/1941_07_11 Monk Clarence 23 "son of Mr. and Mrs. John Monk", drowned
1941/1941_07_18 Rasnake Mrs. James M. died in Atlanta, GA
1941/1941_07_18 Campbell Dallas A. 25 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell"
1941/1941_07_18 Robertson Mary Brown 32 "wife of J. Donald Robertson"
1941/1941_08_01 Dye Earl 31 car accident
1941/1941_08_01 Strouth Mrs. W. A. 85 "of Cleveland, VA"
1941/1941_08_01 Kiser Sue Fraley 83
1941/1941_08_01 Brooks William H. 86
1941/1941_08_01 Smith George about 50 suicide at Clinchco
1941/1941_08_08 Smith John Henry A. "of the Elk Garden section"
1941/1941_08_15 Mason Edward Harvey 70 "six miles west of Lebanon"
1941/1941_08_15 Cox Cora Taylor "wife of George Thomas Cox"
1941/1941_08_15 Buckland Charles car accident
1941/1941_08_29 Ketron John W., Sr. 87
1941/1941_08_29 Jessee T. D. K. 82 died in Roanoke
1941/1941_08_29 Amburgey Dana 20 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Amburgey"
1941/1941_08_29 Stinson Arthur drowned, "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stinson"
1941/1941_09_05 Smith Aut L. 55
1941/1941_09_05 Counts Mary 86 hit by train, "widow of Zeke Counts"
1941/1941_09_05 Phillips John Edward 77
1941/1941_09_12 Reynolds Robert World War I vet
1941/1941_09_12 Williams Tom colored, died in Bristol
1941/1941_09_19 Lowe Thomas Elbert 24 car accident
1941/1941_09_19 Taylor Grover C. 54
1941/1941_09_19 Boyd J. A. 42 of Dante
1941/1941_09_19 Williams John T. 69
1941/1941_09_19 Wilson Arthur 63 "survived by his father, J. P. Wilson"
1941/1941_10_03 Maiden George A. 89 Reverend
1941/1941_10_03 Call Eileen Hearon "daughter of the late Dr. D. S. Hearon and Cleo Miles Hearon"
1941/1941_10_03 Bostic Mrs. Sterling 37 "of lower Russell County"
1941/1941_10_03 Chafin Lou Emma 72
1941/1941_10_03 White Newland H. 42 "in Belfast"
1941/1941_10_03 Lasley 6 months "son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Lasley"
1941/1941_10_10 Whitt Ralph W. "interred at Honaker"
1941/1941_10_17 Jessee C. L. 75 "son of Archer S. and Cristina Jessee"
1941/1941_10_17 Perry Mrs. W. F.
1941/1941_10_17 Hale Frank F.
1941/1941_10_24 Walden Edith 74 "widow of Charlie Walden"
1941/1941_10_24 Woodward Lillie car accident
1941/1941_10_24 Hess James E. "at Haysi"
1941/1941_10_31 Hale James M. 24 mine accident
1941/1941_10_31 Powers John Burrel 28 mine accident
1941/1941_11_07 Dotson Ada 67 "widow of Tom Dotson"
1941/1941_11_14 Turner Eliza McReynolds 95
1941/1941_11_14 Gibson John W. A. 78 car accident
1941/1941_11_14 Campbell Edith Lee 53 died in Baltimore, "father, Dave A. Meade"
1941/1941_11_14 Sword Fred, Jr. 28 car accident
1941/1941_11_21 Hicks John 74 "first wife was Miss Kate Thurman"
1941/1941_12_05 Mutter Tom 40 mine accident, "son of Charles and Mary Barnett"
1941/1941_12_05 Wells Beverly 61
1941/1941_12_05 Osborn Charles Fletcher 84 "near Castlewood"
1941/1941_12_05 McCloud Mary "daughter of the late Mrs. Sara Puckett"
1941/1941_12_12 Payne Lizzie J. 65 "husband, George Payne"
1941/1941_12_12 Moore Bertie Mae 40 "in Dante"
1941/1941_12_12 Cox Thomas Carson 82
1941/1941_12_12 Parks Roy 30 "wife, who was before marriage a Miss Helton"
1941/1941_12_19 Harrison Howard W. 28 car accident
1941/1941_12_19 Edmonds K. F. 76 "in Carterton"
1942/1942_01_09 Baker B. J. 76 at Tumbez
1942/1942_01_16 Teets Hannah
1942/1942_01_16 Evans Elizabeth B. 64 "widow of [late] E. M. Evans"
1942/1942_01_16 Gamble Mrs. Walter 47 "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Musick"
1942/1942_01_16 Wysor Tom at Belfast
1942/1942_01_23 Huffman Mrs. Will 57 "Before marriage she was a Miss Helton"
1942/1942_01_23 Dickenson James Ora 84
1942/1942_01_23 Jessee Thomas B. 84
