In the News

Below are four collections of newspaper mentions related to Russell County.

The Master Obituary Index of all Russell County people is an ongoing project, covering nearly 5,000 obituaries in hundreds of national papers.

The Obituary Index to the Lebanon News is a finished project, covering 1883-1945, with over 3,300 death notices or obituaries.

The third collection is 154 Russell County obituaries published in local newspapers (excluding the Lebanon News):

Russell County Obituary Index to the Honaker Herald, Gladeville Sun, Bluegrass Enterprise, Bristol Herald, Bristol Herald Courier, Bristol Semi-Weekly Herald, Abingdon Virginian, the Protectionist (of Lebanon), and the Bickley Mills Post.

The fourth collection is approximately 300 newspaper mentions related to Russell County from other local newspapers, not including the Lebanon News:

Other newspaper mentions for Russell County