1860 Russell County Virginia Federal Mortality Schedule

Name Age Sex Race Free
Marital Status Place
Occupation Cause
Number Days Ill
Dickerson, Thomas N. 1y m m s -- " Mar None Croup 7d
Garrett, Louiusy? 6y f b s -- " Jan None Pneumonia 1d
Clark,_______ 1/12 m b f -- " May None Bold Hives 21d
Gilmer, John 40y m m s -- " Nov Farm Hand Horse Kick 3d
Tignor, Aaron 1/12 m b s -- " Jun None Whooping Cough 3d
Carter, Ester 1y f b s -- " Feb None Whooping Cough 5w
Thomas, Emanuel 23y m b s -- " Aug Farm laborer Kick by a Horse 36h
Hendricks, Loueasy 16y f b s -- " Oct Servant Pneumonia 3w
Hendricks, Caroline 3/12 f b s -- " Mar None Croup 7d
Smith, Lee 18y m b s -- " Oct Farm laborer Conjestive Chills 5d
Ferrell, Moses 22y m b s ? Virginia Apr Laborer Pneumonia 3m
Hackney, George 9/12 m b s -- " Jan None Whooping Cough 2w
Dickenson, Peter 60y m b s Sin " Oct Farm laborer Dropsey 7m
Dickenson, Thomas 1y m m s -- " Mar None Croup 4d
Banner, Mary 52y f b s Sin " Nov House servant Dropsey 8m
Hilerson, Jane 40y f b s -- " May House servant Dropsey 3m
Alderson, Chaney 4/12 f b s -- " May None Whooping Cough 1m
Fulkerson, Teany 9/12 f b s -- " Jan None Measles 2w
Aslow, Fanny 1y f b s -- " Jan None Measles 4w
Smith, Amind 1/12 f b s -- " Apr None Croup 3d