1942/1942_01_30 Fields Stanley 35
1942/1942_01_30 Johnson Tom 72 "at Tumbez"
1942/1942_02_06 Robinson Carrie 35 colored, murdered
1942/1942_02_13 Brown Mrs. Paul 44 "of Honaker"
1942/1942_02_13 Bradley John H. 68 "in the Casterun section"
1942/1942_02_13 Stinson Florence Sykes 74 "wife of T. R. Stinson"
1942/1942_02_13 Smith Joseph C. died in Missouri
1942/1942_02_20 Davis Lon Glenn 38
1942/1942_02_20 Bowman John 65
1942/1942_02_20 Comer John 61 "near Cleveland"
1942/1942_02_20 Kiser Nannie Jessee 83 "near Carterton"
1942/1942_02_20 Johnson G. Bruce 73 "near Honaker"
1942/1942_02_27 Gilmore William C. 64 "married Miss Mary E. Cowan"
1942/1942_02_27 Dye Lucine 75 "widow of A. B. Dye"
1942/1942_02_27 Dye Mrs. Charlie 51
1942/1942_02_27 McCloud Luther 44
1942/1942_02_27 Bolling Maude Lynch 35 "wife of Monroe Bolling"
1942/1942_03_06 Wilson John P. 97 Confederate veteran
1942/1942_03_06 Salyers Robert S. 82 at Grassy Creek
1942/1942_03_06 Jessee Nannie B. 83 "married to Elihue Kiser"
1942/1942_03_06 Hanson Robert died at Pearl Harbor
1942/1942_03_13 Fogleman James 76 Reverend
1942/1942_03_13 Henderson "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Henderson"
1942/1942_03_13 Ramsey Hatler D. 83 "near Hamlin"
1942/1942_03_13 Patrick "eight-day old infant of Rosco Patrick"
1942/1942_03_13 Dye W. F. "passed away eight years ago March 1934"
1942/1942_04_03 Gray James 93 Confederate veteran
1942/1942_04_10 Denny Eva Thomas "wife of Graham Denny...daughter of Mr. Abe Thomas"
1942/1942_04_17 Fern Dave died in Baltimore
1942/1942_04_17 Harris Elkanie E. 51
1942/1942_04_17 Cumbow Martha J. 69 "wife of James Cumbow", nee Jessee
1942/1942_04_17 Smith Walter near 67 "parents Rit and Josephine Smith"
1942/1942_04_17 Bundy Clarence C.
1942/1942_04_24 Jenks Wilson 30
1942/1942_04_24 Warner Roy, Jr. 13
1942/1942_04_24 Stump Mary M. 80
1942/1942_04_24 Whitt A. Lon 80 "of the New Garden district"
1942/1942_04_24 Cumbow Callie 67 "near Hansonville"
1942/1942_05_01 Ball Haskew 98 Confederate veteran
1942/1942_05_08 Lavinder T. C.
1942/1942_05_08 Alexander Mary "wife of Johnson Alexander"
1942/1942_05_15 Grigsby Ella 50 "wife of George W. Grigsby"
1942/1942_05_22 Fugate J. S. B. 59 "son of Robert B. Fugate and Mary A. Wood Fugate"
1942/1942_05_22 Garrett Susie 54 "husband, Henry B. Garrett"
1942/1942_05_22 Powers Paris Fisher 54 "married to Miss Nannie G. Chafin"
1942/1942_05_29 Jessee Belva "formerly Miss Belva Puckett", "Mrs. Houston Jessee"
1942/1942_05_29 McGlothlin Melissa Bales
1942/1942_05_29 Hess "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Hess"
1942/1942_05_29 Quillen George Robert 66 "of the Lower Castlewood district"
1942/1942_05_29 Fogleman Charlie Wesley 80
1942/1942_06_12 Hillman Lola "Mrs. Roscoe W. Hillman...daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jones"
1942/1942_06_12 Dickenson Laura Victoria "widow of the late Charles E. Dickenson"
1942/1942_06_12 Hurt Robert S. 70 died in Texas
1942/1942_06_19 Wilson Richard E. 28 died in WWII
1942/1942_06_19 Smith F. B. 75 "in the Cleveland district"
1942/1942_06_19 Purcell Lillie K. 48 "husband, Charles N. Purcell"
1942/1942_06_19 Campbell Frank 51 WWI veteran
1942/1942_06_19 Hughes Rosa 31 "of St. Paul"
1942/1942_06_26 Thomas Sarah Rachel 71 "widow of the late George Alvin Thomas"
1942/1942_06_26 Horton Pauline 19 murdered
1942/1942_07_24 Combs Jane Kiser 87 "of Hansonville"
1942/1942_07_24 Thomas Lula Bell "daughter of the late George L. and Nancy Counts Stinson"
1942/1942_07_24 Lockhart Mrs. J. H. funeral...last week"
1942/1942_07_31 Breeding Virginia Evelyn Miller "Mrs. A. L. Breeding"
1942/1942_07_31 Graham Robert N. hit by train
1942/1942_07_31 Hedrick A. W.
