Miscellaneous Obituary Index

Below is a sortable table of Russell County obituary and death notices in the Honaker Herald, Gladeville Sun, Bluegrass Enterprise, Bristol Herald, Bristol Herald Courier, Bristol Semi-Weekly Herald, Abingdon Virginian, the Protectionist (of Lebanon), and the Bickley Mills Post.

Paper Date Last Name First Name Age Notes
Abingdon Virginian 03/02/1866 Cowan David 78 "near Lebanon"
Abingdon Virginian 07/27/1866 Gilmer Martha A. 52 "daughter of Andrew and Mary Long, and wife of Wesley Gilmer"
Abingdon Virginian 10/12/1866 Gibson William about 70 "united in matrimony with Tobitha Dickenson, June 6th, 1820"
Abingdon Virginian 10/19/1866 Alderson Abel 64
Abingdon Virginian 01/11/1867 Gilmer Andrew E. 34 "son of Martha and Wesley Gilmer"
Abingdon Virginian 02/22/1867 Boyd Thursey Jane 41 "departed this life at the residence of Wm. B. Aston"
Abingdon Virginian 03/01/1867 Gilmer John W. 29 "son of Charles H. Gilmer", accidentally shot, confederate veteran
Abingdon Virginian 03/22/1867 Davis Mary A. 22 "wife of John G. Davis, of Lebanon, Va., and daughter of Joseph and Sarah Smith"
Abingdon Virginian 12/13/1867 Hendricks Ellen K. 22 "daughter of Oliver H. and Mary J. Frick, and wife of Fullen H. Hendricks"
Abingdon Virginian 01/24/1868 Campbell Anna 63 "wife of William Campbell, and daughter of John and Margaret Scott"
Abingdon Virginian 02/21/1868 Daugherty Ezekiel 77
Abingdon Virginian 02/21/1868 Fullen Elizabeth 104 "Died, at the residence of her Son, Mr. John B. Fullen"
Abingdon Virginian 07/17/1868 Dickenson Mary 74 "consort of Maj. James Dickenson"
Abingdon Virginian 08/21/1868 Bauswell Sallie E. 19 "daughter of Wm. T. and Hannah Bauswell"
Abingdon Virginian 12/09/1869 Fuller Hannah 81 "wife of Stephen Fuller"
Abingdon Virginian 02/04/1870 Hess John Henry died while cutting firewood
Abingdon Virginian 06/17/1870 Hackney John W. 32 "pulmonary consumption"
Abingdon Virginian 10/21/1870 Ferrell Juliana O. 36 "wife of Wm. Ferrell, and daughter of Moses and Mary Whitt"
Abingdon Virginian 10/21/1870 Purcell Elizabeth A. about 50 "consort of Jas. Purcell, and daughter of Andrew and Mary Long"
Abingdon Virginian 03/03/1871 Fugate Jacob E. 26
Abingdon Virginian 03/31/1871 Whetsell Benjamin shot by H. C. Moore
Abingdon Virginian 06/16/1871 Dickenson John 76
Abingdon Virginian 06/16/1871 Campbell Priscilla about 60 "wife of Mr. Richard R. Campbell"
Abingdon Virginian 07/14/1871 Davis William killed by Joseph Duff and John Mutter
Abingdon Virginian 07/14/1871 Lynch Richard H. about 50
Abingdon Virginian 03/26/1875 Kelley William 90 "in Reed's Valley"
Abingdon Virginian 03/26/1875 Vincil John 83 "in Horton's Valley"
Abingdon Virginian 05/28/1875 Williams Lewy about 80 "on Copper Creek"
Abingdon Virginian 05/28/1875 Browning Araminta "in Elk Garden"
Abingdon Virginian 05/28/1875 Whitsell Elizabeth B. about 53 "wife of Benjamin Whitsell"
Abingdon Virginian 07/09/1875 Honaker Samual 77
Abingdon Virginian 07/09/1875 Barker D. W. about 50 "on Moccasin"
Abingdon Virginian 07/09/1875 Willis Eva about 97 "about five miles from Lebanon"
Abingdon Virginian 07/16/1875 Grace John 74 "in the "Loop""
Abingdon Virginian 07/16/1875 Price Fannie aged 97 "widow of the late Richard Price"
Protectionist 09/11/1885 Mason Mary "daughter of Robert and Priscilla Mason"
Protectionist 09/11/1885 Honaker Henry C. "on Copper Creek"
Protectionist 09/11/1885 "lunatic...colored woman...formerly a slave of Maj. James Dickenson"
Protectionist 09/11/1885 Campbell Cyntha "relict of Henry Campbell...neighborhood of Jessee's School House"
Protectionist 09/11/1885 Addison Henry about 16 "son of Hiram Addison"
Protectionist 09/18/1885 Ferguson Stephen died in Kentucky
Protectionist 09/18/1885 Johnson Arthur "little son of Henry and Catherine Johnson"
Protectionist 09/18/1885 Jessee Oliver "little son of Elbert and Cynthia Jessee"
Protectionist 09/25/1885 Pinion Hattie 16 "In New Garden, near Rose Dale"
Protectionist 09/25/1885 Kiser Ephraim "a sermon in memory of old grandpa"
Protectionist 09/25/1885 Kiser Samuel J. "a sermon in memory of old grandpa and..."