1942/1942_08_07 Cox J. A. 67
1942/1942_08_07 Stoots Jimmie 2
1942/1942_08_07 Fuller Major L. 65 "widow, Mrs. Founa Fuller"
1942/1942_08_14 Crabtree Robert C. 78 "of the Belfast area"
1942/1942_08_14 Dorton John Wesley 21 motorcycle accident
1942/1942_08_14 Gray Susan "widow of the late Dish Gray"
1942/1942_08_14 Wade Andrew about 78
1942/1942_08_21 Harrison Lynda Mae 5 hit by car
1942/1942_08_21 Harrison Mary 12 hit by car
1942/1942_08_21 Clark 6 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clark"
1942/1942_08_28 Addison Alice Cosby
1942/1942_09_04 Gilmer Clint died in Illinois
1942/1942_09_11 Hicks Mrs. Scott 76
1942/1942_09_18 Stinson Walter P. died in Kansas, "son of the late George L. and Nancy Counts Stinson"
1942/1942_09_25 Gilbert William McKinley 37 "father, Sam Gilbert"
1942/1942_09_25 Conner Ella died in Georgia, "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Settle"
1942/1942_09_25 Stump Christopher 83
1942/1942_09_25 White Arnold B. 36 "survived by his wife, Mrs. Lucille White"
1942/1942_10_02 Short Everett 77 "widow, Mrs. Jettie Elizabeth Short"
1942/1942_10_02 Gilmer Clinton H. 76 died in Illinois, "son of Jno. and Mary Gilmer"
1942/1942_10_02 Osborne Dolly Salyer 60 "married to Nelson Joseph Osborne"
1942/1942_10_23 Puckett Martha I. 87
1942/1942_10_23 Orvin Bill at least 90
1942/1942_10_30 Gilgore Nannie Hargis 76 "widow of Judge G. W. Kilgore"
1942/1942_10_30 Vandyke Henry J. 68
1942/1942_10_30 Wallace Claude drowned in Colorado River
1942/1942_10_30 Mays Edward B. 56 "survived by his widow, Mrs. Alta Cross Mays"
1942/1942_11_06 McDaniel Cornelia Gilmer 32 "daughter of the late Dr. A. K. Gilmer"
1942/1942_11_13 Powers Robert Lansing 23 killed in WWII
1942/1942_11_20 Tignor Clarabell "widow of Samuel Tignor"
1942/1942_11_20 Helton Ike 71 "survived by his wife Mary Jackson Helton"
1942/1942_11_20 Grizzle Cleveland H. 55
1942/1942_11_20 White Gladys 43 "wife of John Henry White"
1942/1942_11_27 Parks Homer S. 46 "Hamlin, VA"
1942/1942_11_27 Taylor Tobe 73 "survived by his widow, Mrs. Selina Powers Taylor"
1942/1942_11_27 Henritze James A. died in Los Angeles
1942/1942_12_04 Cooper Sid of St. Paul
1942/1942_12_04 Jacobs W. R. 49 "near Castlewood"
1942/1942_12_11 Thomas J. Crock 86
1942/1942_12_11 Kiser Ephraim M. 84 died in Pennsylvania
1942/1942_12_11 Alderson John W. died in Arkansas
1942/1942_12_18 Glover Ida Katherine 69 "husband, Thomas M. Glover"
1942/1942_12_18 Campbell Sarah M. 78 "widow of the late Wilson Campbell"
1943/1943_01_08 Cleek Henry W. 65 "survived by his widow, Eliza Couch Cleek"
1943/1943_01_08 Smith Maggie 76 "widow of F. B. Smith"
1943/1943_01_08 Porter Dora 70
1943/1943_01_08 Campbell Mary Margaret 7 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Campbell"
1943/1943_01_08 Skeens Nan 78
1943/1943_01_08 Hicks George died at Kingsport
1943/1943_01_08 Bartee Earl "widow, who was Miss Lula Akers"
1943/1943_01_15 Couch Jeff J.
1943/1943_01_22 Helton Bert T. killed in WWII plane crash
1943/1943_01_22 McNew Marion Pearce "only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. McNew"
1943/1943_01_29 Musick Ransom 92
1943/1943_01_29 Porter John R. (Bud) "son of the late Ott and Rachel Matney Porter"
1943/1943_01_29 Martin Harry Hood 63
1943/1943_02_05 Hubbard Giles 37 deserter, shot by Mps
1943/1943_02_05 Addison Lillian Sue 7 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Addison"
1943/1943_02_05 Leonard Eleanor Fields "Mrs. E. A. Leonard"
1943/1943_02_05 Skeen John
1943/1943_02_05 White Brown
1943/1943_02_12 Fuller Nina P. 63 "wife of A. C. Fuller...daughter of Mrs. Mary Ketron and the late John W. Ketron"
1943/1943_02_12 Musick Cowan 78
1943/1943_02_12 Banner Rebecca Buttery 70
1943/1943_02_12 Artrip Basil C. 30 mine accident
1943/1943_02_19 Whitt Raleigh 74
1943/1943_02_26 Prater Mary Browning 76 "the widow of Rev. J. L. Prater"
1943/1943_02_26 Mays Addie 64 "daughter of Harvey and Sarah Salyer Mays"
1943/1943_02_26 Johnson father of Ira Johnson
1943/1943_03_05 Gilmer Joe Browning 35 heart attack, "son of Joe Gilmer, Sr."
1943/1943_03_05 Routh Harry G. "son of the late H. G. Routh"
1943/1943_03_05 Castle Nannie B. 75 "wife of W. T. Castle"
1943/1943_03_05 Hart Eunice "on Weaver's creek"
1943/1943_03_12 Meade Mary E. 80 "wife of W. A. Meade"
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Elbert died in fire
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Mrs. Elbert died in fire
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Georgia 14 died in fire
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Nellie 11 died in fire
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Garnett 9 died in fire
1943/1943_03_12 Perkins Ethel 7 died in fire
1943/1943_03_19 Dye Hannah Vance 80 "of Swords Creek"
1943/1943_03_19 Smith Charlie A.
1943/1943_03_19 Jessee "infant of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jessee"
1943/1943_03_26 Gose Mary Cowan
1943/1943_03_26 Bradshaw Mary D. 88 "wife of Charles Bradshaw...daughter of the late William and Caroline Stinson"
1943/1943_03_26 Ferguson Walter M. 80 "wife, the former Miss Dora Gilmer"
1943/1943_04_02 Combs Josephine 75 "husband, Elbert S. Combs"
1943/1943_04_02 Martin Carrie L. "wife of the late Nicolas Martin, and the daughter of the late J. Harvey and Bebecca Meade"
1943/1943_04_09 Jessee Barbara Louise daughter of "Cpl. and Mrs. Robert Jessee"
1943/1943_04_16 Bussey "baby daughter...Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bussey"
1943/1943_04_16 Johnson Mary more than 80 died in Bristol
1943/1943_04_16 Salyers Eliza 85
1943/1943_04_23 Finney Edward P. 76 died in Kentucky
1943/1943_04_23 Carty Mary E. 85 "daughter of J. Harvey and Rebecca Meade"
1943/1943_04_30 Greear Bessie Ernest 79 at St. Paul
1943/1943_04_30 Fletcher Mrs. James
1943/1943_04_30 Osborne Nelson J. 69 "on Grassy creek near Castlewood"
1943/1943_05_07 Martin William Dock 88 " Dante"
1943/1943_05_28 Gibson Esther Fugate 86 "daughter of Joseph Colbert Fugate and Elizabeth Keys Fugate"
1943/1943_05_28 Jennings George M. 42 died in Bristol
1943/1943_06_04 York James R. died in WWII plane crash, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Blanchard"
1943/1943_06_04 Gilbert Benjamin H. 56 "son of E. K. and Martha Gilbert"
1943/1943_06_04 Keith Virginia Riner 77 "daughter of the late George and Jane Riner"
1943/1943_06_04 Gose Charles F. 82
1943/1943_06_04 Buttry Joseph H. 68 "son of the late Nat and Mary Brattin Buttry"
1943/1943_06_04 Musick Charlene "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Musick of Norwood, Ohio"
1943/1943_06_11 Litton Pauline Jones "wife of Hon. Scott Litton"
1943/1943_06_11 Fields Joe E. 71
1943/1943_06_25 Dye J. J. 79
1943/1943_06_25 Cross Dana Honaker 21 "Mrs. N. S. Cross...daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Honaker"
1943/1943_06_25 Moore Martha Robinson 68 "wife of the late Milton Moore"
1943/1943_06_25 Smoot Thomas Richard 68
1943/1943_06_25 Kestner Julia
1943/1943_07_02 Ascue John L. 72 "son of Annie Lester and Henry Ascue"
1943/1943_07_02 Rasnake Lillian Kiser 54 "Mrs. W. S. Rasnake"
1943/1943_07_02 Jones Isaiah 78 "his wife, who before her marriage was Miss Ruth Holmes"
1943/1943_07_02 Fields Mrs. Bob
1943/1943_07_02 Hess Lillie McLucille 12 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hess"
1943/1943_07_09 Hicks Dora 64
1943/1943_07_09 Gent Linda Erma "small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gent"
1943/1943_07_22 Gray Ira "son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gray"
1943/1943_07_22 Meade James O. 70 "son of the late James Harvey and Rebecca Lindamood Meade"
1943/1943_07_22 Morrison Mrs. Will "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin"
1943/1943_07_22 Alderson Billy
1943/1943_07_22 Williams W. R. "wife, Mrs. Mattie Peery Williams"
1943/1943_07_30 Puckett Mrs. David H. "of Dallas, Texas"
1943/1943_07_30 Breeding Earl "son of A. L. Breeding"
1943/1943_07_30 Amos John in his seventies
1943/1943_07_30 Fields Olen 41
1943/1943_07_30 Culbertson William J. 74
1943/1943_08_06 Tate "William Edward Tate and boy"
1943/1943_08_06 Garrett Martha Ellen 63 "married to Ben H. Garrett"
1943/1943_08_06 Hale "infant of Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson Hale"
1943/1943_08_13 Shoemaker Paul Gilmer "survived by his wife, Mrs. Kate Gent Shoemaker"
1943/1943_08_13 Perry James M. 70
1943/1943_08_13 Gray Buford 16 drowned in Tennessee
1943/1943_08_20 Aistrop Grover 59 "son of the late Lon and Nannie Aistrop"
1943/1943_08_27 Shell Floyd "wife, Miss Ella Shell"
1943/1943_08_27 Traylor "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Traylor"
1943/1943_09_03 Ascue Margie Ella 44 "daughter of the late James and Ocie Brown"
1943/1943_09_10 Smith G. Bruce 70 "of the Sword's Creek section"
1943/1943_09_17 Sutherland Clarence Edward "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sutherland"
1943/1943_09_17 Ferguson Tommy B. "Southeast of Lebanon"
1943/1943_09_17 Isaacs Elbert S. 85 "in Mendota"
1943/1943_09_17 Campbell Cynthia A. 76 "near Lebanon"
1943/1943_09_17 Hendricks Charles
1943/1943_09_24 Salyers Shannon S. 59
1943/1943_09_24 Wysor Ralph 87 "of the Belfast section"
1943/1943_09_24 Nash Lula Rachel 3 months "parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nash"
1943/1943_09_24 Walker Vicie 78 "wife of the late George J. Walker"
1943/1943_09_24 Kiser Margaret 78 "married to Henry Floyd Kiser"
1943/1943_10_01 Meade J. Hampton 66
1943/1943_10_08 Dotson Samuel C. "of Cleveland"
1943/1943_10_08 Dickenson James M. 77 "son of Nancy Bickley and James H. Dickenson"
1943/1943_10_08 Gibson Mattie Ketron 71 "Mrs. G. T. Gibson"
1943/1943_10_15 Harrison James A. 71 "in Moccasin Gap"
1943/1943_10_15 Miller Lora Louise 47 "father, John C. McGraw"
1943/1943_10_15 Campbell Mrs. Joel 81 "brother, D. F. Jessee"
1943/1943_10_15 Fields W. A. "widow, Mrs. Dell Banner Fields"
1943/1943_10_22 Cox W. O. 58 "St. Paul"
1943/1943_10_22 White J. J. 79 "of the Belfast section"
1943/1943_10_22 Dickenson John W. 72 "survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary E. Dickenson"
1943/1943_10_29 Kiser Clementine "daughter of Mrs. J. E. Kiser"
1943/1943_10_29 Sutherland Rachel 76 "wife of Noah Sutherland"
1943/1943_11_05 Bowen Virginia 67 "survived by her mother, Mrs. Margaret Wilson"
1943/1943_11_05 Kegley Mrs. Charles H. 71
1943/1943_11_05 Hanson Frank M. 85 "in Hansonville"
1943/1943_11_12 Dean Mary Ellen 53 "husband, Tye Dean"
1943/1943_11_19 Munsey David M. 79 "in Hansonville"
1943/1943_11_26 Neal William T. Jr. 2 "son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Neal"
1943/1943_11_26 Puckett Minnie Mae 67
1943/1943_12_03 Puckett George H. 82
1943/1943_12_10 Philips Rosmilion 76 hit by car
1943/1943_12_10 Fields Aaron 70 odd "A week earlier", hit by train
1943/1943_12_10 Davis Nannie B. 74
1943/1943_12_10 Robinson Mrs. George
1943/1943_12_10 Jackson Cowan G. 62 "at Haysi"
1943/1943_12_10 Osborne Joe 45 "was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alex Osborne"
1943/1943_12_10 Goodman Eva Rosland Gibson "husband, Raymond R. Goodman"
1943/1943_12_17 Summers Lewis Preston 75
1943/1943_12_17 Thompson Arabelle Breeding 56 "husband, H. E. Thompson"
1944/1944_01_07 Bowles Louise A. 69
1944/1944_01_07 Cumbow Clint 62 "survived by his widow, Mrs. Bertha Baker Cumbow"
1944/1944_01_07 Sandoe Raleigh R. 59 "the son of James L. and Vida Sandoe"
1944/1944_01_07 Tate Eliza 84 "widow of Jake E. Tate"
1944/1944_01_07 Bausell Charles Gilmer "son of the late Charles W. and Mollie Bausell"
1944/1944_01_07 Thompson Alice N. 82 "widow of B. J. Thompson"
1944/1944_01_14 McDonald Ammond 78
1944/1944_01_14 Gose J. B. 87 "widow, Mrs. Fannie Shoemaker Gose"
1944/1944_01_14 Cumbow Mrs. A. H. 96 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parks Martin"
1944/1944_01_14 Perry William Fuller
1944/1944_01_14 McReynolds Dock
1944/1944_01_21 Boyd Ellis J. 62 "son of the late Hobert and Polly A. Boyd"
1944/1944_01_21 Vencill Lucy Jane "widow of the late James Harvey Vencill"
1944/1944_01_28 Castle Wayne B. 38 "at Kingsport, Tenn."
1944/1944_01_28 Cozzolino Cleo McCloud "wife of Domenick Cozzolino"
1944/1944_01_28 Robinson William Donald "infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robinson"
1944/1944_01_28 Nash John "died in the Corner section"
1944/1944_02_04 Garrett Claude Peery 47 "son of Mrs. Mary Garrett and the late Arthur Garrett"
1944/1944_02_04 Sargent Phyllis Jean 1 "baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sargent"
1944/1944_02_04 McGoldrick Mary Jane 73
1944/1944_02_04 Hurt William T. 74 "survived by his widow, Mrs. Amanda L. Hurt"
1944/1944_02_04 Mutter John 67 "married in 1902 to Rosa Cox"
1944/1944_02_04 Cumbow Mrs. Jack 87 "west of Hansonville"
1944/1944_02_04 Vance Arthur "Honaker News"
1944/1944_02_18 Morefield Elmer 26 "of St. Paul", hit by train
1944/1944_02_18 Kiser Grover C. 59 "son of Harve and Eliza Kiser"
1944/1944_02_18 Helton Charlie 65 "widow, who was before the marriage Fanny Puckett"
1944/1944_02_18 Duff Henry 67 "son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sam Duff"
1944/1944_03_03 Baker Henry T. 67
1944/1944_03_10 Harrison Elizabeth 88 "widow of George Harrison"
1944/1944_03_10 Kiser J. B. "son of the late Dr. Andy and Jane Dotson Kiser"
1944/1944_03_10 Honaker Taze 80 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Honaker"
1944/1944_03_10 Jessee Lucin G. 44 "widow, Mrs. Ada Kiser Jessee"
1944/1944_03_10 Gose James N.
1944/1944_03_17 Bostic Nannie Jane 60
1944/1944_03_17 Bickley Joseph R. 77 "widow, Susan Dickenson Bickley"
1944/1944_03_24 Meade Eliza Skeen "daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Jessee"
1944/1944_03_31 Powers Mary Adaline 82
1944/1944_03_31 Artrip Mary Jane (Nancy Jane) 82 "wife of Marion Artrip"
1944/1944_03_31 Dickenson James Hatler Sr. 93 son of Henry
1944/1944_03_31 Skeen Joe
1944/1944_03_31 Pientka "about four years ago"
1944/1944_04_21 Monk James Carl 54 "at Castlewood"
1944/1944_04_21 Wireman Reece E. 43 "widow, Mrs. Ethel Smith Wireman"
1944/1944_05_12 Hurt Isabell St. Clair Ball 80 "was married to James Coy Hurt"
1944/1944_05_12 Porter Nannie Bell 70 "married William H. Porter"
1944/1944_05_19 Addison Hannah 89 "on Copper Creek"
1944/1944_05_19 Rasnake Mrs. Bill 51 "one brother, Sam Sullivan"
1944/1944_06_02 Leonard Everett A. 67 "in Bluefield, W. Va"
1944/1944_06_02 Musick Mrs. R. B. 79 "at St. Paul"
1944/1944_06_09 No paper published
1944/1944_06_16 Honaker Bradley 34 mine accident
1944/1944_06_16 Hevener Grace Kent Gilmer "youngest daughter of the late A. P. and Rachel Gilmer"
1944/1944_06_16 Patrick Laura J. 61 "daughter of the late Rev. A. A. and Mrs. Caroline J. Adams"
1944/1944_07_14 Lowe Sam H. killed in action on D-Day
1944/1944_07_14 Penland Ferman killed in action in Europe
1944/1944_07_14 Thompson Ezra "son of Norman and Elizabeth Wallace Thompson", died in Missouri
1944/1944_07_14 Ferguson J. Graham 51 "son of the late Aaron and Virginia Ferguson", died in Norfolk
1944/1944_07_14 Campbell Cowan 83 "son of the late George W. and Sidney Cumbow Campbell"
1944/1944_07_14 Keith James E. 79
1944/1944_07_14 Briggs George
1944/1944_07_21 Terry Nancy E. "wife of W. E. Terry"
1944/1944_07_21 Taylor Orlen Oscar 4 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Taylor"
1944/1944_07_21 Grizzle Ollie killed in action in Southwest Pacific
1944/1944_07_28 Howard Ryland C. killed in action in Burma
1944/1944_07_28 Mutter Clyde killed in action on D Day
1944/1944_07_28 King John 70 "son of William T. and Nancy L. King"
1944/1944_08_04 Dorton Franklin D. 9 weeks "son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dorton"
1944/1944_08_04 Campbell George D. 52 "wife, the former Miss Mollie Belcher"
1944/1944_08_04 Harmon Ralph killed in action on D Day
1944/1944_08_04 Rose Perry killed in action in France
1944/1944_08_04 Banner Charlie W.