Bickley Mills Post 03/19/1891 Holbrook John C. "near St. Paul"
Bickley Mills Post 03/26/1891 Williams Andrew Sr. near 76 "south side of Copper Ridge"
Bickley Mills Post 04/02/1891 Culbertson Mrs. Thomas "near Dickensonville"
Bickley Mills Post 04/02/1891 Holmes about 1 "Geo. Holmes' little child"
Bickley Mills Post 04/02/1891 Alderson Martha "wife of Capt. J. D. Alderson, deceased"
Bickley Mills Post 04/09/1891 Liang Jane "wife of Sidnor Liang and daughter of Wm. Blizzard"
Gladeville Sun 04/17/1891 Culbertson Mrs. Thos.
Gladeville Sun 04/17/1891 Fugate Annie 91 "Old aunt Annie Fugate, col."
Bickley Mills Post 05/14/1891 Smith Nannie "wife of Captain John Smith", "was a Miss Crouch"
Bickley Mills Post 05/14/1891 Johnson Benjamin "late of Arkansas" accidentally shot
Bickley Mills Post 05/14/1891 Dickenson Peter "colored"
Bickley Mills Post 05/21/1891 Seacatt Maggie "wife of Charlie Seacatt"
Bickley Mills Post 06/18/1891 Thompson Ida "adopted child" of "Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Thompson"
Bickley Mills Post 06/25/1891 Thompson John "in February last, was accidentally shot"
Bickley Mills Post 07/02/1891 Gilmer Ellen "wife of W. W. Gilmer"
Bickley Mills Post 07/09/1891 Couch Dora 12 "daughter of George W. Couch"
Bickley Mills Post 07/09/1891 Hurd "the little child of Mrs. Hurd"
Bickley Mills Post 07/16/1891 Jones Sarah F. "wife of Enoch Jones"
Bickley Mills Post 07/16/1891 Lynch C. R.
Bickley Mills Post 07/30/1891 Davis Mrs. John G. "of Norton", "interment in New Garden"
Bickley Mills Post 08/13/1891 Campbell William "in the vicinity of Lebanon"
Bickley Mills Post 08/13/1891 Meade Samuel 7 "son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Meade"
Bickley Mills Post 08/13/1891 Dickenson Kyle "little son of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Dickenson"
Bickley Mills Post 08/20/1891 Browning M. J. about 60 "wife of A. P. Browning and widow of Charles Carroll...daughter of the late Nelson Gray"
Bickley Mills Post 09/03/1891 Hunt Joseph killed by train while drunk (possibly murdered)
Bickley Mills Post 09/03/1891 Rhea Mary E. 56
Bickley Mills Post 09/03/1891 Smith Charles Allen "son of the distinguished Col. Henry Smith"
Bickley Mills Post 09/03/1891 Dickenson T. Marion died in Texas, "son of Mr. H. P. Dickenson"
Bickley Mills Post 09/10/1891 Chapman Bessie 4 "daughter of Joseph Chapman"
Bickley Mills Post 09/10/1891 Thompson John A. "Rev. Asa Thompson preached a sermon in memory of"
Bickley Mills Post 09/17/1891 Gose "infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gose"
Bickley Mills Post 09/17/1891 Steffy Marshall 8 "son of Cutler Steffy"
Bickley Mills Post 10/08/1891 Smith Arthur "son of Capt. Jno. W. Smith"
Bickley Mills Post 10/15/1891 Porter Isaac H. "near Brewster"
Bickley Mills Post 10/22/1891 Comann Junius Floyd 3 "our dear little boy"
Bickley Mills Post 10/22/1891 Hunt Jeff. "Esq., shot and mortally wounded by Will Hickey"
Bickley Mills Post 11/05/1891 Aston Robert B. "near the Old Court House"
Bickley Mills Post 11/19/1891 Dickenson Gray 5 "son of J. Henry and Mary A. Dickenson"
Bickley Mills Post 12/03/1891 Combs "younger child" of "Mr. and Mrs. Eb. Combs"
Bickley Mills Post 12/10/1891 Fuller "widow of the late Abram Fuller"
Bickley Mills Post 12/10/1891 Davis Isaac died in Abingdon
Bickley Mills Post 12/10/1891 Jessee Mary Ethel 20 months daugher of E. K. Jessee
Bickley Mills Post 12/17/1891 Gibson Thomas "old and much esteemed citizen of Copper Creek"
Bickley Mills Post 12/17/1891 Bickley Nettie 22 Died in Bristol, "daughter of Mr. A. H. Bickley"
Bickley Mills Post 12/23/1891 Couch "wife of Andrew Couch"
Bickley Mills Post 01/07/1892 Puckett "wife of James Puckett"
Bickley Mills Post 01/07/1892 Dickenson Arthur C. "near Dorado"
Bickley Mills Post 01/07/1892 Finney James about 82
Bickley Mills Post 01/14/1892 Breeding John about 50 shot by James Grizzle and sons
Bickley Mills Post 01/18/1892 Leonard Mrs. E. A. "sister of B. H. Reynolds", died in Tennessee
Bickley Mills Post 01/21/1892 Rice Mrs. C. C. "wife of C. N. Rice, and daugther of Lysander and Sallie Steffey" died in Alabama
Bickley Mills Post 01/28/1892 Gilmer 10 months "little child of Marcellus and Sallie Gilmer"