1944/1944_08_04 Crawford Jim died in North Carolina
1944/1944_08_04 Broadwater Charlie died in Norton
1944/1944_08_11 Worsham Harry (Arnold) killed in action on D Day
1944/1944_08_11 Gilbert Ollie killed in action in France
1944/1944_08_11 Williams Tom G. about 56 shot to death by Arthur Martin
1944/1944_08_11 Fraley Joseph 75 "widow, Mrs. Mary Couch Fraley"
1944/1944_08_18 Artrip Paul J. died of wounds received in action in France
1944/1944_08_18 Dickenson John T. "wife, the former Miss Mattie Quarles"
1944/1944_08_18 Grizzle Winnie 86
1944/1944_08_25 Mutter Frank killed in action in France
1944/1944_08_25 Harris T. J. 82 "married Miss Sydney Owens"
1944/1944_08_25 McGlothlin John "burial followed in the Tunnel cemetery"
1944/1944_09_08 Barnhart Mildred Ann "infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Barnhart"
1944/1944_09_08 Jessee Teddy "son of Sam V. and Florine Jessee"
1944/1944_09_08 Cook 12 "daughter of the late Charlie Cook...death was the third in this family in the last few months"
1944/1944_09_08 Harrison "son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Harrison"
1944/1944_09_22 Grizzle Woodrow 26 killed in action in France
1944/1944_09_22 Rasnick Junior "son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rasnick"
1944/1944_09_22 Pientka Edward S. died in service in Aleutian Islands
1944/1944_09_22 Skeens Sherman killed in action on D Day, "son of Jackson and Nancy Skeens"
1944/1944_09_22 Alexander Emma 69
1944/1944_09_29 Garrett Billy 9 "son of Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Garrett"
1944/1944_09_29 Repass Walter 63 died in Gate City
1944/1944_10_06 Plaster Henry Jackson 46 "son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Plaster"
1944/1944_10_06 Comann Thomas W. 84 died in Florida
1944/1944_10_06 Couch husband of Mrs. N. S. Couch
1944/1944_10_06 Routh Mrs. Jake died in Bluefield, husband died a few years ago
1944/1944_10_13 Bausell Lewis killed in action in the South Pacific, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Bausell"
1944/1944_10_13 Newman Wilson Gray killed in action in France, "mother is the former Lucy Gray"
1944/1944_10_13 Hayter Louise 6 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Hayter"
1944/1944_10_13 Musick R. B. 85 "of St. Paul"
1944/1944_10_20 Fields David Guy 23 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Fields"
1944/1944_10_20 Harrison Alice
1944/1944_10_20 Hillman Rudolph 19 "parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hillman"
1944/1944_10_20 Molinary James W. 23 killed in action in Germany, father was G. L. Molinary
1944/1944_10_27 Smith J. B. "survived by his wife, who was Miss Rosa Routh"
1944/1944_10_27 Dye Ira 55 poisoned
1944/1944_11_03 Belcher George 21 killed in action in Holland
1944/1944_11_03 Combs Will "in Coxtown"
1944/1944_11_10 Jones Campbell 51 "widow, the former Miss Georgia Bausell"
1944/1944_11_10 Tyler William D. "former resident of Dante"
1944/1944_11_17 Stone Larry died of wounds received in combat
1944/1944_11_17 Combs Forrest
1944/1944_11_17 Austin T. H. 81
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers W. Raymond car accident
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers Mattie Lou 5 car accident
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers Harold 18 months car accident
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers Mrs. W. R. car accident
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers W. R., Jr. 11 car accident
1944/1944_12_08 Stowers born dead
1944/1944_12_08 Richardson Vince 57
1944/1944_12_08 Gilmer Ida L. 75 "daughter of the late Daugherty and Mary Jessee Gilmer"
1944/1944_12_15 Combs James "son of Mrs. Lizzie Combs and the late Henry Combs", died in service
1944/1944_12_15 Johnson Richard Ben 56 "son of the late Richard W. Johnson and Rebecca Whetsell Johnson"
1944/1944_12_15 Fleenor Mrs. T. H. 58
1944/1944_12_22 Price Gentry 27 killed in mines
1944/1944_12_22 Bobbitt George William
1944/1944_12_22 Wysor W. J. "in Swords Creek"
1945/1945_01_05 Johnson Gussie B.
1945/1945_01_05 Gibson Samuel L. 73
1945/1945_01_05 Wysor J. W. 82 "wife, Mrs. Laura Smith Wysor"
1945/1945_01_05 Saunders Alfred
1945/1945_01_05 Skeens William McKinley 83 "son of the late Nathaniel and Sally Isaacs Skeens"
1945/1945_01_05 Kiser Mrs. J. Arch "daughter of the late A. J. and Martha A. Grigsby"
1945/1945_01_05 Combs Martha E. 66 "daughter of the late Austin and Priscilla Dotson"
1945/1945_01_05 Hawkins Howard Stanley 25
1945/1945_01_05 Steffey Martha E. 87 "daughter of Squire and Margaret Dale Osborne"
1945/1945_01_05 Easterley Della Evalena Baltimore Purcell 70 "married to Charles W. Easterly"
1945/1945_01_05 Barrett Rush
1945/1945_01_05 McGlothlin Benson hit by car in Baltimore
1945/1945_01_05 Hobbs Marvin killed in action in Italy, "son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hobbs"
1945/1945_01_12 Taylor Charles E. 64
1945/1945_01_12 Salyer Sara Virginia 90
1945/1945_01_12 Sutherland Clyde Truitt 20 months "only son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sutherland"
1945/1945_01_12 Gilmer Mrs. Al Brown "widow of the late W. E. Gilmer"
1945/1945_01_12 Tate John Burdine 54
1945/1945_01_12 Austin Sarah Elizabeth 74 "before her marriage was Miss Sarah Elizabeth Williams"
1945/1945_01_19 Helton Paul killed in action
1945/1945_01_19 Smyth Blythe R. killed in action
1945/1945_01_19 Ward James W. killed in action in France
1945/1945_01_19 Steel Charles about 20 froze to death
1945/1945_01_19 Grizzle George 67 "wife, Mrs. Katherine Musick Grizzle"
1945/1945_01_19 Branson Charles E. 74 "widow, Mrs. Rebecca Cooper Branson"
1945/1945_01_19 Bradley Laura Alice 66 "husband, Charles Bradley"
1945/1945_01_26 Rasnick Johnny killed in action, "son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Rasnick"
1945/1945_01_26 Hurt Vault
1945/1945_01_26 Thompson Sallie E. 67 "survived by her husband, J. T. Compton"
1945/1945_01_26 Hurt Dewain E. killed in action, "son of Mrs. Connie Hurt"
1945/1945_01_26 Ballard Johnnie E. 19 "son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ballard"
1945/1945_02_09 Fogleman James E. 74
1945/1945_02_09 Thompson Henry E.
1945/1945_02_09 Bartee J. D., Sr.
1945/1945_02_09 Cox Patton
1945/1945_02_16 Rasnake Arnold, Jr. killed in action in Germany
1945/1945_02_16 Harmon W. D. 27 killed in action in Luxembourg
1945/1945_02_16 Fields Anthony killed in service explosion
1945/1945_02_16 Bickley Ed died in Kentucky
1945/1945_03_02 Jackson Aubrey Eugene 16 "son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jackson"
1945/1945_03_02 Branson William H. 71 "widow, Mrs. Rachel J. Branson"
1945/1945_03_02 Grizzle B. H. Land sale
1945/1945_03_09 McGlothlin Dale 52 Suicide
1945/1945_03_09 Browning Hilton M. died in Washington State
1945/1945_03_09 Ball Jessie B. 83 "at Belfast"
1945/1945_03_09 Holbrook Laban P. 80 "near St. Paul"
1945/1945_03_09 Ball Charlie died in Honaker
1945/1945_03_09 Ray Henry "in Lebanon"
1945/1945_05_11 Wallace Leon killed in action in Germany
1945/1945_08_31 Sabo Joe, Jr. "of Dante", killed in action, 11/8/1944
1945/1945_08_31 Campbell James "son of Mrs. Vince Campbell and the late Vince Campbell"
1945/1945_08_31 Harrison Warren G. 5 "In Loving Memory"
1945/1945_08_31 Wilson Denver "In Memoriam"
1945/1945_08_31 Mays W. H.
1945/1945_09_07 List of 79 WWII dead
1945/1945_10_12 Alexander Victoria 83 "Surviving are her mother, Rebeccas Justice"
1945/1945_10_12 Woodward Rev. E. N. 79
1945/1945_10_12 Ferguson Mary M. "wife of John B. Ferguson"
1945/1945_10_12 mother of G. J. Hargis