Bickley Mills Post 02/04/1892 Meade 87 "wife of Richard Meade, near Carterton"
Bickley Mills Post 02/04/1892 Stallard John "Rev....a very old man", "near Honaker"
Bickley Mills Post 02/11/1892 Stuart W. A. 65 Colonel, "of Elk Garden", died in Philadelphia
Bickley Mills Post 02/11/1892 Culbertson Jennie 18 "daughter of Thos. Culbertson, of Dickensonville"
Bickley Mills Post 02/11/1892 Bickley Jonathan Fletcher "at the home of his father, Wm. C. Bickley"
Bickley Mills Post 02/11/1892 Clapp Joseph L. died in Cincinnati
Bickley Mills Post 02/18/1892 Ailiff Sallie about 85 "wife of Thos. Ailiff, who resides near Sulpher Springs on Copper Creek"
Bickley Mills Post 02/25/1892 Jessee Rachel "near Rock Farm...wife of Thos. B. Jessee"
Bickley Mills Post 03/10/1892 Bickley Emma 2 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McKendree Bickley"
Honaker Herald 08/14/1924 Helton William
Honaker Herald 08/14/1924 Gose Bettie "Castlewood"
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Howard James D. suicide
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Howard Mrs. James D. murdered by husband
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Grant Mrs. Charles suicide
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Tate Clarence 24 car accident
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Slaughter Z. N. "departed this life four years ago"
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Howard Rufus H. "near Chilhowie"
Honaker Herald 02/17/1927 Fields Ward "at Corn Valley"
Honaker Herald 03/10/1927 Ferguson John Tommy 78 "in Elk Garden"
Honaker Herald 03/10/1927 Gent R. F. 67 "of Big A Mountain"
Honaker Herald 03/10/1927 Ratliff Eugene
Honaker Herald 03/10/1927 Lockhart George James died in 1928
Honaker Herald 03/10/1927 Steele Maggie 59
Honaker Herald 04/07/1927 Vencill Ranzy about 30 "killed at Belfast"
Honaker Herald 04/07/1927 Robinson George about 67 "at Tumbez"
Honaker Herald 04/07/1927 Price Mrs. J. J. 74
Honaker Herald 05/19/1927 Keen Poe 45 "in Old Honaker"
Honaker Herald 05/19/1927 Price J. J. 75 "in the Loop"
Honaker Herald 07/07/1927 Plaster Mrs. Harvey "at Blackford"
Honaker Herald 07/07/1927 Fugate E. S. "Mrs. Nathan E. Fugate"
Honaker Herald 07/07/1927 McGlothlin Minnie 9 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McGlothlin"
Honaker Herald 07/07/1927 Mays John W. 83
Honaker Herald 12/11/1930 Ball John W. Confederate veteran, died in Oklahoma
Honaker Herald 12/11/1930 Hart Phoebe 81 "Dies at Coulwood"
Honaker Herald 12/11/1930 Monk Mrs. Haze "of the Corner"
Bluegrass Enterprise 03/18/1931 Kiser Elihue 81 "near Carterton"
Bluegrass Enterprise 03/18/1931 Ramsey Mrs. P. E. 84 "wife of G. W. Ramsey"
Honaker Herald 10/20/1932 Howard J. Taze 87 Confederate veteran
Honaker Herald 10/20/1932 Combs R. A. 35 car accident
Honaker Herald 07/11/1935 Jackson William 85
Honaker Herald 07/18/1935 Jackson Mose 87 "near Drill"
Honaker Herald 08/01/1935 Honaker 2 months "child of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Honaker"
Honaker Herald 08/01/1935 Honaker Charles William 72
Honaker Herald 08/01/1935 Hubbard Mary Belle 20 car accident
Honaker Herald 08/01/1935 Mitchell C. J. 75 "near Richlands"
Bristol Herald 02/17/1906 Dorton William "of Copper Creek"
Bristol Semi-Weekly Herald 09/07/1906 Harvey Frank shot by Clarence Cooper
Bristol Herald 12/05/1905 Robinson "little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Robinson"
Bristol Herald 12/05/1905 Robinson "of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Robinson...two weeks ago another one of his daughters died"
Bristol Herald 12/30/1905 McFarlane Mrs. Bracken
Bristol Herald Courier 04/22/1910 Honaker Betty about 73
Bristol Herald Courier 04/22/1910 Easterly "little baby girl" of "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Easterly"
Bristol Herald Courier 03/24/1911 Fields Bert 7 "son of W. A. Fields"
Bristol Herald Courier 07/22/1925 Gilmer George "east of Lebanon"
Bristol Herald Courier 06/14/1934 Cumbow William 72
Bristol Herald Courier 06/16/1934 Gilmer Ida Gray 20 "daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilmer"